12 Signs You're the Strictest Mom On The Block

Being a mom isn't just a title—it's a duty. In order to be a great mom, you must prepare your children for this cold, hard world by being uncompromising, tough, and firm. But are you a little too strict? These 12 signs might be your wake up call.

12 You only give your kids flip phones because they aren't allowed to access the internet without supervision.

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Don't give me the stink eye. There are all kinds of kidnappers and thieves out there just waiting to grab my baby. Especially on that darn Facebook! No. You can not.

11 You cheerfully do drive-by’s during your lunch break to see if your children are still at school.

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Twenty minutes for me to drive down there. Ten minutes to look around. Twenty minutes to drive back. Easy as pie.

10 Your kids can do their own laundry, prepare their own meals, bathe themselves, and have jobs by the time they hit middle school.

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It may be hard on them, but what they are learning is discipline. If I die today, they will definitely know how to take care of themselves. So screw your judgment!

9 Your kids have no idea who Justin Beiber is.

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No one has ever made a living talking about Justin Boober or playing around on that internet. It's for fools. My kids will know better than that. I'll see to it!

8 Your kids are allowed to have friends, but only after you hire a professional to do a thorough background check of their parents.

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I will not be one of those moms who is on the news being interviewed about their kids robbing a bank or something worse. You have to watch their influences or you're simply not a good mom.

7 Your kids dream of joining the military.

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I don't understand why my relatives all laugh when I tell them my kids' plan to join the military after high school. The armed forces is a respectable career choice for respectable people like my kids.

6 The neighborhood kids avoid you when they see you.

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I love this neighborhood. All of the children here are very respectful of adults. They never say swear words they're around me or even say anything at all. You would think all of the children are just as respectful as my own. It's wonderful!

5 Your kids wear uniforms, even on the weekend.

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Why focus on the silly trends of fashion when you can focus on helping the kids become better people? My children don't complain at all. They love having one less thing to worry about.

4 You make every decision for your child, including which subjects to study and who to date.

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I have been on this earth for many moons and I know a silly decision when I see one. My children will avoid them all because they have me to guide them through everything.

3 You schedule parent/teacher conferences so much that all of the school staff knows you and are afraid of you.

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I don't know why everyone is so uptight down at the kids' school. I am only being a concerned parent. Weekly conferences are the least I can do to ensure that everything is going as it should.

2 You have convinced yourself that you are strict because it will help them be better people later in life.

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This is a cold hard world and no amount of pampering will ever help the kids get the most out of it. My duty as a mom is to see to it that they know how to handle the tough times. Sometimes I create rough patches, just to see how they will manage.

1 Your kids will never be overweight because you count their calories for them.

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Self-control is taught through discipline and setting a firm example. If I don't make them run a mile for every cookie they consume, how will they ever learn that cookies are the devil's food?

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