12 Things That Matter To You But Your Cat Doesn’t Care About

Cat ownership can be rewarding, but you may still find that you and your new feline friend do not share the same priorities. You can still have a healthy relationship with your cat, but you won’t always see eye-to-eye. Here are at least 12 things that matter to you but your cat does not care about.

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12 Fashion

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They wear the same fur coat year-round and don’t even care what people think. At least they don’t have to worry about protesters throwing paint at them for dressing that way in public.

11 Being Quiet During Important Calls

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Phone interview? Important banking matter to resolve? Your cat does not care about your need for silence. Ordinarily mute kittens turn into opera singers inspired by your urgency in shushing them and the level of concentration required.

10 Clean Floors

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Cats will spread their fur all over the floor by any means necessary. They crop dust dander just for fun. Cats enjoy recreating old Western scenes with tumbleweeds of hair.

9 The Toys You Bought

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It really doesn’t matter how much you spent on things to keep Fluffy busy and entertained, your cat will always prefer the box they came in.

8 Halloween

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Sorry, human holidays involving cute outfits, cats just aren’t that into you. It might seem like they are, but they are just faking it. They also might rip your face off if you try to dress them up.

7 Winning Friends and Influencing People

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Cats will throw down for no apparent reason. They make horrible diplomats. Cats are basically hairy Dale Carnegie dropouts.

6 Bathroom Etiquette

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They poop in a box so excuse them if they think toilet paper is DIY confetti. Don’t expect them to change the roll. They don’t have thumbs, but even if they did, they wouldn’t lift a finger. After all, as an owner, you are basically domestic staff.

5 How Late You Planned to Sleep In

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They don’t wear watches. They can’t even tell time. They just want you to wake up so you will notice when they start ignoring you.

4 How You Take Your Coffee

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Milk? Sugar? Cream? They will mess with your java if you leave it unattended and then sleep 23 hours a day.

3 Yoga

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All they need are just a few downward dogs a day and they're good.  They WOULD, however, like to cover your yoga pants in fur.

2 Playing With Your Kid

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Cats make the absolute worst babysitters. They aren’t exactly feline Mary Poppins understudies, but feeding your offsprings ample amounts of sugar will help their lack of interest go down.

1 If their food is organic or gluten-free

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If it’s yours, they want to eat it. If you want them to eat it, they don’t want to because you probably stuck medication in it.

There you have it. You and your cat don’t share the same values (or understanding of toilet paper conceptually.) What you will find out about owning a cat is that it doesn’t really matter if you and your cat are on the same page. They are still going to try to rip it to shreds as soon as you turn your back.

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