12 Wrestlers Triple H Needs To Bring To NXT (And 3 He Needs To Let Go)

The wrestling war is officially underway and what a start! NXT launched a huge reveal with Finn Balor announcing his permanent return to NXT. Clearly, Vince and Hunter are now open to main roster talent joining NXT, especially given the battle against AEW.

Surely, Hunter will bolster his roster even further in the following weeks to come. In this article, we'll speculate on which names might be next. Some are on RAW while others are on SmackDown. We’ll also take a look at names that are out of WWE and currently wrestling elsewhere. On the flip side, we’ll discuss three NXT stars that might be better off wrestling elsewhere.

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15 Bring To NXT – Eli Drake

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He almost joined NXT back in 2015, according to 411 Mania. His current status remains unknown since parting ways with Impact Wrestling.

Triple H has a knack of doing great things with veterans. Just look as Bobby Roode and various others – they thrived with NXT. Drake can add the same value to a young roster – he can also play the role of mentor behind the scenes.

14 Bring To NXT - EC3

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Finn Balor was a huge statement made by Triple H. The Game wants to take the product to the next level and he isn’t afraid to take talent from the main roster.

This leaves the list wide open for others to join. EC3 is a name that can definitely use the switch, finally getting a chance to shine. Triple H can make far greater use of Carter compared to his current treatment on the main roster.

13 Bring To NXT – Sareee

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Triple H is always open to improving the talent roster. Most recently Hunter took a trip to Japan keeping an eye out for various talents.

His biggest interest was scouting female sensation Sareee. It is believed that Triple H fully plans to sign the talent once her current deal comes to an end. It can further bolster his women’s division.

12 Let Go - Kona Reeves

He’s blessed with great size and a lot of charisma. However at this point, Reeves might need a little more seasoning; he signed with NXT without a huge amount of indie experience.

Given how crowded the roster is at the moment, it might be best for Reeves to earn match experience and return in the future. He’s only 27, so time is on his side.

11 Bring To NXT - Bayley

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We’re not quite sure what Bayley is on the main roster at the moment. She’s aligned with the heel Sasha Banks, yet she doesn’t appear to be a heel.

Truth be told, the Hugger hasn’t been the same since leaving NXT. Arguably the most popular NXT star of all-time, Bayley rejoining NXT has the potential to boost the women’s division and arguably surpass AEW’s class.

10 Bring To NXT - The Revival

NXT’s tag division can also use a boost, especially with the likes of the Young Bucks, LAX and so many others on the other side of the spectrum.

Let’s face it, The Revival wouldn’t oppose to the decision either, and it would be a chance for the duo to restore their greatness taking on fresh new opponents.

9 Bring To NXT - Marty Scurll

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This would be the biggest signing of the NXT and AEW wars. However, his decision remains unknown, with ROH and New Japan still in the mix as well.

It is worth mentioning that Marty is open to joining NXT despite his friends starting their own company, AEW. It is also pretty huge that his girlfriend works for the company as well.

8 Let Go - Shane Thorne

It was inevitable, following the departure of his tag partner, it would be hard for Thorne to duplicate any kind of success. Miller is now with New Japan, leaving NXT in order to spend more time with his family back at home.

Perhaps Thorne might be inclined to reunite with his former partner in Japan given his current status.

7 Bring To NXT - Gran Metalik

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A wrestler like Metalik should be featured on WWE programming regularly, on either RAW, SmackDown or NXT. That hasn’t been the case for whatever reason.

With the Cruiserweight Title on NXT programming, we hope Triple H brings Metalik in as well. A man of his talent, he can definitely add some excitement to the in-ring product.

6 Bring To NXT - Sami Zayn

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Initially, the rumor was for Kevin Owens to join NXT after being “released” by Shane McMahon. However, that rumor seems to be nixed.

This leaves fans wondering if Zayn might make the jump instead given WWE completely ruined his identity on the main roster. A babyface return and a re-introduction of the underdog from the underground gimmick might be exactly what the doctor ordered.

5 Bring To NXT - Ali

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Similar to Gran Metalik, WWE fans need to see more of Ali. SmackDown is way too crowded at the moment and time for Ali might not be of the utmost importance.

According to Forbes, it would be wise of WWE to give Ali a spot with NXT. We totally agree and it can also see Ali elevated to the upper card with the likes of the Adam Coles and Garganos of the wrestling world.

4 Bring To NXT - Shelton Benjamin

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The WWE rosters feature lots of veteran faces that really aren’t doing much. Sadly, a lot of these performers can still go in the ring – Shelton Benjamin is one of those wrestlers.

He can add so much value especially behind the scenes. It can also lead to Benjamin switching positions as a trainer – something he admits to being open to.

3 Let Go - Wesley Blake

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With developmental since 2013, Blake hit a bit of a rough patch following the separation from Buddy Murphy. His former partner would succeed on the main roster while Blake wasn't doing a whole lot for a while.

He’s part of the Forgotten Sons which is great, though it begs the question of how long can the group keep relevant with NXT? If the group fades, it’ll be hard for Blake to recover.

2 Bring To NXT - Asuka

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We can hear wrestling fan yelling 'YES' to this one. Asuka is completely lost on the main roster, wrestling as a tag team specialist.

Asuka needs to be off on her own taking on the best of the best. Triple H succeeded in finding Asuka’s magic, here’s to hoping he can do it all over again with a much-needed roster switch.

1 Bring To NXT – Cesaro

Arguably the most talented WWE star in the last couple of years, Cesaro remains on the outside without a WWE Title to his name.

The wrestler just gets better and better like a fine wine. Perhaps Triple H knows best when it comes to Cesaro – the Swiss Superman making the jump would be met with nothing but positivity. He has the chance to finally be the guy under Hunter.

Sources – 411 Mania, Twitter & Forbes

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