12-Year-Old Michigan Boy Is Frustrated With Potholes Plaguing His Street— He Decides To Take Care Of Them Himself

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A 12-year-old Michigan boy has decided he's not going to sit around and wait for officials to fill the potholes plaguing the streets near his home— he is taking matters into his own hands and filling the craters himself.

Monte Scott lives in Muskegon Heights and has had enough of the state of roads in his neighbourhood.  So, he started filling the potholes using a shovel and dirt from his backyard. His mother's and grandmother's cars got flat tires on the road, his mother, Trinell Payne, told CNN. "They had a half-day off at school, so he was out for the afternoon," she said. "He took a shovel and a garbage can full of dirt from our garden and started filling the holes."

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“I didn't want people messing up their cars like my mom did,” he told WZZM-TV. “If somebody were to drive down the street and hit a pothole, and then would have to pay like $600-700 to get their car fixed, they would be mad."

In a video posted to Facebook, Monte can be seen filling in a pothole on the road— a pothole even larger than the base of his trash can.

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“He just took it upon himself to [fix the road],” Trinell Scott told WZZM. “That’s just the type of kid he is. When he sees there’s a problem or a need, and he thinks he can fix it, he’ll try to fix it.”

Since starting out last week, the 12-year-old has filled 15 potholes around his family's home. His mother said it just shows that her son is a good kid, one of many in the community. Following the video, a crew showed up to fix the potholes for good. Mayor Kimberley Sims praised Monte's efforts in an interview with the Detroit Free Press. It's sad that "the problem is so bad that he feels he has to do that," she added. "He's 12. He should be getting ready for school the next day, or playing video games."

According to Payne and WXMI, Mayor Sims and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer are set to meet Monte this week and we have the feeling that they will be honoured to meet this amazing 12-year-old.

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