12 Zodiac Combos That Will Break Up This Year (+5 That Will Make It)

Zodiac signs have long been a part of love and dating, especially since people use them as a pick-up line. Others love to find out how well they work with the other astrological signs, although of course, some people believe in this more than others do.

While many break-ups can't really be accurately predicted ahead of time because things do come up that will ruin relationships (just think about all the surprising celeb splits), there are some people who don't seem like they're going to make it very far. It's definitely interesting and fun to think more carefully about astrology and wonder about how our love lives will look in the next few months.

Here are 12 zodiac signs that will break up this year, along with five that will make it.

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17 Break Up: Virgo And Leo


Virgos and Leos are so opposite that they would definitely break up this year if these two signs are dating. Virgos are shy and Leos are... not at all.

When one person is a wallflower and the other is a wild party, it might not work out. For these two, it's a breakup, not a love connection.

16 Break Up: Libra And Virgo

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Another couple who will break up in 2019 is Libras and Virgos. Libras don't like being by themselves and Virgos really like that, so these two would have trouble being in a relationship.

It's so frustrating when you want to do something and your partner doesn't. It can bring up a lot of negative emotions.

15 Break Up: Taurus And Leo

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Can two super stubborn (we're talking extremely stubborn) people make it? Not if they're Taurus and Leo zodiac signs.

This couple won't make it in 2019 because of their stubborn personality traits. Since compromise is a big part of a successful pair, if both people won't budge, it's not going to last.

14 Make It: Cancer And Taurus

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These two signs are said to work well together, so when it comes to the couples who will totally make it this year, Cancer and Taurus are in that category for sure.

While Taurus is stubborn, no doubt about that at all, Cancer signs love sticking to their homes and are said to have a lot of loyalty. These two really get along.

13 Break Up: Scorpio And Capricorn

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Scorpio and Capricorn is another couple who will break up this year. While Scorpios are water signs who are full of passion, Capricorn is more traditional earth signs.

Tradition and fiery passion don't really tend to work together all that well.

12 Break Up: Libra And Cancer

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Who's another couple who are probably going to go Splitsville in 2019? That would be a Libra and Cancer.

Libras can feel sorry for themselves, have trouble making decisions, and don't like being by themselves. Cancers are homebodies, so those traits don't seem like they would mix all that well.

11 Make It: Libra And Libra

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If two Libra signs dated, they would absolutely make it in 2019. They are so similar that would work out well.

Not everyone wants to date someone just like them. In a Libra's case, it works because they want things to be fair, they don't want to be by themselves, and they're chill.

10 Break Up: Pisces And Leo

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Pisces and Leo are so different from each other that they might be another couple who are destined to split up this year.

While Pisces is considered emotional zodiac signs, Leos are said to be strong, conceited, and totally insist on getting the red carpet rolled out for them all the time.

9 Break Up: Capricorn And Virgo

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Since Capricorn and Virgo are both earth signs, they might be way too alike, which would predict a breakup for these two this year.

Although it's great to date someone like you, if you're more quiet and shy, it might take a more confident person to help bring you out of your shell and help your true self shine.

8 Make It: Aquarius And Gemini

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Aquarius and Gemini are two zodiac signs who will make it if they're dating this year.

They're said to work well together, and it's easy to see why. Aquarius is an air sign who is sometimes really fun, lively people and the rest of the time, can be more serious and not speak quite as much. Gemini likes to be around people and are great at enjoying themselves.

7 Break Up: Pisces And Pisces

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Pisces signs are so sensitive and emotional that, honestly, it seems like they would drive each other crazy if they were in a relationship.

It's safe to say that rather than stay together (or even get engaged or move in together), these two will go their separate ways in 2019.

6 Break Up: Sagittarius And Capricorn

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Sagittarius is considered a very travel-focused sign, and Capricorn are considered responsible and practical.

It's definitely easy to see that these two are another two zodiac signs that will most likely break up in 2019. They seem like the kind of pair who would have a great first date and fun together for a while... but once things got more serious, they would realize how different they are.

5 Break Up: Aquarius And Scorpio

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Aquarius sometime keeps to themselves and other times they're big partiers. Scorpio is always pretty fiery, which is a good way to describe them since, of course, they're fire signs.

Rather than be a lasting love story that is so grand and amazing, these two will most likely break up this year.

4 Make It: Gemini And Leo

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Gemini and Leo are said to work well together, so they will do great and totally stay together this year.

Leo is said to be loud, fun, social, and confident, and Geminis know how to have a good time. These two would be really perfect for one another and will fall in love.

3 Break Up: Sagittarius And Taurus

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Sagittarius likes to travel and Taurus signs are stubborn. It's fair to say that of the couples that could split up this year, these two would.

They might have trouble making decisions together as a couple. For example, if the Sagittarius is trying to plan a vacation and the Taurus doesn't want to go where they do and won't compromise, that could be tough. This might happen all the time.

2  Break Up: Aries And Virgo

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Aries can be loud and get into moods, and Virgos are calm and studious. That doesn't sound too lovely together... which is why of all the couples that could break up in 2019, these two are on the list as well.

While people debate whether opposites really attract, it's fair to say that these two might not have enough in common to make things last.

1 Make It: Virgo And Virgo

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While sometimes it's too much to be in a relationship with someone who is just like you, two Virgo signs would definitely stay together. This is another couple who will make it this year.

Although Virgos might need to break out of their comfort zone a little bit more, two Virgos can be really happy together. They're studious, smart, and comfy being alone and with small groups of people.

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