13 AEW Stars: Who They Are Dating (And 2 From New Japan)

On October 2nd, prime time at 8 PM, AEW finally makes its highly anticipated debut on TNT. No matter how a fan perceives AEW, this is great news for the wrestling industry – competition only makes everyone step up. Thinking about AEW and NXT going head-to-head is truly mouth-watering stuff.

In this article, we’ll pull the curtain back and take a look at personal relationships taking place behind the scenes. However, we still have no clue on the status of some major AEW stars, like Kenny Omega for example. Although he has been snapped with some females in the past, he still remains hush on his relationship status.

Not to worry though, we have plenty of others to feature on this list including the Young Bucks, Pac, Dustin Rhodes, Shawn Spears, and so many others. Enjoy the article, folks!

15 AEW - Pac (Natalie Satterley)

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After a lot of back and forth, Neville finally made his debut with AEW and we can safely say it was an impactful one – defeating the biggest star, Kenny Omega.

Clearly, things have been going quite well for Neville since parting ways with WWE. The same can be said for his life out of the ring. Neville (aka Pac) is happily married to his wife Natalie. According to Reddit, they’ve been married since 2015.

14 AEW - Matt Jackson (Dana Massie)

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Jackson married long-time girlfriend Dana Massie. The two dated for five years. They now have a beautiful family with two children.

Unlike his brother, Matt is an open book via social media, posting several pics via platforms like IG of both his children and his wife. Jackson seemingly has it together both in and out of the ring.

13 AEW - Nick Jackson (Ellen Massie)

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Younger brother Nick keeps things on the DL in comparison to his brother. He does a great job at separating his personal life from his on-screen work.

Like brother Matt, Nick married his long-time girlfriend Ellen. They would also start a family with two children. Clearly, the Young Bucks are the gold standard in and out of the ring.

12 AEW - Billy Gunn (Paula Sopp)

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One of the most intriguing AEW signings, Billy Gunn was hired to work in a behind the scenes capacity, despite all his loyalties elsewhere with WWE.

Gunn’s definitely enjoying life these days with his new role and the same can be said from a personal standpoint. He has a great relationship with wife Paula Sopp, as evidenced by IG the two love to pump some iron together. He was previously married to Tina Tinnell before separating in 2002.

11 AEW - Shawn Spears (Peyton Royce)

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These two recently made it official. It is an odd relationship to say the least with one wrestling for WWE’s main roster while the other is with the competitor. We’ll have a similar scenario a little later as well.

The couple is enjoying their honeymoon at the moment recently tying the knot in a private ceremony.

10 New Japan - Will Ospreay (Bea Priestley)

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Ospreay joining AEW would make serious headlines and bolster the company even further. Though at the moment, Will is content with his life and really hasn’t shown much interest. What a shame.

We can’t say the same for his girlfriend Bea Priestley, who recently signed with AEW. He would even joke around with Adam Cole via Twitter, given his girlfriend’s upcoming match against Adam’s. Speaking of Adam’s girlfriend...

9 AEW - Britt Baker (Adam Cole)

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If you thought Peyton Royce and Shawn Spears was awkward, just imagine Baker and Adam Cole – heck, these two are directly working against each other with AEW and NXT going head-to-head in the rating battle. That’ll make for some interesting Thursday suppers – the day after the battle.

Nonetheless, the two are incredibly supportive of one another.

8 AEW - Dustin Rhodes (Ta-rel Roche)

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Dustin remarried for the third time in 2012. He had two prior relationships, but of course, the one fans are most aware of is his time with Terri Runnels. He briefly remarried in 2002 for just a year to Milena Martelloni.

These days Dustin is happier than ever alongside Ta-rel Roche. The two have several IG photos together, including a pic at the WWE Hall of Fame.

7 AEW - Joey Janela (Penelope Ford)

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According to Wrestling Inc, this relationship actually came to an end, despite its on and off status. Janela spoke about the matter to WINCLY;

“We’re just friends at the moment. It is what it is. We dated on and off for four years. The last time we broke up, we broke up for about eight months and no one knew because we didn’t put it out there. That’s hard to do when people on social media are tagging you and saying you and your girlfriend are not together or seeing other people. We got back together and we split up again.”

6 AEW - MJF (Allie Kat)

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Here’s another relationship that recently came to an end, despite an in-ring proposal made by MJF (who somehow always manages to get his name in the headlines). Allie was very open about this relationship coming to an end, as detailed by Ring Side News;

“Last week, I couldn’t bear the thought of being around a culture that consonantly totes this person who just broke my heart. That’s not the person I want to be, or the role model. I have always wanted to be a strong figure that persevered, overcame, and found success without having to compromise my own values and needs.”

5 New Japan - Marty Scurll (Deonna Purrazzo)

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Another wrestling couple separated by rival promotions. Deonna continues to climb up the NXT ladder while Marty isn’t with AEW just yet.

Things are getting interesting with rumors that Scurll might jump ship to NXT and leave all his Elite buddies behind in AEW. Who knows how this one will play out; will he go with NXT and finally get some travel time with his girlfriend?

4 AEW - Frankie Kazarian (Traci Brooks)

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The 42-year-old veteran continues on in the wrestling business and he’ll be there for AEW’s debut alongside Christopher Daniels. The company needs veteran faces and these two fit the bill.

Frankie’s married to Traci Brooks out of the ring; most fans remember her during those TNA Knockouts days. She’s retired from the ring these days while Kazarian continues on.

3 AEW - Chris Jericho (Jessica Lockhart)

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Longevity in the business and longevity in his personal relationships. A rarity in the wrestling industry, Jericho stayed with the same gal throughout his career, wife Jessica Lockhart. The two tied the knot way back in 2000.

The relationship seems to be better than ever – the couple also has three children. In addition, they recently bought a stunning new home in Florida.

2 AEW - Jon Moxley (Renee Young)

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Clicking this article, the first couple that came to mind was likely Ambrose and Young, or should we say, Moxley and Young. Who knows, maybe Renee might join Jon once her WWE deal comes to an end – that would be quite the move in truth.

The couple is making things work despite the different schedules.

1 AEW - Cody Rhodes (Brandi Rhodes)

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This one is kind of like the inverse of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. Skeptics feel as though Brandi’s getting all kinds of opportunity thanks to her personal relationship with Cody. Let’s not forget, Brandi wanted to wrestle but WWE never really considered it.

We fully expect Brandi to rise in power whether fans like it or not once AEW debuts on TNT.

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