13 Amazing Bento Boxes That Will Make Your Lunch Look Pathetic

Bento boxes are the ideal way of getting a satisfying, healthy and super complete lunch anywhere you want! There are different containers you can buy specially for this purpose, with several divisions to keep everything separated, or with no divisions if you want to keep things interesting!

Typically comprising of rice, a portion of fish/meat, and vegetables, Japanese bento boxes are gaining in popularity all over the world.

Take a look at these delicious-looking bento boxes – You'll get really hungry, and wish your sad little salad will transform into one of these amazing bentos.

13 One Piece At A Time

To eat a balanced meal you need to have a little bit of everything, from well-cooked rice to some meat or fish and some veggies of your choice. I love how colorful this is!

12 Ready For Spring

Now that spring is finally hear, it's time to have some amazingly refreshing lunches; so make sure you add a few sushi rolls and fresh veggies to your bento box!

11 Mini Bento

Not everything has to be in big options! Pack a couple of bento boxes for your lunch with delicious foods made impeccably beautiful. Don't forget the rice!

10 Fresh And Colorful

Adding a lot of colorful veggies to your bento will help you keep a healthy diet without having to spend a fortune on a store-bought salad that's actually kind of soggy.

9 The Personal Touch

Nothing makes a bento box prettier than a few personalized touches – like those pretty butterflies. Not everything is just about the food!

8 Do It Yourself


Separate your own food items by using cupcake liners and a bit of sushi grass.

7 Double Decker


Pack everything in one convenient container by using different layers. It will help you keep everything organized, pretty and so delicious.

6 Small Pieces


No need to have extra large portions of every item in your box! Just add a couple of components of each thing, so you can have a little bite of everything without feeling extremely full.

5 Just Add An Egg


Make everything look prettier – and tastier! – just by adding a little egg on top. Surround it with tons of healthy veggies and you'll have a great lunch.

4 Extra Toppings


Subtly combine your rice with the topping of your choice – like delicious ground meat – to make it even more interesting.

3 Don't Forget Dessert


Dessert doesn't always have to mean cake and sugar, it can also be a piece of fruit. Incorporate your favorite fruit into your bento box to satisfy your sweet tooth in a healthy way.

2 Fancy Shrimp


If you're into shrimp, you definitely need to get them tempura style once in a while! With a crunchy texture and an incredible taste, it will satisfy your hunger in a delicious way. You can also have tempura veggies!

1 Healthy Snack


Bento boxes are also perfect for a mid-day snack. Pack a couple of fruits, veggies and some turkey rolls and you'll be good to go.

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