13 Bizarre WWE Rumors Currently Circulating Backstage (And 5 In AEW)

It is a bizarre time in the world of pro wrestling, to say the least. The WWE product continues to shift in a strange manner. The recent episodes haven’t been the greatest and now WWE decided to make Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff run things behind the scenes – an odd decision given that everyone thought Triple H would be the next in line. There are so many other strange rumors circulating, from returns to future matches, we’ll take a look at those speculations in the article.

On the flip side, we’ll also delve into rumors pertaining to WWE’s newest rival AEW. Given some of the recent rumors, it’ll be an interesting ride on the route to their television debut on TNT.

Enjoy the article folks!

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18 WWE – The Company Didn’t Put Triple H In Charge To Protect Him

via WWE

A big surprise in the recent weeks saw the announcement of Heyman and Bischoff set to run both RAW and SmackDown behind the scenes. This was a peculiar decision especially with Triple H not getting the spot instead.

According to Dave Meltzer, Hunter wasn’t given access to SmackDown in the event that the show’s ratings wouldn’t turn around. Basically, the company wanted to protect Triple H in the event that he failed with the Tuesday show.

17 WWE - Brock Lesnar Moving To SmackDown

via YouTube

According to Forbes, this seems to be the plan moving forward. Lesnar is set for the long-term and that might also mean that he’s switching up shows just in time for the SmackDown launch on FOX.

WWE needs credible faces, and Lesnar can be that credible face. Some also speculate that he’ll join the show by cashing-in on the brand’s champion.

16 AEW - NXT Wrestlers Want To Join AEW

via WWE

This is a behind the scenes story that recently emerged. Dave Meltzer pointed out that WWE stars want out, and that even includes NXT talent.

Given the limited television time along with no guarantees on the main roster, developmental talent might be looking to AEW instead. The chance to jump ship would provide a greater guaranteed contract along with stable roster time.

15 WWE - Reigns Stepping Out Soon

via WWE

It seems like Roman’s making more headlines for his comments these days outside of the ring.

Not only did he recently mention that his relationship with Dean isn’t the same anymore, but he also made note that he wants to maximize his WWE run in the next years as he plans to step out in similar fashion to both John Cena and The Rock.

14 WWE - Finn Balor To Join The Club

via YouTube

With The Club finally reunited, a recent rumor to emerge links Finn Balor to the group, creating another drastic heel turn.

The result would see The Club on both shows; the goal would be for the faction to dominate the programs. Having both Balor and Styles lead a division as heels is an outcome lots of fans would be onboard with.

13 AEW - New Show Set To Go Head-To-Head With NXT

via Twitter

The initial plan for AEW was to launch their show on Tuesday. With SmackDown moving to Friday nights, it would enable AEW to put on a show with no competition.

Perhaps they changed their minds as the company recently trademarked Wednesday Night Dynamite, leading some to believe that they might be going head-to-head with Triple H’s NXT product.

12 WWE - Bischoff & Heyman To Battle Over NXT Stars

via Pinterest

The current word backstage is that both Heyman and Bischoff will incorporate lots of NXT talents in the upcoming weeks in order to make the program feel fresh. We recently saw a snippet of that during a recent episode of RAW with The Profits.

Expect the same to continue down the road with both executives battling it out for NXT stars.

11 WWE - AJ Lee Not Ruling Out WWE Return

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Yup, that’s right, unlike her husband, Lee hasn’t turned down the possibility of a return. In a recent interview, she left the door wide open. Here’s what she had to say, via Give Me Sport;

"I say 'never say never' because every time I've said never in my life I've ended up doing the thing, like 'I'm never going to date a wrestler' and then I married one. But I say that, I don't know what the future holds - do not hold your breath but never say never."

10 AEW - Going After LAX

via Twitter

The roster looks pretty darn promising, though AEW is still looking to improve certain divisions. One of them is the tag division; the company needs legit competitors for the Young Bucks, arguably the best tag team in all of wrestling.

AEW has its focus on a dominant Impact tag team, LAX. However, signing the team might be harder than expected – it is believed that WWE also has some serious interest.

9 WWE - Rousey Returning In The Fall

via WWE

Another rumor to recently emerge via Twitter, it is believed that Ronda Rousey will in fact return and wrestle again in 2019.

Surprisingly, the rumor mill believes Rousey will make her return over on RAW. SmackDown is already stacked while RAW’s struggling with depth at the moment – Becky is the only clear front-runner on the show. Paul Heyman’s relationship with Ronda can also facilitate the return as well.

8 WWE - Rusev Still Not Resigned

via WWE

We might’ve seen the last of Rusev on WWE programming. At the moment, he is taking time off but what’s even more troubling is the fact that he hasn’t signed an extension yet, either.

It is believed, according to Comic Book, that Lana is trying to convince Rusev on prolonging his deal. Who knows how this one is going to play out...

7 WWE - New RAW Stage To Debut

via WWE

Lashley and Strowman going through the stage might have a deeper meaning. According to some of the rumors online, WWE might be implementing a new stage in its place.

The goal would be to make RAW feel fresh again under the guidance of Paul Heyman. Fans are hoping this bizarre rumor is true; we’ve seen the current setup on all shows for way too long.

6 AEW - Not Looking For New Talent

via Pinterest

With 34 wrestlers and 11 females signed, fans might assume that the brand is actively shopping around for more. However, Tony Khan has a different viewpoint. Here’s what he said following the Fyter Fest PPV;

"We're not actively out trying to sign people to fill out the roster," Khan said. "I don't think we need depth across the roster. I think we have a really deep, awesome roster and we have top stars, too. So it would have to be something really, really captivating. So you know, if we're making moves in free agency it's because we feel really strong" (Source, Comic Book).

5 WWE - Goldberg To Make A Return

via WWE

Goldberg had the fans talking via Twitter. He answered a fan that asked if he would return for one more match before hanging them up for good. Given his response, a return seems probable;

“The only thing I need to accomplish is to erase the feeling I have from my last performance.”

4 WWE - Shane To Challenge For WWE Title

via WWE

It seems obvious at this point, WWE is pushing Shane quite heavily. Fans aren’t too pleased with this decision – unfortunately, it might lead to further disappointment.

It is believed that Shane will challenge Kofi for the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, a bout that he actually might win... With the FOX debut on the horizon, this bizarre rumor would not be best for business.

3 WWE - Implementing An Offseason

via IG

Unlike pro sports, WWE doesn’t have any type of offseason. The show keeps going on without any sort of breakpoint.

FOX wants to change WWE’s identity, making it feel like a legitimate sport among notable changes. One of the things they might decide to do is implement an offseason. It can make the product feel fresh while also giving the talent a much-needed break.

2 AEW - Cain Velasquez To Join

via WWE

Fans expect a big splash from AEW in the upcoming months. One way might be to sign a major MMA star. Cain Velasquez is set to make his wrestling debut in August over in Mexico at the AAA TripleMania event.

He’ll be teaming up with Cody, leading many to believe that the relationship might continue on the AEW product. Not a bad idea, especially given that he actually beat Brock in real-life...

1 WWE - The Rock Set To Return & Face Roman Reigns

via Twitter

Forbes recently dropped this big bomb. The feeling is that WWE plans to go all-in for their FOX debut. The goal might be to make AEW look like the minor leagues.

One way they might be doing so is by bringing back huge legends like The Rock. The belief is that it might lead to a match at WM 36 between Dwayne and Roman – a match everyone wants to see.

Sources – Comic Book, Cagesideseats & Ring Side News

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