13 Dogs That Never Stop Being Awkward

We have all experienced times in which our dogs have done some of the most strangest things one could imagine. From sleeping in weird positions to having a splash party in the toilet, you would think that your dog would be hard to top in the awkward department, right? Fear not because thanks to these dog owners and their brave decisions in posting some of the funniest awkward moments with their dogs, everything all of a sudden becomes so much more relatable. We aren’t the only ones after all.

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13 When Every Position Is Comfortable To Them

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As odd as it looks, you’ve probably caught your dog sleeping in what appears to be one of the most uncomfortable positions possible.

12 Seeing Whether They Fit Into Guitar Cases

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While it’s most common to see cats try and squeeze their way into places they shouldn’t be, it looks as if dogs are now beginning to get in on the fun. Again, there’s definitely a lack of comfort there and to call it an awkward moment, is certainly an understatement.

11 Trying To Photobomb Every Snapshot

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It’s almost as if dogs are keeping up with the social media era as much as we are. Now that pretty much everything is posted on social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, these dogs never want to miss an awkward moment in making the shot.

10 When They Aren’t Focused

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If you’re a dog owner, you’ve definitely experienced this before. Your pet is so excited to go outside and play with a tennis ball. You throw into the distance, assuming they’ll catch it, only to see that your dog is barely able to pay attention to which direction the ball is flying. So funny, yet so awkward.

9 Playing It Cool When Things Go Wrong

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I’d like to think that this dog didn’t squeeze himself behind a toilet on purpose. Perhaps this gorgeous animal was looking for something, which awkwardly led them to get stuck behind a rather unpleasant place. And instead of crying for help, they’ll eventually figure out how to tangle their way out, all the while hoping nobody catches their embarrassment.

8 Playing Hide And Seek Has Never Been This Easy

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Aww! Whenever dogs do something naughty, they think we can't see them and try and hide in the worst places possible, and this case isn’t anything different. Hiding behind a curtain that just about covers this dog’s face makes this so cute, you’ll find it hard to be mad at the little chap for whatever they did wrong.

7 Slouching In Awkward Positions

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Surely this isn’t practical or comfortable?

6 Falling Asleep In Their Food

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Either the food is so good that it deserves to be slept in, or the dog was just too lazy to finish eating and ended up deciding to take a quick nap before round two started. Believe it or not, but this actually happens very frequently with dog owners.

5 Replacing The Swimming Pool With The Toilet

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Dogs are known to be pretty smart, so the idea that some would end up replacing the swimming pool (or a nearby lake) with the toilet seems quite awkward, don’t you think? While the lake may not be that clean itself, it is certainly better than swimming in a toilet where dozens of people have “freed” themselves. A little splash of water seems to get these dogs very excited.

4 Staring At You When You’re Enjoying Your Food

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It’s hard not to cut your dog the tiniest piece of whatever delicious meal you’re eating, especially when they are staring at you like the dog in the photo and you just want to make them stop. 

3 When They’re Trying Hard To Impress Us

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In the hopes of landing themselves a couple of extra treats, dogs know just what they need to do to get what they want. Balancing garlic on their head should do the trick, right? Notice how the puppy in the background is questioning whether the owner will fall for it. 9/10 times, they probably do.

2 Preparing For The Perfect Selfie

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Dogs know what time it is when the camera is placed on them, so much that they know just when it’s time to pose—with a lovely big grin, of course.

1 Making The Funniest Face In The Hopes Of Not Being Overshadowed By The Other Dogs

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We'd say he won that selfie battle.

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