13 Not-So-Flattering Photos Of Taylor Swift (And 7 That Could Make Kanye West Blush)

Celebrities, just like the rest of us, have good days and bad days. While we get to have our bad days (or embarrassing moments) in privacy, for celebrities, they tend to happen in the eye of the public — as their every step is being closely followed and immediately posted online.

Today, we thought we'd check out how many of those bad and embarrassing moments we can find for pop star, Taylor Swift — not because we want to make fun of her but simply because we want to see how relatable the 29-year-old is. From Taylor's makeup mishaps to tripping down a set of stairs, to Taylor hanging out with Nicki Minaj, Selena Gomez, and Katy Perry and having no clue what's going on.

If you're a bit confused as to what we're talking about, just keep scrolling and you'll find out! Here are 13 not-so-flattering pics of Taylor Swift followed by 7 that could make even Kanye West blush!

20 Let's Start Off With This Pic Of Taylor Almost Falling

Via: justjared.com

Well, to be completely fair, we've all probably tumbled down a set of stairs at one point or another, and celebs such as Taylor Swift aren't immune to it either. Unfortunately for Taylor, it happened on stage and photographers managed to capture her frightened facial expression immediately.

19 Then There's This Makeup Mishap

Via: mirror.co.uk

One thing that really shouldn't happen to celebs is going out with poorly done makeup — don't they all have super experienced and professional makeup artists? We were quite surprised to see that Taylor Swift's under-eye powder was super white and patchy, clearly not blended out well enough!

18 This Face She Pulled On SNL

Via: pinterest.com

Yes, Taylor Swift did pull this face on purpose as part of a skit on Saturday Night Live, but honestly, we just can't get over how ridiculous it looks. To be completely fair, we actually love seeing a celebrity make fun of themselves every now and then — and Taylor certainly does that!

17 Here's Taylor Having No Clue What's Going On

Via: gettyimages.com

The photos above were taken backstage at the 2011 American Music Awards, and as you can tell, Taylor Swift had absolutely no idea what Selena Gomez, Nicki Minaj, and Katy Perry were up to. Personally, we think this is one great picture and confused Taylor adds so much to it!

16 And Here's Taylor Super Angry

Via: reddit.com

Well, getting constantly photographed and followed by paparazzi can't be easy, but you'd think that celebs would get used to it after a while. In the pic above you can see Taylor shouting at a photographer and pointing to her fans — and while we're not really sure why we can totally tell that she seems unhappy!

15 We're Not Sure Why She's Making These Faces Either

Via: justjared.com

The photos above were taken at the 2012 Grammy Awards where Taylor Swift took home the awards for Best Country Solo Performance and Best Country Song. While the young singer was accepting one of the awards she decided to make a couple of mean faces that we bet she regrets!

14 That Cringey Air-Guitar Attempt

Via: mirror.co.uk

Back in 2014, Taylor Swift was performing at the iHeartRadio music festival, and as you can tell — she tried to play air-guitar. Not to sound rude or anything, Taylor just doesn't seem like the type of artist who should be doing this — especially not while rocking a glittery, pink outfit!

13 Why So Angry, Taylor?

Via: mashable.com

Here's yet another angry Taylor pic, this time it was taken while she was on stage performing. We know that it was probably all part of her performance but we bet she's not too happy with a photo like this existing. On the bright side, at least her dancers look super happy!

12 This Is Pretty Much Our Face Through Most Of This List

Via: twitter.com

Yup, so far this was pretty much exactly our reaction to almost every single photo on this list — and here's Taylor Swift impersonating us. Jokes aside, we've all made this face at some point in our lives but luckily for us, there's (most likely) no photographic proof of that!

11 Just When We Thought Her Grimaces Couldn't Get Any Worse

Via: pinterest.com

Once again, to be completely honest, we have no darn clue what on earth Taylor Swift is doing. The singer almost looks as if she's trying to impersonate the walk of a bird, but hey, with Taylor Swift, who actually knows? All we do know is that seeing all these "not-so-flattering" pics of Taylor makes us love her that much more!

10 Hair That Seems To Be Ready For A Wash

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Well, every now and then we're all guilty of walking around with greasy hair that probably should have been washed a couple of days ago but we just couldn't be bothered. In the photo above it seems as if that's exactly what happened to Taylor Swift who was spotted rocking the ultimate lazy day look, hoodie included!

9 The Frizziness Was Real

Via: teenvogue.com

While having frizzy hair is definitely something most of us try to avoid or hide, it seems as if Taylor Swift decided to totally own it — as you can tell from the pic above. And hey, to be completely honest, a little frizz is totally acceptable, we dare say it can even look cute!

8 One Final Unflaterring Snap

Via: tumblr.com

Honestly, while these pics surely were a bit unflattering, Taylor is definitely one celeb who pretty much looks great all the time. Even photos like the one above are still not nearly as bad as some unflattering pics of other artists we've seen — trust us on that one. Now let's move one to the good ones!

7 Gorgeous: Let's Move On To Some Good Stuff

Via: celebr.com

Okay, it's time to take a look at those pics of Taylor where she made our jaws drop — and to be fair we couldn't include all of them so we only picked a few of our favorite ones. We're starting off with this amazing pic of Taylor rocking a simple, black and white mini dress!

6 Gorgeous: Showing Off Those Long Legs

Via: pinterest.com

How amazing does Taylor look in these cute hot pants? The singer has legs for days and she certainly knows how to flaunt them as we frequently see the 29-year-old in short dresses or shorts. Hey, we can't blame her — if our legs looked like that we'd certainly let everyone know!

5 Gorgeous: Serving Us Futuristic Looks

Via: pagesix.com

We bet even Kanye West himself would totally approve of this amazing futuristic look that Taylor Swift wore to the 2018 Ameican Music Awards. Seriously, this might just be one of the most epic Taylor Swift looks ever, and she certainly gave us plenty of great fashion over the years!

4 Gorgeous: Getting Her Sass On While Performing

Via: fanpop.com

While there's every now and then a pic of Taylor looking angry on stage (we've seen that earlier), most of the time the star is giving us a sassy and energetic performance. In the pics above you can see the star rock a black, glittery bodysuit with some thigh-high boots and we are so here for it!

3 Gorgeous: Stunning Without Any Makeup

Via: pinterest.com

Taylor is definitely one of those celebrities that has proved over and over again that she can pull off a dramatic makeup look, but she also has no problem with leaving her house makeup-free. In the pics above you can see the pop singer show off her natural beauty!

2 Gorgeous: Victoria's Secret Fashion Show Performance

Via: mtv.com

In 2014, Taylor Swift performed at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and honestly, she pretty much looked like one of the angels walking down the runway. The star changed a couple of times, and in the photos above you can see our two favorite looks — a dramatic black one and a not-so-innocent pink one!

1 Gorgeous: If You've Got It, Flaunt It

Via: billboard.com

To wrap our list up here's a photo of Taylor Swift walking the red carpet at the 2016 iHeart Radio Music Awards, and as you can tell — she was very much flaunting what her mama gave her! Taylor Swift is certainly one gorgeous pop star and we just can't get enough of her!

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