13 Times Kids Ruined Weddings

Having kids at a wedding can be tricky. While usually the bride and groom kindly request that all their guests leave their kids at home, how could you tell that to your own family? What do you do when you have kids of your own? It's not like they're not going to be invited to your wedding – I mean, it's kind of a huge event!

What you do is have a nice talk with them and hope for the best. Although, since kids are basically like unpredictable puppies – except that they won't be content calmly chewing on a bone for hours – you might end up in one of these funny situations.

Check out 13 times kids absolutely ruined weddings. They're lucky they're so darn cute!

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13 What's Under There?


Have you ever heard the saying, "curiosity killed the cat"? If you haven't, maybe you need to spend some more time with someone who speaks Spanish because that's a very popular saying in Latin America. Well, in this case, curiosity probably killed the kid – or got him at least a very long time out!

12 High-Five!


I mean... this is obviously the Father's fault. Why would he put his hand up like that if he wasn't going for a high-five? The kid just didn't want to leave him hanging! What a nice thought.

11 He Tried


Yet he failed. In his defense, he was holding something else at the time... and that thing looks a lot more important than the flower girl. I mean, girls have cooties anyway.

10 Drama, Drama, Drama

I don't think it's the best idea to wear a monster mask to scare the kid right before she's supposed to walk down the aisle. Did you look at her? The poor kid is absolutely terrified!

9 Just A Taste


She's just making sure that the cake isn't somehow poisoned; and that's just being a good girl.

8 "Take this!"


"And that's the last time I'm ever doing you a favor. Ever!"

7 Peek-A-Boo


Yes, the kid was probably standing somewhere he wasn't supposed to be, but it's not his fault that this photo was ruined. What kind of ridiculous – and completely obscene – pose is that? You're not a clown, woman, close your legs!

6 Honk Honk


"Hey, I think I remember these. Do they still honk? Let me give it a try..."

5 The Finger


Someone is definitely not happy about this wedding, or about having to wear a tux. I know a lot of grown men that feel exactly the same way when they have to wear a tie. Don't worry kid, you're not alone here.

4 The Peeing Contest


"I told them a thousand times that I need to go potty. Since everyone seems busy, I think I'll just go here. I don't want to ruin my fancy clothes.

3 The Ring Bearers

The first kid is absolutely adorable! Just taking a nap in the middle of the aisle. Then the second kid was so confused about all the flower-throwing that he actually felt the need to ask about it when he finally reached the altar. Super cute!

2 The Thrower

Honestly I feel like this kid actually made the wedding even better. Look at his throw! He could easily play some sport that requires throwing... who knows which one LOL.

1 The Screamer

"Hey, dude, what are you doing all the way down there? Come here!"

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