13 Ways To Balance Career And Motherhood

In today’s world, most women dream of having it all, but in order to have it all, you have to do it all. While not always easy, it is possible to raise children and still succeed at your career. These tips should help you do it all without losing too much sleep (or sanity).

13 Set Short-Term Goals

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It’s easy to know what you want your life to look like in 20 years, but what about in five years or even one year from now? Is it more important for you to stay home or keep working toward that promotion? Are you more comfortable with putting your kid(s) in childcare or standing still on the corporate ladder? Your life won’t be this way forever, so what is most important to you now?

12 Organize and Take Notes

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If even you aren’t Type A, getting organized will save you valuable time and streamline tasks. Taking just a few minutes to put things where they belong, for work and home, is much more efficient than spending 30 minutes looking for something in a panic. It also helps to make a habit out of writing out to-do lists and jotting down appointments when you first make them.

11 Prep Ahead of Time

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Whether this means preparing food for the week on Sunday or taking some time every night to lay things out for the next day, prepping cuts down on stress. It’s hard enough to get out the door with kids on time when you do have everything prepared. Leaving tasks for the last minute only adds to the stress and chaos.

10 Prioritize Duties

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Your most important priority should be your family, then your work. That means tasks like cooking and cleaning sometimes get pushed to the backburner. You may have to use the crockpot a little more than you’d like or not clean as often as you want to dedicate enough time to your husband, children, and career. It’s OK to hire some things out or learn to just let it go.

9 Accept and Delegate Help

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If you are married or have friends and family who offer help, take it. The same goes at work. Sometimes it’s hard to accept help or delegate tasks you think you do best. But the world won’t stop turning if your husband folds the laundry "wrong" or if a coworker files something differently than you would. Learn to let go of some things others can do so that you can do a better job at the things only you can do.

8 Find Good Childcare

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Speaking of help, you will be better at your job when you can rest assured that your child is in good hands. Ask other moms’ opinions and do research to find the best daycare, whether an individual or a facility. If using an individual, it helps to have numbers of backup babysitters for last-minute cancelations.

7 Be in the Moment

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When you’re with your family, concentrate on them. When you’re at work, concentrate on the job. These lines get blurred a little if you work from home, but you may have to stop and spend a little time with the kids and then go back to working. Just makes sure you focus on one area at a time.

6 Learn to Maximize Your Time

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When you have a lot to do, you will realize how much every minute really counts. Sometimes it helps to take working lunch breaks or simply cut down on chatting with coworkers in the hallway. At home, this may mean to complete chores while your kid is asleep. Remember, it won’t always be this hectic.

5 Take Time for Yourself

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With everyone competing for your precious time, it’s important to also give yourself some time. Take a half day every week or about an hour every day to do something for you. Have lunch with a friend, get a manicure, go to the gym, or simply take a nap.

4 Work on Staying Healthy

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It’s hard to get things done if you feel like crap all the time. Eat healthy snacks and try to get some rest. Many gyms have daycare facilities to give you a break. Instead of using all your free time to catch up on Netflix or browse on Facebook, catch up on sleep.

3 Consider Flexible Work Hours

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Many jobs can be done online or from a home office. Some companies offer flexible schedules that work around childcare hours or are willing to let you work more hours for only a few days a week. If you can afford it, consider working part-time until all your kids are in school. It never hurts to talk to your employer. You’d be surprised at how accommodating people can be to keep good employees.

2 Keep Good Career Contacts

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It always helps to keep in contact with colleagues and former employers. You may decide to stop working for a while or need something more flexible. Contacts are key when changing your work situation.

1 Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

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Know that there is no right and wrong way to balance career and motherhood. Everyone’s situation is different, and factors like time and money can change over time. Do what feels best for you and your family at the time, while planning for the future. If your family is happy and you feel fulfilled in both roles, you’re doing it right.

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