13 Wrestlers We Definitely Forgot Are Gay (And 2 That Aren’t)

The world of pro wrestling is changing for the better. Equality continues to trend in the right direction. This wasn’t the case back in the day as lots of wrestling stars would hide their true selves from their peers and the audience. For some, it would lead to depression and one they wouldn’t be able to get out of.

Thankfully, the times have changed and we’re now seeing heroic acts from the likes of Sonya Deville over in WWE and Nyla Rose over in AEW, becoming the first transgender wrestler to sign a deal with a major North American wrestling company.

In this article, we’ll feature other less known faces to come out as openly gay or bisexual. In addition, we’ll feature two wrestling stars who aren’t gay (despite the perceptions). Enjoy, folks!

15 Zahra Schreiber

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She’s recognized by WWE fans for her brief time in NXT. However, the bulk of the fans know Schreiber for her past relationship with Seth Rollins, one that ended Seth’s relationship to his former fiancée.

Zahra made the headlines for yet another relationship involving a WWE star, this time that person was Sonya Deville. It appears as though they went their own ways with Deville entering a new relationship.

14 Kiera Hogan

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The Impact and WOW women’s wrestling star recently made the headlines for the announcement of a new relationship. We’ll have her partner a little later in the article, another talent from Impact.

Still only 24, Hogan has the potential to be a huge star. Turns out, she’s also capitalizing on her last name; her IG handle is HoganKnowsBest18!

13 Orlando Jordan

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Fans might forget, but Jordan was one of the first openly gay wrestlers of the 2000s. He thrived with the company early on becoming the US Champion. Jordan left WWE a decade later and wouldn’t return, continuing his career on the indie scene.

He’s currently married and a proud father. The 45-year-old admitted to being bisexual years prior.

12 Rosa Mendes

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Back in 2014, Rosa announced that she is openly bisexual. Fans might’ve forgotten given that she left wrestling, opting to start a family alongside former partner Bobby Schubenski – who we also got a glimpse of on Total Divas.

It appears as though the couple split given recent IG posts. It also appears as though Rosa has a new man in her life as well.

11 Nicole Bass

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Sadly, Bass is no longer with us, passing away in February of 2017.

She was in a relationship with her partner, Kristen Marrone. One can only imagine how devastating the loss was for her partner. Bass had a brief WWE run in the ‘90s, coming from the world of bodybuilding.

10 Chris Kanyon

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We lost Kanyon far too soon. As it turns out, Kanyon struggled with his identity, keeping his personal life on the down-low. He would admit to being gay, something that was believed to be a publicity stunt for a gimmick at first – though he would clear the air and make it clear that he was in fact a gay man.

Sadly, he took his own life after a lengthy depression battle.

9 Diamante

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As we stated earlier, Kiera Hogan is now in an open same-sex relationship. Diamante, another Impact star, is the fellow talent she is currently dating.

The 29-year-old has a wealth of experience getting her start on the indies back in 2008. She joined Impact in 2017 and continues to thrive as a part of LAX. Surely, we’ll see her with either AEW or WWE someday, alongside Hogan as well.

8 Terry Garvin

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Long before the likes of Sonya Deville, it was revealed that Terry Garvin was openly homosexual. He made his debut in the ‘50s and was actually married.

He hit some controversy for a relationship to a 19-year-old, one Vince McMahon himself was put on blast for. The wrestler passed away in the late ‘90s, he was also close friends with Pat Patterson. Speaking of Pat...

7 Pat Patterson

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It was known in the industry, though Patterson never really came out and made it official till an episode of Legends House. It was an emotional announcement that brought all his peers to tears.

Pat admitted that it took a lot of stress off his back, carrying this secret for years.

6 Nyla Rose

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She made history with AEW and is even in the promotional TNT picture alongside Tony Khan and the main cast, the Young Bucks, Cody, and Kenny Omega.

Her inclusion is very important; Rose is the first transgender wrestler to join a US wrestling company. The story made lots of headlines, even the likes of Sports Illustrated discussed it just a month ago.

5 Charlie Morgan

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She made her WWE debut during the NXT UK Championship tournament. The 27-year-old got her start back in 2011 – she thrived with the likes of Pro Wrestling EVE and Progress.

It was at an EVE event that she came out as openly gay – a courageous decision and one we can all applaud her for.

4 Darren Young

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Young might be the most obvious inclusion on the list – he did a lot of PR work for WWE during his days with the company.

Since he left WWE, Young continues to promote same-sex marriages and equality in general via his IG account. The talent is also still actively wrestling on the indie circuit.

3 Dave Marshall

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A talent out of Perth, Marshall took his sexuality to the next level becoming a strong advocate. According to Gay Star News, Marshall made an adult tape to help fight the suicide rate from the LGBTI community.

He continues on in the wrestling business and who knows, maybe he’ll join the North American circuit at some point.

2 Not Gay – Rico

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Playing the flamboyant manager of Billy and Chuck during the early 2000s, it was easy to label Rico as a gay man – heck he even got away with groping Stephanie during her days on SmackDown Live.

There was no truth to it though, and it was all just a gimmick – similar to both Billy and Chuck.

1 Not Gay – Finn Balor

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“I feel like —not that they were excluded, but sometimes they felt like they weren’t included,” he said. “That’s something I felt a responsibility for, to use the platform that I have for good and to help maybe a small amount of people for the right reasons.”

Strong words by Finn Balor who represents the community with a strong message on his shirt. He was even pitched a gimmick by Stephanie, though the company ultimately went the other way. Balor isn’t gay and recently engaged.

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