You Can Earn $130,000 A Year To Care For A Lighthouse Off The Coast Of San Francisco

A small lighthouse on an island off the coast of San Francisco is in need of new caretakers and the unique job pays $130,000 per year, includes health insurance, living quarters on the island and sounds like a dream job! It's a lucrative deal for anyone who can't stand the usually 9-5 job and wants something more. They're looking for two keepers to share all of the duties required.

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East Brother Lighthouse is located on a small island in a strait between San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay, California. The island is only accessible by a 10-minute boat ride and one of the keepers must have a U.S. Coast Guard approved boat license to operate all travels to and from the island.  It's highly recommended that a couple apply and run the lighthouse together because it also doubles as a bed and breakfast and hosts day events as well.  This will require both keepers to work together very closely.

According to a press release, and the San Francisco Guardian, this is a demanding job that lasts 24/7. Applicants must also have culinary experience and a love for food since they will be cooking all of the gourmet meals for overnight guests, as well as doing all of the cleaning, maintenance, and general upkeep required.

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The lighthouse/inn runs on a strict schedule of cleaning and running errands to the mainland Monday through Wednesday as well as coordinating any day visitors or events. Thursday through Sunday the bed and breakfast is open for overnight guests and will have up to 10 guests at a time. Breakfast and dinner are served daily.

Outgoing keepers Jillian Meeker and Che Rodgers have a shared love of food and adventure. Jillian's background includes running a Victorian bed and breakfast and is an accomplished baker. Che has worked in fine dining and is able to create unique meals. He also has a background in sailing and boats, as well as marine life. See what we mean about having the right skill set?

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The inn was built on the small island on the North San Francisco Bay in 1874. In the 1970s, a preservationist group rallied to save the site and it is now registered on the National Register of Historic Places. It was converted into the five-room inn it is today.

It would be a hard job but one that would totally be worth it for the right couple looking to lead a non-conventional life. Will you be applying?

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