14 Gross Photos Customers Posted At Costco


We love the Costco Store. There is something about those rows upon rows of discounted, bulk items that make our hearts soar. Combine great prices and great products with a cheap and delicious food market and samples galore, and we pretty much have shopping heaven.

Is there anything negative about the Costco?

We didn't think so, but after taking a look at these fifteen images, our thoughts on our favorite superstore might be shifting. Come on Costco! The world is filled with sadness and disappointment. We were counting on you to be our haven, not a seriously disgusting letdown.

14 More Than Chickpeas And Tahini

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Heck no! A hair in your food is the ultimate culinary betrayal. A single strand in a dish will destroy not only the meal being served but hopes of every eating the hair-laden food again. Hummus is ruined now for everyone. It is no longer a thing because we can not possibly unsee this.

13 Something's Fishy With This Food

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It might be hard to see, but the Fresno, California fellow who bought this fish for dinner ended up with a two for one deal when he ended up with fish AND a worm in his Costco package. We might swear off fish for the rest of our lives after hearing about this horror story.

12 Dino Nugget Debocle

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Someone is going to have starving kids tonight. These Costco crowd-pleasers clearly fell short during the dinner rush. We expect better from you and your nugget selection Costco. This product is some Walmart level stuff right here. Dinnertime stinks as it is, why would you make it worse on us?

11 Ludicrous Latrines

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Public restrooms are not always given the most glamorous reputation. While we don't expect Costco to hang chandeliers and hire people to play lutes while we do our business, we do expect them to look clean. This Costco's bathroom belongs in a developing country. Get someone in there to jazz it up stat.

10 Going Vegan RIGHT NOW!

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The giant hunk of ground beef probably looked fresh and pink to the customer taking it home for dinner. Sadly, when the owner of the beef started breaking it apart, they discovered it to be old and brown on the inside. No one can serve meat like this! Not unless they want people running for the toilet the next day.

9 Costco Working The Pork Patrol

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Next time you shop at the local Costco, you might want to sanitize the carts...like with a vat of bleach. Per The Washington Post, one loyal Costco member witnessed a market transporting raw beef using Costco carts. Raw meat all over those bars where your toddlers put their precious gums.

8 The Saddest Streudel In All The Land

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All this person wanted was a package of sugary strudel for their upcoming family brunch. They thought for sure that they could count on the mighty Costco to meet their brunch needs. Costco failed them when they put moldy strudel on their shelves. Having no treat at the meal is a bummer, but having a moldy dessert is downright traumatizing.

7 Unsanitary Packaging

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What in the world Costco!? Rice in a box? In what universe is this okay? My five-year-old twins know not to dump their food in a box and call it a day. Someone is most certainly getting fired over this one. What we are witnessing here is basic level packaging knowledge, and we are not okay with it. We have higher expectations than this Costco.

6 What Jerk Packed This Jerky?

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It's hard to tell from this image, but what you are seeing is blue, plastic parts inSIDE of the Costco beef jerky. We imagine someone or many someones took a lot of heat for this major miss. Expired food is one thing: dangerous food containing sharp non-food particles is a whole other ballgame.

5 Crappiest Cakes In All The Land

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Plenty of people love Costco Cakes, but one sugar-lover was left longing for more when she went to cut her husband's birthday cake and got more than a mouthful of frosting. The angry customer swears that the frosting was so lopsided she couldn't even serve the dessert to her guests.

4 The Tee Shirt Says It All

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Leave our Costco you swine. We aren't trying to be stuck up here, and have nothing against rocking sweatpants up and down the store aisles, but this guy is over the top. You have your own store to shop at. Walmart misses you. Please go back now and never return.

3 Produce Falling Flat

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Check out these boxes of produce that have passed their prime. It stinks to toss them all out Costco, but you can not put this stuff out for customers to buy! This move s beneath you, and it pains us to say that seeing this display of crap diminishes our feelings for you.

2 Customers Straight Throw Down Over Samples

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Nothing is grosser than watching a couple of grannies so for the jugular over a few Philo dough samples. Show some class good patrons of Costco. Wait in line for your Spinach pie Triangle and only take one sample. Take turns, use your manners, and follow the rules. Did kindergarten teach you all nothing?

1 Trash Everywhere

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All of those yummy samples can add up in the trash department. People love the Costco samples, but they do not always like tossing the paper wrappers in the nearest garbage can. At the end of a long day, the Costco warehouse often looks like a dump. Keep your local Costco looking clean people!

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