14 Photos That Soothed Our Souls (And 1 That Spoiled It All)

The internet is chock full of all kinds of crazy things. And to be completely honest, most of these crazy things are pretty terrible. But, every now and then, you can find something peaceful amid all the nastiness.

Believe it or not, the internet can be a pretty zen place if you know where to look. It’s just you have to look pretty intently to find all of the peaceful parts of the World Wide Web.

That being said, we thought there was no better time than the present to share with all of you fifteen photos that will soothe your soul.

So, kick back, grab yourself a nutritious snack, and take a gander at these images that will have you feeling zen as heck in no time!

15 Hello, Kitty


If you’ve ever had a pet cat, you know full well that they’re great at getting themselves into some precarious situations. Whether they’re leaping from one really high surface to another, or skulking around the house and trying to hide in really small spaces, cats as a whole are just full of surprises.

But, as we all know, curiosity is one the leading demises for cats. Which is why you would think cats would be a little more careful with how they occupy their time.

Take the the cat pictured above, for example. Clearly, something came along and blasted a hole through this brick wall. So, it seems pretty irresponsible for the cat to stick their head through without wondering if there’s going to be a return visit from whatever put the hole there in the first place.

14 Art That You Can Taste


Oreos are some of the best cookies that you can get your hands on. They’ve been a staple in the candy aisle for many years, and for good reason. You can eat them in a variety of different ways and they even come in all kinds of crazy flavors these days, so they will surely satisfy anyone’s sweet tooth.

But, something you rarely see are Oreos turned into art, which is why we thought the image above was so impressive. We can only imagine how long it took for this person to carve that face into the Oreo creme. But, we are glad they took the time, because one look at this delicious art installation definitely soothed our souls.

13 The Thirst is Real


In the soft drink world, there aren’t too many beverages out there that are nearly as delicious as Jarritos. These Mexican sodas come in all kinds of different flavors and blow Sprite, Sierra Mist, and many other similar soft drinks totally out of the water.

Typically, you can get them at most Mexican restaurants. But, nowadays they’re so popular that you can even get your hands on one at your local grocery store.

Unfortunately, you probably won’t see a supply like the one pictured above the next time you go get groceries. However, if you look hard enough, you should be able to find at least a few of the more popular flavors. And, of course, we highly recommend you take a few home.

12 Perfect Fit


There are a whole lot of desserts out there that go well with a nice cup of Joe. From cookies to donuts and everything in between, most sweet treats tend to pair nicely with a cup of coffee regardless of where you get them from.

But, as you probably know, transporting a fresh cup of coffee and a pastry or any other delicious snack can get a little tricky if you’re not careful. And heaven forbid you ever let either slip out of your hands and crash onto the floor.

So, we thought the image above was especially appealing because it allows someone to carry their coffee and their cookies without having to lose their grip. Now if only there was a coffee cup lid out there that you could slip a donut around.

11 Get This Person an Award


You don’t see them that much anymore these days. But, there was a time when every time you ordered a pizza, it came with what looked like a little, plastic table that helped keep your slices intact while it was en route to your house.

We have no idea who patented this little, plastic table, but, what we do know is that it didn’t take long for it to find its way into pretty much every pizza box around the country.

One thing you never really saw though is a chair to go along with the table on your pizza. Which we thought was very strange. So, we were very delighted when our dreams finally came to fruition and we saw the image above.

10 The Finest Art


Usually when you think of art, you think of pens and pencils as being the tools used to get your creative thoughts onto paper. This isn’t always the case though, as you can see in the image above.

What we love about these amazing pencil lead engravings is how detailed they are. It must have taken a ridiculous amount of time for the artist responsible for these masterpieces to carve these different designs into those pencils.

What we want to know though is if those pencils are still usable after they have been carved into the shape of dinosaur heads, famous architectural landmarks, and random hand gestures?

We imagine the answer to that question is no. But, you do have to admit you’d look pretty cool taking notes in class with a pencil in the shape of a T-Rex head.

9 Keep the Change


At some point in your life, you’ve probably had a piggy bank that you kept all your loose change in. You probably spent a few months amassing change each and every day when it found its way into your pockets and then eventually cashed it in to have a surprising amount of greenbacks when all was said and done.

Piggy banks were a great way as a kid to get used to how and why to save your pennies.

And although most people replaced their piggy banks with a savings account, there are still people out there who have a jar or an old coffee can to keep their change in.

We just hope your piggy banks aren’t filled with coins like the ones pictured above. Because there’s no way they still count as viable currency.

8 Behold, the Wood-Dome


There are some people out there who simply have a little too much time on their hands. And instead of getting a hobby or a life, they choose to occupy their time in much more wasteful ways.

Some people choose to spend their days binge-watching Netflix shows, while others play video games from sunrise to sunset. It really just depends on the kind of person they are. But, one thing’s for sure, these days wasting time is easier than ever before.

However, you can still pass the time doing goofy activities and still end up with something to show for it. Like the wood-dome in the picture above, for example. Sure, there’s absolutely no reason why someone should do this. But, it is pretty satisfying to look at.

7 Who Needs Water When You Have Nutella?


If you’re looking to shed some of that remaining winter weight in time for swimsuit season, we highly recommend getting into cycling. It’s a great way to get in your cardio for the day and get absolutely shredded in the process.

One of the best parts about cycling is that it’s a fairly low impact way to get in shape. Depending on how hard you ride, it can be a little rough on your knees. But, compared to running or lifting weights, the amount of damage you’re doing to your joints is considerably less when you’re on the bike.

But, like with all fitness activities, there are people out there who don’t take it that seriously.

And one way they demonstrate this is by packing a tub of Nutella instead of water with them when they hit the road.

6 Peas of a Feather Pod Together


One of the most fascinating aspects of the natural world is how much symmetry and beauty exists inside of it. Ancient civilizations were able to construct extremely impressive architecture that employed a great deal of symmetry. Even animals, trees, plants, and all kinds of other living things are often very symmetrical when you look really close.

You don’t always notice it, but, when you actually stop and smell the roses, it’s amazing how aesthetically pleasing nature is.

Even something like peas in a pod can be interesting to look at when you get your hands on them. Now, it’s pretty rare that you find a pea pod that looks as pleasing as the one above. But, when you do, it’s definitely something worth documenting and putting on the internet.

5 Orange Peelers FTW


Unless you find the absolute perfect orange, they can be kind of difficult to eat. Peeling the rind off isn’t exactly a seamless process, and it can pretty quickly become frustrating if you don’t get it right the first time.

Fortunately, there are orange peelers out there that can help you peel your favorite fruit perfectly every time.

You don’t see them too often, but, when you see the orange pictured above, you have to admit it makes you want to go out and get a peeler.

There’s something really satisfying about seeing a perfectly peeled orange. Maybe it’s because you don’t see it too often? We aren’t entirely sure. But, we do know that as soon as we saw this picture, it made us really want to go get an orange.

4 Egg-cellent


Much like the orange in the previous entry, seeing a perfectly peeled hard-boiled egg is fairly uncommon. Anyone who’s ever enjoyed a hard-boiled egg before knows how difficult it is to get the shell off without compromising the rest of the egg.

Honestly, it can be a really big pain in the butt, so much so that it can make you never want to eat a hard-boiled egg again. But, it seems each and every time you go to eat one, you immediately forget how miserable of an experience it was the last time.

People claim to have all kinds of tips and tricks on how to properly remove the shell from their hard-boiled egg. But, no matter how many Pinterest tutorials you follow, you can just never do it as seamlessly as they can.

3 Perfectly Packaged


Watermelon is, hands down, one of the most delicious fruits around. Every time summer rolls around, people flock to the grocery store to get their hands on this particular kind of melon and take it home for the whole family to enjoy.

Watermelons are a huge hit at barbecues and really anywhere else you and your pals are meeting up to soak up the sun. They’re also fairly inexpensive, meaning you can feed a ton of people with one watermelon and don’t have to worry about breaking your bank.

But, unless you and all your guests demolish that watermelon, you can end up with leftovers that are really hard to package and save for later. Well, that is unless you’re the Ziploc master like the one pictured above that managed to cram what appears to be a whole watermelon in a single bag.

2 Get a Life


Like we mentioned before, there are some people out there who just have way too much time on their hands. They’re unwilling to find a hobby that occupies their time in a positive way and they choose activities that waste more of their time than anything else.

Some of these people have so little to do that they resort to organizing gummy bears in their free time.

We aren’t sure why someone would spend the countless hours doing this, but hey, we are in no place to judge, really.

What we can say though is that this bowl of gummy bears is pretty satisfying to look at. The way they’re organized by color has somewhat of a calming effect on whoever’s looking at it.

1 Some People's Kids


So, with this list that we presented to you today, we wanted to highlight some of the most soul-soothing images that the internet has ever seen. But, with this last one, we wanted to do something a little different and show you something that is pretty unsetting to see.

Now, we don’t know what kind of sicko thought it would be a good idea to take a slice right out of the middle of the pie, but, we have to assume that they are some sort of criminal mastermind that set out to ruin Thanksgiving dinners one pumpkin pie at a time.

And there’s no way that this is their first time carving up a pie like that. The piece they took is in near perfect shape, meaning they have struck before and will most likely strike again in the future.

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