14 Secrets Keanu Reeves Doesn't Want Us To Know About His Movie Roles

With a career spanning over 30 years, actor Keanu Reeves has cemented himself not only as an action movie icon, but also a Hollywood legend. From his early comedic days in the first two Bill & Ted movies to his recent action resurgence with the John Wick franchise, Reeves has kept a large fanbase over the years (though, the multiple memes made about him probably helped him out a bit, too).

However, like several other actors, some of his movies came with situations he'd probably like to keep secret from fans. These include on-set crushes, production issues, and personal problems caused by issues going on in his life at the time. Nevertheless, we're here to look at some notable instances of said situations. Get ready to say, "Whoa."

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14 His crushes on past co-stars

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Though Keanu Reeves has yet to marry, he seems to have developed crushes on some of his co-stars over the years.

While appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this year, Reeves revealed his on-set crush of Speed leading lady Sandra Bullock (who previously revealed her feelings for him on the show). When Ellen pressed further into the possibility of other crushes, Reeves tried to avoid a direct answer. Keanu, you sly dog.

13 His multiple Razzie nominations

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Keanu Reeves has had several critically-praised roles, but not all of his characters have succeeded.

After his Worst Supporting Actor nomination for 1993's Much Ado About Nothing, Reeves 'earned' another for 2000's The Watcher, and also three Worst Actor nominations for 1995's Johnny Mnemonic and A Walk in the Clouds, 1996's Chain Reaction, and 2001's Hard Ball and Sweet November. He was even up for the Worst Razzie Loser Award for the ceremony's 25th anniversary.

12 He became frustrated over injuries during production of The Matrix

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Some actors try to stay professional by not complaining about the hardships they endure on sets, and Keanu Reeves seems to be one of them.

Before filming The Matrix, Reeves had undergone spinal surgery to repair two damaged disks, which left him unable to kick for a large chunk of filming. Though he remained diligent in completing his required work, Reeves reportedly became frustrated due to his physical limitations (though, who could blame him?).

11 The alternate ending of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

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Alternate endings can vary in terms of audience appeal, with some they wish had been used over the final ending and others thinking the producers kept the right one. However, according to the cast and crew of Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure, their film's alternate ending wasn't very good.

Alex Winter described it as "really bad," while Keanu Reeves expressed his gratitude "that resources were made available to shoot the ending that's in the [final cut]."

10 His full Matrix paycheck

Via syfy.com

Keanu Reeves is not the type of celebrity who flaunts his wealth. In fact, he sometimes chooses to give part of his earnings away, and a good example of this is what he did with his Matrix paycheck.

While estimates vary on exactly how much he made for the entire trilogy, Reeves didn't even allow himself the full amount, donating his ticket earnings percentage for The Matrix Reloaded (around $38 million) to the special effects budget.

9 The troublesome Bill & Ted phone booth scenes

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Bill & Ted fans adored the phone booth the duo used to travel through time and space, but, according to star Alex Winter, filming in it wasn't very excellent. Dubbing it "a death ride canoe," Winter recalled to THR the issues shooting inside it with multiple actors due to hot costumes and combined body odors. While Reeves didn't actually agree with Winter's statements, we'd like to think he was just keeping his thoughts to himself.

8 His grief over the passing of River Phoenix...

Via hotcorn.com

Some co-stars develop close relationships with each other while filming together. Keanu Reeves had this experience with River Phoenix, but unfortunately, their friendship didn't last long.

After filming I Love You to Death and My Own Private Idaho with Reeves, Phoenix passed away in 1993, the year Reeves was working on Speed. While director Jan de Bont did try to make the shooting easier for Reeves, we bet it was a dark time for Reeves.

7 ...and Jennifer Syme

Via unbelievable-facts.com

Unfortunately, Keanu Reeves would suffer not one, but two more personal tragedies in the coming years. In 1999, Reeves' child with then-partner Jennifer Syme was birthed stillborn. The couple's grief led them to break up a short time later. Then, in 2001, Reeves was gearing up to shoot the two Matrix sequels back-to-back when he learned Syme was involved in a fatal auto accident, leading him to take "peace and time" (according to friend Bret Domrose) to recuperate.

6 20th Century Fox blacklisted him after his refusal to do Speed 2

Via wbur.org

After Speed's success, Keanu Reeves was offered $12 million to return for a sequel. However, he declined and was replaced by Jason Patric. While that film went on to become one of cinema history's worst sequels, Reeves was not in the clear completely.

According to Reeves, 20th Century Fox (the distributor of both Speed movies) placed him in "movie jail" for 14 years, and they didn't work together again until 2008's The Day the Earth Stood Still.

5 His fake calculations in The Day the Earth Stood Still

Via youtube.com

Speaking of The Day the Earth Stood Still, remember that scene where Keanu Reeves' Klaatu and John Cleese's Professor Barnhardt wrote those complicated equations on the blackboard? Well, that was reportedly fake.

Sources say that two physicists were brought in to make faint marks on the board, followed by the two actors going over them with chalk. Though, we're like Reeves: we'd like others to just believe we were that smart.

4 His habit came from filming Feeling Minnesota

Via hiconsumption.com

Many celebrities smoke, even if they regret starting. One of them is Keanu Reeves, who got hooked on cigarettes while filming 1996's Feeling Minnesota.

Once calling smoking "a prison," Reeves has nevertheless kept up the habit for over 20 years. While it's unclear if he's quit or close to quitting yet, the habit doesn't seem to have slowed down the action star as of late.

3 The reason he starred in The Watcher

Via bombreport.com

We mentioned earlier that one of Keanu Reeves' Razzie nominations came from 2000's The Watcher. However, we think Reeves' performance shouldn't have even been considered for said nomination, since he was practically forced to act in the film.

After a friend forged his signature on a contract for a starring role (despite it originally being set as a cameo), Reeves decided to avoid a lengthy legal battle and just proceed with the picture. Now, we're sure he wishes it had never happened.

2 Production troubles of Exposed

Via thedullwoodexperiment.com

It's not uncommon for films to undergo plot tweaks, but having an entire movie refocused onto an actors' star power isn't the best strategy. A prime example is 2016's Exposed, which originally centered on a Dominican family and Latina woman. However, according to director Gee Malik Linton, the "60 percent Spanish-language movie" was reworked into a "cop thriller," with Reeves overseeing its editing (though, this was later denied).

1 His appearance in Freaked

Via io9.gizmodo.com

Many actors have at least one role they look back on with embarrassment. While we're unsure exactly how many of Keanu Reeves' roles he is embarrassed by, we can bet Ortiz the Dog Boy from 1993's Freaked is one of them.

For one thing, we don't hear him talk about it. Second, besides his odd appearance, Keanu's sole purpose in the film is to lead a group of freak show performers...before running after a squirrel.

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