15 ’13 Year Olds Now VS Me’ Memes That Will Have You Floored

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15 ’13 Year Olds Now VS Me’ Memes That Will Have You Floored

There is a concerning change that is going on throughout the world. With the help of YouTube tutorials and makeup that can literally transform our faces from naked mole rat to Kendall Jenner—being drop dead gorgeous is easier now than ever. Don’t get me wrong, I think we are all gorgeous. Natural beauty is absolutely the best kind of beauty. However, it’s hard not to jump on the “contour” bandwagon once we see how simply effective it is. And with the accessibility of social media stars and celebrities, it’s way easier now days for youngsters to set their eyes on these trends and bombshells, than it was when we were at the prime age of 13. (We were too enthused with Lisa Frank binders and memorizing the choreography from Britney Spears’ music videos.) And since these middle schoolers seem to be better at makeup and selfie poses than any other generation, the comparisons between them at 13 and us at 13 are down right comical. Take a look and try not to feel hideous.

15. Night And Day

As I’m writing this article, my jaw is on the ground. Like, it will probably be there the entire day. Because when I look at these comparison photos, it doesn’t seem possible that the girl on the left is 14 years old. The girl on the right? Now, that’s a 14 year old! 14 year olds are supposed to be awkward and dorky. We’re not supposed to own pushup bras or have luminous highlights. Being 14 is supposed to be that uncomfortable stage where looking at our pictures makes us want to hit our parents for letting us out of the house like that! The girl on the left looks like she’s in college; between the age range of 18-22. Her makeup is flawless, she knows her angles, and she knew that lighting was nothing short of perfect for the best selfie possible. WTF was wrong with us!?

14. ~Peace Out!~

Yes! The girl on the right was all of us. Big cheesy grin, a peace sign, some shiny shirt, and a bun that looked loose yet put together. These “selfies” were always on some sort of slant as well. We held the phone facing the mirror and dipped our hips a bit. Ugh the good old days. The girl on the left however. looks like she could be the girl on the right – just ten years into the future. Her makeup is intoxicating and I wish I had her hair color. We always wanted grow into these beautiful young women and men when we were kids. We couldn’t wait to wear whatever we wanted and dye our heads if we wanted to. But in this instance, I’m a 27 year old woman who wants to transform into this 14 year old.

13. White Sunglasses

Yassss! The picture on the left is screaming my name. There was an old program where we could upload a picture and then add shapes, images, and text anywhere on the photo. A bunch of us wrote song lyrics, drew hearts, make even added fake color streaks into our hair. We thought we were so cool for adding a sassy lyric above our head or shifting the colors to sepia tone. The girl on the right, however, clearly grew up in the modern world where writing a song lyric above her head is anything but cool. She opted for the modern day high waisted shorts, long straight hair, and duck lips for the ~kewlest~ picture she could take all day. The girl on the right does look more her age than some of the other youngsters on this page. And even then she’s still 10x prettier than a majority of the people I know. Ugh, the youth!

12. OMG What

Remember how I mentioned earlier that my jaw would probably be on the ground for a majority of this article? After seeing this comparison – my jaw has now passed the ground and dug into the Earth. The 14 year old on the right is how I picture 14 year olds in my mind. Innocent, youthful, fun, and smiling from ear-to-ear. But since 14 year olds these days have the accessibility to great fashion and high end makeup (not to mention knowing their angles for pictures), they tend to look more like the gorgeous young lady on the left. Like, she is stunning. And as much as I love her outfit, hair, and makeup—she seems a tad young to be wearing an outfit that provocative. If she feels confident in it – that’s all we could ask for as a guardian or parent. But it also makes me worry for her due to all the freaks and pervs that browse the dark depths of the Internet.

11. DIY T-shirts

My friends and I always made DIY t-shirts back in the day. Whether it was for a concert, a theme park, or some kind of school event – we always tried to make group shirts. They would have those same smiley faces on them (like pictured), had random hearts, and inside jokes all over them. We thought we looked so cool in group pictures. We were just like the sweet girls on the right. Smiling but trying to cool ~kewl~ at the same time. Ah, good times. The girl on the left, however, looks JUST like a younger version of Little Mix’ Perrie Edwards. Oh, and by the way, Perrie is 23 years old. So yes, this 14 year old has transformed herself into a 23 year old with the help of makeup and a bra.

10. Photo Edits

Editing our photos was all the rage back in middle and high school. I think the one popular program was called Picnik. The photo on the right was identical to what my group of friends’ photos looked like. Different shades of colors, weird angles, random lyrics that applied to our life in that moment, and so on. At the time, we got so much credibility for our pictures. We were artistic, original, and totally tech savy. That is until we see what 13 year olds are capable of now. Just look at the bombshell on the left! Her eyebrows are impeccable, she has great lighting, and all she did was mirror the image and flipped it upside down it make it look edgy. It’s this kind of creativity and natural beauty that makes us 20-somethings want to face-palm hard.

9. <3

Pre emoji’s, us OG’s made hearts out of the less-than symbol and the number three. We added it to practically everything and sent it to everyone. We, of course, added it to our edited photos, as well. But this guy totally makes us crack up in the comparison between his 13 year old selfie and Zayn Malik’s (former One Direction-er) 13 year old cousin. This comparison of the two boys is even more eye opening to me, because does this mean that makeup isn’t the reason for our youth looking more mature and flawless? Are they seriously just naturally flawless and older looking? What the hell is in the water that our 13 year olds look more mature and put together than 20, 30, and 40-somethings!? What is going on!

8. I’m Crying

I just cannot get over these differences. As I mentioned, we totally edited our photos, but I forgot about adding dates! The girl on the right shows us the difference between 13 year olds now versus us when we were 13. And she shows us a former selfie and if we look on the top left of her picture, we can see the date 12/25/2010. Okay, that was only seven years ago, but it just proves how far our pictures, selfies, and looks have changed. Like…drastically. With youngsters in the media like, Kylie Jenner, Hailey Baldwin, and Bella Hadid, our 13 year olds of today have different role models than the celebrities we had. As a ’90s kid, my celebrity idols were Britney Spears, Mandy Moore, and the Spice Girls. But even those women never looked like the 13 year olds of today! What is happening!?

7. Mrs. Kim Kardashian West

I've gotta study for a Spanish test ???

A post shared by Established:November 2014 (@kardashian_memes_) on

THIS. PICTURE. I think it’s kind of strange how people say Kim Kardashian has had so much work done. If those people took a look at her photos of when she was a kid (like above), they would obviously notice that surgery is not needed; it’s all in her genes. She was 14 years old in that photo, and she looks more gorgeous, rested, and mature than I do at 27. When I was 14, I would have killed to have large breasts. Those of us who were flat chested wanted to have large breasts, and those with large breasts wanted to be flat chested. No one is truly comfortable in their own skin at that age. But something tells us if we looked like Kim Kardashian at 14, our problems would not be problems.

6. What Is Happening!?

Skai Jackson is a 14-year-old Disney star. She was a star in the Disney sitcom, Jessie, and is now in a new series called Bunk’d. If people followed this actress from the start (she began at just three years old, they would know that she almost looks the exact same. Her big Bambi eyes and her bright gorgeous smile are still there. But her makeup, style, and hair at 13 is way different than us at 13. Just look at this tweet! The girl on the right obviously thought she was looking pretty cute that day. Which is why she posed with her hand on hip—she knew she was stylin’. But when we see the contrast between her sweet picture and Skai walking the red carper? Night and day. What is going on in the world! How did 13 year olds of today skip the awkward phase!


I would literally kill to look like the women in the top two squares. Mainly for their eyebrows and glowing skin. Now that we actually care for our eyebrows, those babies are tough to tame. They’re never equal, one is always perfect while the other is off roading, and it takes a solid 15-minutes just to get the eyebrow segment completed. Ugh, it’s a nightmare. But the differences between the four pictures is outstanding. The 13 year olds of yesteryear wore zero makeup, had stringy hair, but tried their best to look as admirable and attractive as possible. At the time, we thought we could be on the covers of Vogue. But now when we look at them, they deserve to be on the bottom of a trash can.

4. The Good Old Days

I know kids these days (ourselves included) catch a lot of heat these days for posting too many pictures or taking too many pictures of “useless” things. But honestly, why not take pictures of everything? We were gifted the technology of cameras. We get the chance to capture moments that could one day slip our minds—so why not?

But since this is an article regarding the differences in appearance between 13 year olds then and 13 year olds now, pictures have gotten way, way more attractive. Like I said before, we know how to pose now. And these poses of our “good sides” make ourselves look 10x better. Yeah, back in our day – we didn’t know what a pose or “angles” were. We literally just said “cheese.”

3. Sexy vs. Silly

I think this picture shows the exact point I’ve been stumbling to make. Pictures of us back when we were 13 were silly, goofy, and mostly unpleasant. We looked lie a typical messy teenager. Equipped with braces, glasses, and weird pony tails. 13 year olds these days are well matured and way more into their looks than we ever were. They know how to do their make up, their clothes actually match, and they can take selfies like the girl on the left. There are huge differences between the two and I think it sums up our two eras perfectly. Side note: if we took the time to click the selfie on the left, we can see the caption to that exact Instagram post and she explains how she felt insecure about her gap. The girl is STUNNING. No insecurities needed, honey!

2. I’m In Tears

Via Pinterest

When I was 13, I remember looking through the models in the magazines and wondering how someone could be that good-looking without smiling. I just didn’t understand how someone could look sexy or cute or upset without having any facial expression at all. Models have some serious skill. So when my mom eventually bought me a dinky camera to play around with, I remember my friends and I trying to make a “sexy” face. And let me just say, it turned out like the sweet girl on the right as opposed to the 13 year old on the left. Trying to be sexy was definitely not our thing TBH. I’m still laughing just thinking about it. So it’s mind-blowing to me that girls so young can appear sexy so easily. It’s tragic for my ego.

1. Sibling Rivalry

It must be hard to have such a big age gap between siblings. It’s cool in the sense that the younger sibling has a protector; someone who can look out for them and give them the run down of how teenage life actually works. They get the clothes their colder siblings can no longer fit into, and get to be known as “so and so’s younger sibling.” It’s a pretty cool moment in the life of sibling-hood. But this comparison is hilarious and just goes to show how different 13 year olds are then, to 13 year olds today. Don’t teenagers get braces anymore? Don’t teenagers have acne and glaring self-confidence issues? Don’t teenagers get totally awkward hair cuts? Well according to all of these images on this post, they don’t. They literally com out of the womb with a beautiful head of hair, flawless completion, and a selfie stick in tow.

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