15 2000s Movies That Have Already Aged Badly

Now that we are nearly an entire decade removed from the end of the 2000s, it is extremely safe to say that many fantastic movies were released during those years. In fact, it seems certain that loads of movies released during that decade will go on to be considered classics just like most celebrated films that were released prior to that.

Despite all of the 2000s movies that are destined to pass the test of time, it is true that many films from those years will deservedly fall by the wayside. Actually, even some of the 2000s films that were celebrated at the time of their release aren’t all they're cracked up to be. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 15 movies from the 2000s that have already aged badly.

15 The Mummy Returns

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When it comes to The Mummy, one of the biggest things it had going for it was a tragic villain who did it all for love. Unfortunately for The Mummy Returns, Imhotep was downgraded into a motiveless force whose powers seemed to be random. On top of that, the special effects used to render the Scorpion King in the final part of the film look so bad today that they are mind-blowing.

14 Phone Booth

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Unlike most of the movies on this list, Phone Booth isn’t included here because its story beats or special effects don’t hold up today. Instead, it is the film’s core concept that no longer works in today’s world. After all, the idea of an entire movie taking place in a phone booth was already becoming a stretch in 2002 but it is outright ridiculous today.

13 Ice Age

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Released back in 2002, Ice Age was such a big hit that it turned out to be the first film in an entire franchise of success. In some ways, that is the biggest problem, however, as you can compare the original’s animation to the latest chapter and man does it look awful. In fact, Ice Age looks so cheap these days that it is the type of thing kids could create in their bedroom.

12 Mystic River

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Nominated for so many awards that it would be impossible to list them all here, Mystic River was the epitome of a critical darling upon its release. Now that all of that hype has subsided, viewers are left to reflect on how interminably depressing the movie is from beginning to end and how miserable it is to watch it.

11 Open Water

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Coming off the massive success of 1999’s The Blair Witch Project, a slew of found footage films were released and embraced by the public, including Open Water. About a couple that finds themselves stranded in shark-infested waters, in concept this movie was thrilling. In execution, however, virtually nothing happens in Open Water and found footage films have become passé enough that its lackluster story stands out.

10 The Fast and the Furious

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When The Fast and the Furious first came out back in the year 2001, it was considered by most to be an entertaining popcorn movie. Of course, since then it has gone on to spawn one of the highest-grossing film franchises in history and many people now consider it to be a classic. However, if you actually rewatch this movie now, it isn’t nearly as enjoyable as you remember since it is steeped in a bro culture that has since fallen by the wayside.

9 Attack of the Clones & Revenge of the Sith

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In this day and age, most longtime fans of the Star Wars series of films are happy to say that the latter two prequels are bad movies. However, what modern fans may not know is that at the time of their release most viewers wanted to like them so much that they claimed the movies were good. Simply put, they were wrong at that time and man does the CGI in these films look bad now.

8 Lilo & Stitch

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Considering that Lilo & Stitch was released around the same time as other Disney animated movies like Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, and Chicken Little, it was quite well received. Removed from comparisons to some of Disney’s most disappointing offerings, however, this movie is enjoyable enough but it fails when stacked against their better work.

7 Charlie's Angels

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While we still appreciate that this film was pretty self-aware, so many elements of it simply do not hold up today. For example, like a lot of movies from the early 2000s, Charlie's Angels features wirework action scenes but there is no story reason for that kind of visual. On top of that, McG’s direction is so ham-fisted that it is hard to take.

6 X-Men

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Considering that X-Men is the movie that is most responsible for the dawn of the comic book movie age, despite Blade coming out prior, it deserves a celebrated place in movie history. That said, when viewed through modern eyes it becomes abundantly clear that the film mostly is surface deep and can’t even come close to the best modern comic book movies.

5 Knocked Up

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Highlighted by an extremely talented cast, Knocked Up was a huge hit upon its release. Despite that fact, one of the movie’s stars, Katherine Heigl, publicly decried its portrayal of women as “shrews” and called her character a “killjoy”, which upset many. Remarkably enough, even though Heigl still catches flack for her comments from time to time, looking back on the movie now, she was totally right.

4 Juno

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One of those rare indie films that manage to take the movie world and pop culture by storm, Juno made money hand over fist and was nominated for three Oscars. Unfortunately, since most Juno fans at the time are now adults, it is obvious how pretentious it actually was and how hard it was trying to be cool.

3 Avatar

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To this day, Avatar’s visual effects blow us away in the best ways possible. However, enough time has passed that they no longer dazzle viewers enough to ignore just how bad every other aspect of the film is. In fact, it is baffling to remember that people used to talk about wanting to live on the movie’s fictional planet Pandora, when we have no interest in even seeing the sequels.

2 What Women Want

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As one of the most popular leading men in Hollywood throughout the 80s and 90s, it makes perfect sense that Mel Gibson was cast in this romantic comedy. That said, since then so many negative and offensive things have come out about the men, some relating to an ex of his, that it is impossible to be charmed by him in this role.

1 Garden State

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At the time of Garden State’s 2004 release, many people considered it to be the movie of its time which is the reason it has landed here. Completely mired in movie trends from that era, including the inclusion of a manic pixie dream girl, the movie is dated enough that it is unlikely to pick up new fans. That would be fine if it still appealed to its original fans but most of them have outgrown enjoying watching a man child having supposedly deep conversations.

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