15 'A Series of Unfortunate Events' Tweets That Will Make Your Day

When the "A Series of Unfortunate Events" books first came out, I wanted them so bad. I would always go over to the big display where the bookstore stored all the books and grab the first one to take to grandma to ask if she'd buy it for me. If you've ever read the books, you'll know that the back cover had a letter to the reader from Lemony Snicket himself as the summary. Along with just telling you what happens in the book, it warns the reader about how terrible and upsetting the books are. Unfortunately for me, my grandma didn't think that was particularly appropriate to read. Instead, I had to wait until my school library got them as A.R. books.

If you loved the books just as much and were just as excited as me for the Netflix series, check out this list of 15 hilarious tweets about the A Series of Unfortunate Events show.

15 This Truth Everyone Missed

Seriously, Mr. Poe was the true villain of the series. Yeah, Count Olaf was technically the bad guy in the books, but Mr. Poe is the one who repeatedly sent the Baudelaire orphans away to him. Do they not have background checks at your office, Mr. Poe? There's no other excuse for messing up so badly and sending them somewhere terrible every single time they needed a new home. I don't really remember how the books ended anymore, but I did spend a huge chunk of my childhood thinking Mr. Poe was working with Count Olaf. Was I right? Probably not, but like I said, I don't remember. My memory of how the series went and this hilarious tweet both seem to support my theory, though.

14 The Narrator Of My Life

For a long time as a kid, I thought Lemony Snicket was a real person (okay, I mean the character - not the author). I also thought the books were real and that someone actually needed to help the Baudelaire orphans. Okay, I realized the second part was false after a little while, but the first one? I believed his character was real for quite some time. I later learned to find out Lemony Snicket was the pen name of Daniel Handler. So I guess I wasn't too far off. It's still a little hard for me to admit that. I don't want all my friends to judge me. Like, "No, I haven't seen the ASOUE show yet. Did you know I thought Lemony Snicket was real until college? Not just a pen name, a real dude on the run."

I'd have no friends left.

13 You Can Never Have Too Many

Whoa there, Violet. If you find a book you love, I don't see anything wrong with having several copies of it. Maybe one copy has a different cover that you really like. Or maybe another one was on sale and you just couldn't resist. Perhaps you keep one copy to write in and underline your favorite things and write to do lists in the margins, while you keep the other copy nice and pristine and pretend you'd never write in a book. No matter how many copies of a book you want to have, don't let anyone tell you it's wrong.

Seriously, Violet. I thought someone as smart as you would understand that there's no limit to how many copies of one book a person could have. As Cady Heron from Mean Girls would say, "The limit does not exist!"

12 Way Harsh

Hey now, that's not very nice! I remember that the books also spent a lot of time reminding you that they were sad, too. The summary on the back talked about how there was no hope to be found for the orphans and the first few chapters would remind the reader that they were making a terrible decision in reading it. I think that was part of the fun and personally, I'm glad they put that in the series. I like when they keep little details like that. Did it really take anything from the story in the books? Not at all, but it built the mood up in a really cool way. All it made me want to do was keep reading the books, not put them away like it told me to. So change your tune @thetomska!

11 Every Time

Seriously, this is me every time. As if I didn't expect something bad to happen. This is basically like reading the Harry Potter books and being shocked there was magic. Imagine someone just coming to return them and saying something like, "I didn't buy these to read about a boy going to a wizard school," as their reason.

Also, I bet someone left a negative review somewhere because of that. I don't know if you've ever spent much time scrolling through Amazon reviews, but do it sometime. It's a wild ride. And it's full of people leaving one star or five star reviews for ridiculous reasons. The reviews will be something like, "One star: Bought it for my brother," or "Five stars: Never came, got a replacement." That's great, you guys. It doesn't help me decide if I want to buy this or not, though.

10 Is This How Growing Up Feels?

Seriously! As a kid, I thought the books were hilarious. Wild things happened to the Baudelaire orphans and I just thought it was so funny seeing all the weird things that came up. Every time Olaf took his disguise off, I was shocked and loved the twist. Each time Mr. Poe didn't believe them when they said how sketchy his foster home is, I would laugh. As an adult, I'm thinking back on it like, "These kids are gonna be so messed up." Is this how it feels to grow up and be a real adult? If so, I'm not interested. How do I return adulthood? Because I don't think I'm a very good person to have it between this and my generally irresponsible nature.

9 This Truthful Review

This tweet is so perfect. Someone replied to this tweet and added that they speak with the speed of a character in Gilmore Girls which is even funnier. Personally, I don't think anything is wrong with this. I think the creepy Tim Burton-esque setting is really fitting for the series. I love how the series looks just purely aesthetically. The colors and everything are pretty much exactly how I pictured that they would look in the book, too. With such a weird, sad atmosphere to the story, it's hard not to picture everything as grey and bleak and, well, Tim Burton style.

Also, how did they cast a girl for Violet who looks so much like the one in the movie? What kind of sorcery is that?

8 This First Date Tweet

This is how people should introduce bad news from now on. Something terrible happen? Just cue that theme song and let it play for a few seconds before you start talking. People will always know what to expect. No more of the nonsense where someone says, "Hey, I need to talk to you," and then leaves you wondering what they want to talk about. Instead, they play the theme song or send you a link to it and say, "Hey, I need to talk to you," and you know it's gonna be something bad. Then, you can prepare yourself for whatever it is. (You're welcome, people.) This is going to be life changing. And since they casted Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf, you might even say it's going to be legendary.

7 Ted Misses You

Seriously, Barney, go back to New York and blow the dust off your playbook. I have nothing against Neil Patrick Harris, but I can't help but just see Barney in everything he does. Which I guess is a good thing, right? Because it meant that his portrayal of Barney was unforgettable and I always associate that role with the other stuff he does? Okay, maybe not a good thing. Actors probably want to be able to be varied and stuff. But hey, it's not my fault that all I can see when he plays Olaf is Barney pulling some elaborate stunt to get a girl.

Personally, I wish they had gotten Jim Carrey back and had him in the series again. Because even though the movie they did wasn't great, he did a really good job.

6 Olaf By Olaf

Count Olaf is the real MVP here. He does all this crazy stuff all by himself. Meanwhile, I can barely make myself dinner without something terrible happening. I tried making pasta once, but accidentally left the kitchen while I waited for the water to boil so I could watch some Netflix. The next thing I knew, it was hours later, the water had all evaporated, and I had no pasta. I also accidentally cracked the bottom of the pot because there was cold water in the sink when I put it in and the hot pan touching the cold water cracked the glass. Whoops.

I feel like this is actually kind of motivational. If Olaf can do all this by himself, you can do anything. Except make pasta, in my case...

5 Too Real

Too real,  Jomny. Too real. I know this joke is super overdone, but it still made me laugh. It's hard to look anywhere that's talking about A Series of Unfortunate Events lately without seeing someone make the classic joke about that being what they call the news now. We know, current events aren't a particularly pretty place and people like to go watch something on Netflix to avoid that. And you know, if that helps you feel better, then go for it. But don't ignore everything that's going on forever, that's no better than looking at it all the time and getting stressed out. Be aware of what's happening in the world, but also take breaks and take care of yourself. Learn to find a balance.

4 This Amazing Performance

Good for this lady and her popcorn. She knows how to treat herself and she deserves it. Also, this is seriously how I think of myself when I buy myself things. I know some people treat themselves to a special thing they've been wanting after they got a promotion or waited for something good happen to them. That makes sense. Rewarding yourself for something major you did or when something great happens and you want to celebrate is totally warranted. Meanwhile, I'm over here like, "I got nothing done today, I'm gonna buy myself some chicken strips for dinner instead of cooking dinner tonight." I'm fairly certain that's not what Tom from Parks and Rec. meant by "treat yo'self." But do I care? Nope, not at all, it's so worth it.

3 The Real MVP

First of all, I can't stop laughing at this tweet calling Lemony Snicket by the name Lemony Snickers. It's making me hungry for a Snickers bar - but not a lemon flavored one, that sounds disgusting and I want no part in it. Of all the unfortunate autocorrects and hilarious name-related typos out there, I think Lemony Snickers might be my new favorite.

Secondly, those books and the Harry Potter series basically carried my A.R. goals for me in elementary and middle school. Shout out to Lemony Snicket and J.K. Rowling for all the BookIt certificates I got for all those points. I never understood why some other kids in my class hated A.R. goals, honestly. I got to read, which I loved, and if I reached my goal, I got a free pizza? Honestly, I'd do it now if I could.

2 This Relatable Tweet

Seriously, this is me every single time. Except it's real shock somehow because even though I know it's coming, I still don't expect it. Somehow, despite fully knowing they're gonna be placed somewhere horrible and Mr. Poe will be vaguely incompetent and not believe a single thing they say, I'm shocked every time. Unfortunate things are happening in a show called A Series of Unfortunate Events? I just don't believe it.

I read all the books, so I know exactly what's going to happen. And yet, for some reason it's like I expect it to go a different way after a while. Why am I like this? Will I ever learn and stop expecting Mr. Poe to help or stop being surprised when Olaf is being sneaky? I don't think so.

1 Just A Question, Mr. Snicket

Really though, this must be what talking to Lemony Snicket is like. Just based on his narration in the books, which never failed to make me laugh. I feel like it would be impossible to ask him anything or tell him something that happened to you without him launching into a story about Beatrice.

I don't remember which book it was in, but I know there was one where I seriously carried it around and made family members listen to me reading a few paragraphs. It was one of his stories at the beginning of a chapter about being on the run and it was hilarious to me. It was something about putting a hole in the bottom of his boat and letting it sink before he escaped into a cabin or something and in elementary school, that was just comedy gold to me.

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