15 Acts Of Stupidity That Were (Thankfully) Caught On Camera

Has anyone ever been in a situation where they came up with an idea that they thought was simply genius, only to find out, after executing that idea, that it was everything but genius? It's okay, those people shouldn't be ashamed, it happens to all of us on a daily basis. That's why I decided to make a list of photos which show some other people's terrible ideas; some of them which are very dangerous and possibly fatal. Even though the purpose of this article is to make everyone laugh, they shouldn't worry if they don't find any of these photos funny... At least they'll know they're not the only person with terrible ideas. One thing is for sure, though, this article will be full of photos that will make anyone say, "What the heck was this person thinking?"

15 When Your AC Is Broken

To be quite honest, I can’t say anything bad about this guy because I’m totally on his side. I mean, imagine what it feels like living with a broken AC unit during, well, either hot summer days or cold winter days? That must be terrible! So what did this guy decide to do? Duh, he decided to fix it himself! He’s a strong, independent (and broke) guy, which means he doesn’t have to pay anybody to fix the AC for him! But then again, is it worth risking your life just to fix the AC yourself and save, like, $100? I don't think so. This guy could easily  be dead right now, so who knows? The good thing is that he looks pretty in shape, so he has less of a chance of dying. If he had a few more pounds, that AC wouldn’t be able to hold him!

14 When Bae's Finally Home Alone

Via: imgur.com

Okay, I have to admit, this here looks like a good idea, it really does. But that doesn't mean it is. I mean, there are so many things that could go wrong here. First of all,  the skate could completely fall off and the guy could severely injure himself. Second, the skate could stay in place, but would it be able to balance the bike? I mean, probably not, so the guy would probably end up falling off the bike again. Also, I'm pretty sure the cops would fine him if they saw this. This has to be illegal, right? As I said earlier, this only looks like a great idea, but due to very low possibility that it would actually work all the way, I officially classify it as a terrible idea.

13 Who Thought This Would Be A Good Idea?

Here's another idea that not only is terrible and stupid, but it's also dangerous! Not only for the driver of this car, but for the other drivers as well. I mean, even the slightest driving mistake could could cause an accident. Even if you drive normally, the wooden planks on the sides would hit other cars, right?

Now, what I want to know about this whole situation is who took the photo and why? Was it the surprised cops who took this photo after seeing this and pulled him over, or was it the driver who was way too proud of his genius idea? I guess that's something we'll never find out. All we can do is hope that nobody died or got hurt. Hopefully this was just a one time thing.

12 This Human Got Exactly What He Deserved

Every cat person knows that cats don't like water. As a matter of fact, most of them hate water; they despise it so much that they would kill a human if they tried putting them into water. I mean, they'd kill a human just for fun because they're cats, but you know what I'm talking about, right? Take a look at the photo above and you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. This dude—who obviously is not an experienced cat person—decided to take a bath with this cat, and as you can see, it's not going that well; the cat is not enjoying the bath (duh) and it's about to severely harm this stupid human for doing this to it. Seriously, this is the worst idea ever.

11 This Idea Only Sounds Good In Theory

Via: KickVick

One of the best things about having friends is that they’re always there to help you out, either by talking and listening to you, or by helping you with some physical work. But, then again, sometimes their help can literally kill themselves or you. Take a look at the photo above this text. Now tell me, does this seem like a good idea? If your answer is “NO,” then you’re 100% right. If your answer is “YES,” then you’re probably not the brightest bulb in the box. Let me explain; the guys upstairs are carrying a couch, and if you look at their body language, you can see that the couch is super heavy and that they’re obviously struggling with it. Oh, and to get the couch to the lower floor,  they figure it would be easiest by just TOSSING the couch over the balcony to their friends. Now, do you think that those two guys alone can handle that couch without getting squashed like bugs? Nope.

10 What Was He Thinking?

Via: imgur.com

Lately, it seems like all people post on their social media accounts are either photos of them from the gym, or photos of them proudly showing off their bodies at a beach.  Seriously, if you went on Instagram right this second, you’d probably see several gym or body pics. Most of the time, those are gym mirror selfies, where people pose and look good. But what you won’t see are photos of people in the middle of their workout, all sweaty and in pain. Look at the photo above and you’ll know what I’m talking about. This is definitely not something you’d share on your social media page, right? But that’s not the point! The point is that this new exercise is way too dangerous, and I feel like this dude’s body will end up in a casket sooner than at a beach. This is a terrible idea, I'm telling you!

9 What The Heck Is This?

Do you see that white transparent thing hanging from this person's eye? Well, that's contact lens jewelry. I had no idea that was actually a thing, but I guess that's because the idea didn't really take off. I feel like this invention was supposed to be the next big thing, you know? It was supposed to be the biggest new makeup trend that every girl would follow and that every girl would want to pull off. But, that didn't happen (thank God). I mean, this looks like everything but contact lens jewelry, if you ask me. First and foremost, it looks like eye discharge. Almost like you have conjunctivitis. If a person came up to me wearing this, I'd definitely ask her if she had something yucky hanging from their eyes.

8 There's No Way He Survived This

Why pay money for getting something fixed when you can fix it yourself, right? I assume that's what the person in the photo above was thinking. He didn't want to recklessly spend money so he decided to take things into his own hands. And he probably lost his life because of that. Look at the photo and tell me this: what the hell do you think he was thinking? Did he really think this was a good idea? Well, it’s not! I’m pretty sure this guy didn’t make it out of this. Something bad must have happened. There’s no way that ladder or those wooden planks didn’t collapse… I mean, it could be that the guy survived, but only with a lot of broken bones. Look at the photo once more… He was asking for it, wasn’t he?

7 The Phone Case That Looks Like A Gun? Brilliant!

We all love our phones so much, which is pretty weird considering it's just a piece of glass, metal, and whatever else... But we love them. This love gets weirder and weirder every day. Especially when we find ourselves buying fancy new accessories for our phones (that we really don't need). For example, we buy those camera lenses for cool Instagram photos. Or we buy those expensive wireless headphones, even though the ones we already have work perfectly fine. But this one person decided to buy a phone case that looks like a gun. I know, that's very dumb, right? Seeing that fake gun handle will trigger A LOT of people, and I bet she'll get in trouble with the cops because of this phone case. But hey, it's what she deserves. She should have known this was a bad idea.

6 Definitely Not His Best Idea

Via: imgur.com

At a first glance, you'd probably say there's nothing wrong with this photo. But you'd be wrong. This fella here looks like an average dude, just trying to earn some extra money by doing some physical work. But he's obviously not using his brain enough because there are at least three ways how this whole situation could go wrong. First of all, he can suffocate with that plastic bag over his face. You don't have to be a genius to figure that one out. Second, the plastic could melt and he could end up with scars on his face. And third, he's not wearing any gloves, so he could injure his hands as well. FIO, buddy! A mask and gloves don’t cost that much, and they’ll keep you safe enough to continue doing hard labor.

5 Yes, This Is Actually A Thing

First of all, this is 100% real and you can get it on Amazon. Second, if you get them, I have absolutely no idea what you could do with them. I mean, yes, you can wear the same underwear as your partner while around the house, but why would you do that? It''s probably very uncomfortable. And what happens when one of you has to go to the bathroom? See, this idea is far from great, at least when it happens in everyday life. But, on the other hand, I do see two ways you could use these. One, it would be a perfect Halloween costume, don't you think? And second, your dog can use them as their own pair of undies, since the underwear has perfect amount of holes. But the general conclusion is: it's a very bad (and uncomfortable) idea.

4 Why Are Men So Idiotic?

This here is natural selection at its finest. This is the reason why, across the globe, women live longer than men. This is a perfect example of a terrible idea. Seriously, though, this photo makes me so pissed. Like, what the hell were they even thinking doing this? The poor guy in the blue hoodie is most likely going to spend the rest of his life in wheelchair (if he even survives) thanks to this brilliant idea. Jeez, sometimes I'm so ashamed that I'm a man because we really are the dumber species. And thanks to men like these two, our time is running out and soon we'll probably be an extinct species altogether. It's not like we don't deserve it. We're literally asking for it.

3 What Could Possibly Go Wrong Here?

While looking at this photo for the very first time, my first thought was, "Oh look, it's construction workers taking a break." And it took me a few moments (I'm not proud of this) to realize that their break is not an ordinary break. As you can see, these guys spend their breaks sitting under a bulldozer. Yup, you read that right! These five men are literally risking their lives every day (knowingly or unknowingly, I really don’t know). Just the smallest bulldozer malfunction can end up with these men dead. And let’s not even talk about what that would mean for their families… So yeah, it's a bad and dangerous idea. Sure, it looks cool in the photo, I must admit, but it's way too risky.

2 Not Hitting That Snooze Button We All Love So Much

I have to say I have very mixed feelings when it comes to this idea. One part of me—the part that hates mornings—thinks this is a pretty good idea that will definitely stop you from turning off your alarm. It's pretty simple, pretty cheap, and pretty efficient. But then there's another part of me who is not the biggest fan of this idea. Why? Do I even have to answer that question? Imagine hitting this snooze button at, like, 7 a.m. and hurting your hand, having to go to the hospital, etc... That would only make your mornings even worse, if that's possible. So, the conclusion is: this hack is a bad idea, but it's also lowkey a good idea. But don't do it, it will hurt like hell when you're allowed to actually sleep in. 

1 How To NOT Start A Chainsaw

Via: imgur.com

OMG, this image is giving me chills! Take a look at it (okay and look at it once again, and think about it). Are you thinking what I’m thinking? This man obviously has no idea what he's doing. How do I know that? Well, the way he’s handling that chainsaw is everything but professional. It’s stupid, reckless, and dangerous. I mean, he's about to end his bloodline, and he doesn't even know it. I'm not sure whether I should laugh or cry about this whole situation. I just hope that this guy is still in once piece (which I doubt). Oh, and another bad thing about this is that, if he died, no one would ever be able to find the body due to the camouflage uniform.

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