15 Adorable Animals That Look Like Everyday Objects

Shar Pei Dog or Towel

There is a reason why everybody loves memes. First and foremost, they are hilarious, but they get even better when animals are involved – what doesn't get better when you add animals into the mix?

Prepare yourself for your daily dose of cute, and, well, confusion. We've collected the cutest animals from all over the internet – and their everyday object döpplegangers.

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Dog or Fried Chicken
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15 Is it one of America's favorite food, or some sweet little curly-haired pups? You decide!

Dog or Fried Chicken

14 You better do a double take before deciding which pictures are a dog's sweet wrinkly face and which are the cozy towels!

Dog or Towel

13 You should finish your ice cream before it melts – just don't lick a kitten's head by accident!


12 Would you like some cream cheese with that... Wait a minute... Is that a dog or my breakfast?

Dog or Bagel

11 What do a sloth and a chocolate croissant have in common? No, this is not a bad joke. Seriously, look below and you will see what we mean!

Sloth or Croissant

10 Who doesn't love staring into the eyes of a sweet little Chihuahua? Wait, why are you staring at a blueberry muffin?


9 Sweet little fuzzy farm critters or some sweet and delicious fruits? You be the judge!

Duckling or Plantain

8 I like big loaves of bread and I cannot lie! You other pups can't deny.

Dog or Bread

7 Both items are small and furry but we have a feeling one tastes a little bit better than the other!

Mouse or Kiwi

6 Marshmallows come in all different shapes and sizes. Apparently now they are even making furry and tan ones!

Dog or Marshmallow

5 One of these items makes your floors hairy and the other is used to clean the hair up, if only you can tell which is which?

Dog or Mop

4 Polly wants a... chips and guacamole?

Parrot or Guacamole

3 A spotted dessert or a spotted dog? Both are so sweet, you will be happy with whichever you choose!

Dog or Ice Cream

2 The good news is that if your tortillas are on a high shelf you can recruit your friend Mr. Giraffe to reach them for you! Your quesadillas may be as cheesy as that joke!

Giraffe or Quesadilla

1 Is anyone sensing a pattern here? Cute animals look like breakfast food, perhaps?

Dog or Pancake

Your detective skills were definitely put to the test with the above pictures. Not only do these pictures run a risk of cuteness overload but you're probably also leaving a little hungry!

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