15 Photos Of Corgi Mixes So Cute You'll Be Wagging Your Tail

The little Corgi might have small, short legs and an itty-bitty waddle, but it has a giant-sized heart! He is known around the world as the "big dog on short legs." The ever dependable, loyal and athletic Corgi is a favorite of Queen Elizabeth as well as a favorite breed of so many people around the world. They are becoming so sought after that they are genetically combined with other popular breeds to create the ultimate Corgi mix! Check out these Corgi mixes that are so adorable you'll need to sit down before you view them!

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15 Corgi-Husky

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The Corgi-Husky mixed bred dog is also known as a "Horgi." Also known as the Siborgi, this designer doggie is known for it's mischevious and eager to please attitude. They are social, friendly and do great in smaller spaces, so long as they score a bit of exercise each day.

14 Corgi-Beagle

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Oh jeez. Look at this handsome fellow. The Corgi-Beagle mix will often turn out to be friendly, confident and intelligent, which are all excellent qualities to have in a family pet. Both breeds are considered to be high-energy dogs who need some physical activity in their lives, so one can expect this cross-breed to require the same. Because of the Beagle genes in this dog, you might see a bit of a stubborn streak, especially if your pup has his sights set on something he wants to chase down or "hunt."

13 Corgi-Chow

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The Corgi-Chow, or Chowgi, will solve all of your snuggle needs in life. Go ahead and throw away every single pillow in your home, because all you need to get cozy is a Chowgi. Corgis are prone to overeating and obesity, and if you pair that with the massive amount of hair this dog has, courtesy or the Chow genes, you could end up with a giant puffball and not an actual dog.

12 Corgi-Cockapoo

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Get ready for a whopping dose of cuteness, because here comes the Copica! This canine mix is a little bit Corgi, a dash of Poodle and a smidge of Cocker Spaniel. Because this pup is a combination of three primary breeds, you are likely going to end up with some traits that are common to all parent breeds. While it is hard to predict which traits will be dominant in this dog, one thing is for sure: he will be a cutie.

11 Corgi-Dachshund

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I feel like physically, these two breeds were meant to meet and create this little dude. This active, designer dog will undoubtedly be long and low to the ground, thanks to those primary contributing genes. The "Dorgi" makes an excellent family pet, is friendly, affectionate and social. Make sure you have plenty of time to devote to this pup because they do have a tendency to develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for extended periods of time.


10 Corgi-German Shepard

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What a beautiful dog the Corgi and the German Shepard make when they combine their genetic forces. Both parent breeds are natural guarding dogs and loyal as all heck. They need to be properly trained and exercised in order to be at their best.

9 Corgi-Shelty

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Meet the Shelgi! This mixed breed beauty is loyal, intelligent and brave. Though she may be on the smaller side of canines, there is no need to tell her that. She thinks that she is very tough. Keep in mind that this pup has herding in its veins, so it will need to be kept close by. Strangers, cars, birds, pretty much anything can trigger the Shelgi's tendency to chase and herd.

8 Corgi-Boxer

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Ahhhhhh! A boxer on baby legs! How cute is this mix? Because of the parent breeds, any offspring of these dogs will likely have strong personalities and high levels of energy. This may not be the dog for you if Netflix and chilling is your favorite thing to do. Hiking, running, throwing the ball? Congrats. You have found your corgi-mix soulmate!


7 Corgi-Golden Retriever

via barkpost.com

Anything mixed with a Golder Retriever is pretty much our favorite thing ever. Thanks to the retriever genes, this breed should be kind and devoted to his family. Sure he will probably try and herd you around within your home, but perhaps he will be gentle about it. Because of the genetics, this mixed breed can end up with common Golden Retriever ailments, like hip issues, as well as back injuries and problems that are often seen in purebred Corgis.

6 Corgi-Bulldog

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Hello beautiful! An English bred Corgi and an English Bulldog all wrapped into one adorable bundle of fur? Sign us up. If this dog is sparking your interest, prepare to become obsessed with him. He is loyal, lovable and smart. Owners of this breed will have gained a best friend for life. Coming home after a long day of work will instantly be fun when they gentleman is greeting you at the door.

5 Corgi-Samoyed

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OMG. So fluffy and snuggly is this Corgi-Samoyed mixed-breed canine. This pup is referred to as a Smorgi and will likely have the long, low body of a Corgi and the characteristic coat and smile of a Samoyed. Good luck ever being in a bad mood with this furball around. Just looking at that face makes us feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.

4 Corgi-Miniature Schnauzer

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The crossbred pup often referred to as the "Schnorgi," comes with a lot of perks. This dog usually does well in family settings, especially with older children, and sheds very little. Hooray for no shedding! The breed is described as intelligent and learns quickly when trained at a young age. They are playful companions that can live in smaller quarters provided they have enough exercise time throughout their day.

3 Corgi-Great Dane

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We aren't sure how these two breeds managed to make designer dog magic happen, but we are sure glad that they did because the result is adorable! Let's be honest. The world honestly did need a mini Great Dane prancing around.


2 Corgi-Shiba-Inu

via mom.me

Good luck not melting at the sight of that sweet face. The Corgi-Shiba-Inu can exhibit traits from both breeds, and these breeds are a bit ying and yang in regards to personality. The Shiba-Inu can be aloof towards strangers and aren't exactly known for their snuggly tendencies. The Corgi, by nature, is a friendly chap who will easily train if presented with food and treats. The thing with mixed breeds is you never quite know which personality will shine through.

1 Corgi-Pomeranian

via mom.me

We can't stop looking at this little munchkin. This mix of sweetness will be a mighty ball of energy and will require lots of exercise throughout the day. The Corgi genes will offer up a dose of sweetness, but the Pomeranian genetic contribution can be a bit more stubborn and snappy. Personality traits aside, this breed is too cute.

SOURCES: thatcutesite.com, barkpost.com, mom.me

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