15 Adorable Instagram Bunnies Just In Time For Easter

Bunnies make incredible indoor pets but they take a lot of responsibility.  With enough house-training, care and love, a bunny can live up to 14 years. They're also incredible companions to children, dogs, and even cats. Also a bunny's temperament is very similar to these animals, as you'll see below. And, they're pretty damn adorable, if you ask me.

As Easter quickly approaches, we decided to salute these adorable fur-babies, and show you a glimpse into their lives. We have found 15 of the most adorable Instagram bunnies, just in time for the weekend. Enjoy!

15 Bunnymama

How could you say no to this face?! And no, that is NOT a stuffed bunny. That is either Moo, Oil, or Taffy asking for a treat.

14 Wally

Look at those ears! Look at those cheeks! If you don't know who Wally the bunny is then shame on you! Seriously, I have a hard time believing, most of the time, that this glorious creature is a bunny. Freaking adorable!

13 Io & Kili - The Swedish House Bunnies

These two house-bunnies love to cuddle together, eat together, and play together. Watch all their adventures on Instagram. 

12 Mr. Pigi

Yes, this is a bunny. Anyone else think, at first glance, that it was a kitty-cat?! Pigi is a male dwarf angora/mix, and has me wanting to jump through the screen for a pet. Seriously, guilty face or not, how cute is he?!

11 Thumper & Phoebe

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Sorry, I am literally dying over here from all the cuteness! Not only are these two adorable, but their Instagram feed is quite entertaining. If only I lived in the UK, we could be friends.

10 Acorn the Bunny

I am legit having a heart-attack from all the cuteness. Look at Acorn, sitting all adorable on the couch like it ain't no thang'

9 Milla & Stella

These Swedish sisters have officially melted my heart.

8 Liles Lops - The Therapy Bunnies

I don't know about you, but I never heard of therapy bunnies before. How did I not know this was a thing?! Look at that precious face, all cuddled-up in this residents arms *heart breaking*

7 Peanut Bunner

Cleaning peanut

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Mr. Peanut Bunner lives in Australia and has officially won hearts everywhere with his photogenic personality! Just try to resist his charm...

6 Kookie & Yuki

Kookie is wearing a bowtie, and my heart has officially burst before this post is over! Seriously, is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen?!

5 Bleu the Bunny

I dare you to NOT fall in love with that face! This LA model bunny is only three months old and already breaking hearts online!

4 Sir Butterscotch

Have you ever seen a bunny as cool as Sir Butterscotch?! Just chilling with his homies, or in this case, his dad.

3 Mr./Ms. No Name

#CurrentStatus #Bunny #Jump #Post #sxsw2016

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I have no idea who this bunny is, but for a moment I was terrified for their life. Then I remembered that bunnies are built for jumping, and how can you not admire this little guy's determination?!

2 England Bunny Family - Stripe, Moo, Kiko, Buddy & Lulu

I don't about you but I am ready to werk, dig in the dirt, and cuddle with this fur-baby.

1 The Movie Star

I don't know what movie this was for, but I must know, and I must work on this set. Anyone want to try and resist those precious eyes?!

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