15 Adorable Pets Who Are Our Summer Vacation Spirit Animals

Summer vacation is nearly here, and that means several glorious weeks of waking up at noon, laying out by the pool and doing absolutely nothing productive. Sure, it kind of sucks that summer takes us away from the majority of our school friends, but at least it lets us spend some quality time with the things that really matter... our pets!

Animals love summer as much as we do, so they make for the perfect companions this time of year. They're always down to chow down on junk food and play in the sun with us, and the heat makes them way too lazy to move around too much (a feeling we understand all too well). These super cute pets are basically our summer vacay spirit animals, and we're going to be spending the whole season trying to be just like them!

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15 This bulldog, who realizes how great fans are during the summer

Via: tumblr.com

We spent all of winter complaining about how cold we were and sitting as close as possible to our heaters or fireplace, and we're sure we'll end up spending the majority of the summer complaining about how hot we are and surrounding ourselves with as many fans as we can find... especially if our summer vacation adventures find us in buildings without any sort of air conditioning. This bulldog totally gets it—just look at how happy he looks sitting right next to that fan, with the artificial breeze blowing in his face and providing him with some much needed relief from the scorching hot summer sun. That's totally going to be us! We already plan on plugging a fan into every single outlet in our homes, and stocking up on a few battery-operated fans in case of emergencies.

14 This teacup pig, who is all about that ice cream life

Via: deathandtaxesmag.com

The summer heat is often welcomed at first, but after a few weeks, it gets pretty intolerable. Fans might provide you with some comfort at first, but at some point, you have to leave the cool comfort of your home and actually venture outside into the sunlight. That's why someone invented ice cream! Our favorite dessert tastes 10 times better this time of year, and we love racing to finish it before it melts all the way down our cones. Throw it on some pancakes for breakfast, have a milkshake with your lunch, a bowl after dinner... there's just no wrong time to eat ice cream during the summer! This teacup pig totally understands all that, and looks super content eating his teacup-sized cone at his teacup-sized table, under his teacup-sized umbrella.

13 This super cute puppy in his super cute onesie

Via: facebook.com

During the school year, you maybe spend several minutes before bed each night planning out your outfit for the next day. There's no need for that during summer vacation, because you don't run into anyone that you have to impress! That's why you plan on spending the next dozen weeks wearing pretty much nothing other than your favorite onesie—it's super comfortable, cute and requires zero effort to throw on. A clothing item that covers you up from your neck to your toes may sound a bit much when it's so hot out, but who cares... onesies basically let you walk around naked, covered in nothing but a big blanket! (Besides, the A/C in most places leaves us shivering anyway.) Sounds pretty perfect, and this adorable puppy definitely seems to agree. Just look at how content he is!

12 This little pooch in his comfy hammock

Via: pinterest.com

This little puppy is living the life, and he looks like he knows it. He's staring straight into the camera with a sense of satisfaction that we definitely plan on sharing as we lay in a hammock of our own this summer. Any day the weather cooperates with us (hot, but not like, sauna hot), we're going to walk to the closest park, search for two trees that are spread a few feet apart from each other and hang that baby up so we can relax, read a book, and catch some much-needed ZZZs in the sunlight. If only we had a pup as cute as this little guy to lay in our hammocks along with us! He looks like the ultimate summer cuddle buddy.

11 This hound dog, who wants to be in the pool... without messing up his hair

Via: facebook.com

Summertime means plenty of lazy afternoons spent by the pool, especially for people who worked hard all winter and spring to get a nice, fit beach body. Even though pool water does a great job cooling you down, a lot of people don't actually enjoy swimming or even getting wet, so they just grab one of those big floats or inner tubes and lay on them in the pool instead of jumping all the way in. This hilarious hound dog totally has that same idea—he grabbed as many pool noodles as he could get his paws on so he could float and avoid covering himself in chlorine water. We're definitely going to have to buy some more pool noodles so we can try this out ourselves.

10 This pup, who can't wait to travel

Via: pinterest.com

If you're in high school, you've spent the last nine months cooped up in your hometown, seeing the same people and doing the same things every weekend. For you, summer vacation means a chance to get away and see something new for a change! You've been itching for the chance to travel, and can't wait to pack your bags and explore. This incredibly excited little puppy is so amped for the chance to leave his home, he jumped right in his suitcase. You probably aren't desperate enough for travel to do that, but... you're getting pretty close after the stressful and often boring year you've had so far. Just make sure wherever you're traveling to is dog-friendly, because your pets want a break from your home as badly as you do.

9 This lazy, TV-loving bulldog

Via: tumblr.com

You have a bunch of things on your bucket list for the summer. You want to go on a camping trip with some of your friends, you're hoping to learn how to surf or fish and you really want to do something adventurous like cliff-dive or try rock climbing. All that has to wait, however, until you catch up on your favorite TV shows. Finals season meant you had to give up on staying current with Supernatural and The Flash so you could study, but now that school's over, nothing is stopping you from spending some quality time with all of your favorite characters. This lazy bulldog's owner tried taking a candid shot of her dog watching TV, but he looked back at her with an expression that screams, "I know I'm lazy, but leave me alone. It's summer."

8 This awkward dog that's totally you every time you see a sprinkler

Via: tumblr.com

Sprinklers were invented so our lawns could stay watered and our grass could remain green during the hot and dry summer months. For us, however, their primary function is to keep us wet, cool and happy during the next few weeks. It doesn't matter whether or not we're in a bathing suit when we come across a sprinkler... we plan on running through every one we find regardless. We can be in our work clothes, on our way to a family BBQ or even headed out to a friend's wedding, and we're still playing in any sprinkler we find. This derpy dog knows what we're talking about. You just can't turn down a chance to frolic in artificial rain when the sun is so hot!

7 This adorable kitty who enjoys reading for pleasure

Via: pinterest.com

You're forced to read a ton of books during the school year that you weren't actually interested in and never would have flipped through on your own, so you understand why your friends refuse to touch any literature during the summer. But you love reading too much to just give up on the hobby! You plan on spending the summer sitting under a tree, getting lost in a new book or revisiting an old favorite. Don't worry, you won't be alone in your annual read-through of the Harry Potter novels—this curious little kitty shares your love for books and is ready to plunge back into the world of wizards and witches and magical beasts right next to you! Just skip the parts where Professor McGonagall turns into a cat... it might freak him out.

6 This overheated pupper giving himself an ice bath

Via: facebook.com

It's pretty normal to feel so hot during the summer that you have no choice but to sit next to a fan all day. Only an unlucky few have experienced heat so intense, they had to literally lay in a bed of ice to cool down. You're one of those unlucky few, and so is this adorable but totally defeated bulldog. His owner probably dumped all this ice out of his cooler after a big BBQ, and this pooch just jumped right on top of the ice pile in an attempt to finally get some relief from the sun. You're surely going to be right there with him this summer. Forget using ice to keep your drinks cold, you need it for yourself! And for your pets, of course.

5 This fat cat who doesn't care about having a beach bod

Via: facebook.com

Most of your friends spent countless hours over the past several months in the gym, sweating off the pounds in hopes of obtaining a fit and flawless beach body for the summer. You don't really plan on going to the beach all that often, and you don't need a hot bod to just lay in bed all day, so you put exactly zero effort into slimming down. Even if you did want to go out in a bikini, you like food way too much to give up sweets just so you can be skinny for one season! This adorable fat cat is the same way. His hobbies include eating, napping in bed and not caring what anyone else thinks about either of those two passions.

4 This snoozing pooch, who just wants to lay in the sun all day

Via: pinterest.com

When you picture yourself on summer vacation, you're sprawled out on a lounge chair, basking in the sunlight and catching up on all the sleep you lost during finals season. The heat can be a bit much at times, so you've got a towel to cover your face and an umbrella beside you so you can relax in a bit of shade once you've finished working on your tan. You've also got a nice, cold drink nearby to keep you hydrated and fresh. Yeah, that's word-for-word the life this precious, lazy pooch is living in this hilarious picture. Hopefully we're all able to find the level of tranquility he's clearly experiencing (just look at his face!) when we're out sunbathing in a few short weeks!

3 These fabulous poodle BFFs

Via: pinterest.com

"It's out with the old and in with the new, goodbye clouds of gray, hello skies of blue!" That's right, this picture gives us some major High School Musical 2 déjà vu because these sassy poodles totally look like Sharpay Evans and her summer golf resort crew in our go-to summer vacation anthem "Fabulous"—they're rocking the big pink sunglasses, chilling on a bright pink float, spending time by the pool without getting even the tiniest bit wet so they can stay looking fabulous and flirty at all times. You can only pray that you'll look half as flawless as these dogs this summer, when you hang out poolside with your girlfriends and try to get that hot lifeguard's phone number! We all need a little fabulous, is that so wrong?

2 This adventure-seeking corgi

Via: tumblr.com

Sure, you probably intend on spending a good portion of the summer just chilling in your bedroom, doing your best to relax and forget all the useless information that teachers clogged your brain with over the past year. But that doesn't mean you aren't going to go out and have a little bit of fun every now and then! It's been too cold and you've been too busy to go on any adventures for way too long now, so summer means you finally get a chance to go swimming, kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and do all of those other activities that you look forward to this time of year. Just make sure if you have an adorably sporty puppy like this little guy, you take him with you!

1 This little puppy eating his body weight in watermelon

Via: puppies.quancosby.info

Your local supermarket has been selling your favorite summer treats all year, but you've refused to buy any of them because they're just not as fresh or delicious any other season. Pretty soon, though, watermelon is going to be at its sweetest, ice cream will be at its most refreshing and the weather will be nice enough to grill up all of your favorite BBQ foods! You're not alone in being excited for summer because of all the happiness it brings your taste buds—this puppy is as tiny as the watermelon he dove face-first into, but that didn't stop him from eating his body weight! Kind of makes you feel less embarrassed about your plans to dive into a giant watermelon of your own as soon as that school bell rings and marks the start of summer vacation, doesn't it?!

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