15 Adorable Pigstagrams That Put Your Favorite Dog Photos To Shame

If you’ve ever watched a beloved classic like Charlotte’s Web or Babe, you know how adorable pigs can be. While most people today still go for the traditional dog or cat route when it comes to pets, there has definitely been an uptick in the number of people welcoming pigs into their families. And why wouldn’t they?! Pigs are pink and have skin like a fuzzy peach, they have an adorably unique (and noisy) snout, and they’re incredibly playful and smart. In fact, pigs are ranked as the fourth most intelligent creature on earth! Considering how awesome piggies are, it's no surprise that those who choose to welcome them into their home want to show them off to the world. Here are 15 awesome "pigstagrams" you're gonna wanna check out.

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15 @thunderboltpigs

Via: instagram.com

Thought there were only therapy dogs? Think again. Meet Thunder and Bolt, two piggy brothers who are training to become therapy pigs. Makes sense since pigs are basically just pink dogs with larger snouts. While Thunder and Bolt are adorable names in their own right, they actually stem from the fact that these fellas live in Tampa, Florida, which just so happens to be the lightning capital of the U.S. Their Instagram profile doesn't say exactly what types of folk they're lending a comforting ear to but given their adorable antics, we'd say anyone would be lucky to have these cuties on their laps at a tough time. Based on their feed, it looks like these guys are into snoozing in the sunshine, going for a roll in the mud, playing some futbol and eventually taking a bath. Looks like a pretty chill life to us!

14 @handsome_piggy_gus

Via: instagram.com

Isn’t it amazing how social media has exposed so many amazing artists to the world? Just a few key hashtags and beautiful artwork that would have been confined to a bedroom is suddenly available to anyone with a smartphone? Thank goodness for technology or else we may never have stumbled upon Gus! This Jacksonville, Florida artist puts everything into this work—his heart, his soul and most importantly, his snout. Yep, he really gets up in there. Not to worry, though, as Gus’ guardian Kelly assures Instagram followers, Gus only uses non-toxic paint so, any suffering Gus goes through is solely his inner artist turmoil (he’s a very pensive and deep thinker). Gus, who sells his paintings on Etsy, has some pretty big fans, some of which have even painted some portraits of his likeness. Careful not to give out your exact address, Gus! Wouldn’t want you to get any crazed fan stalkers.

13 @livingwithpickles

Via: instagram.com

Everyone loves a sad story with a happy ending. Just look at Cinderella or Rapunzel—two ladies who started off with nothing and ended up with more than they ever imagined. It's a magical thing to watch unfold. And it's probably the reason why so many people flock to Pickles the Pig, an adorable Instapig who has been through a lot in his life. As per the information on Pickles’ page, this resilient guy has survived rat poisoning, a blood transfusion, seizures and paralysis—none of which you’d be able to deduce from looking at his photos. Yep, if you were to just scroll through his feed, Pickles looks like your typical, joyous pet pig. Given that he lives in California, it’s no surprise that Pickles enjoys strolling and basking in the sun, hitting the beach and exploring. Especially with his dog brother. As they say, tough times don't last, tough pigs do!

12 @prissy_pig

Via: instagram.com

Being in first grade is pretty fun. The teachers are super nice, the homework is not too hard and you can pretty much expect a treat or surprise every week, if not every day. For some very lucky kids in Florida, their daily treat is the company of two very adorable pigs, named Priscilla and Poppleton, or Prissy and Pop for short. As their Instagram, prissy_pig, showcases, these guys are all about dressing up. Sharks, lobsters, cowboys, hot dogs, ballerinas...you name it and these pigs have done it. And all for their loving first graders. Oh yeah, and their 600k+ followers, too. When these cuties aren't busy living it up in the classrooms, they're romping around in the yard with their many farm friends.

11 @chattythebigpinkpig

Via: instagram.com

So far a lot of the piggies in this article are on the smaller side. But don't get us wrong, that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for the big pigs out there! We love pigs of all sizes! Take Chatty, known on IG as Chatty The Big Pink Pig. Like many Instagrammers, Chatty is a big foodie. She’s always taking pictures of her meals, whether it’s a big bowl of fruits and veggies or a decadent pie given to her by her mom and pops. Chatty hasn’t always had such a relaxing life, though. Before she was chilling with her chicken homies, rolling in mud and playing with humans, Chatty could be found acting in television ads. While luxurious on the surface, this isn’t a gig that Chatty, or pigs in general, usually sign up for. Thankfully, Chatty’s mom and dad were able to adopt her and give her a much needed retirement. Now, Chatty gets to live out her days doing what she loves most with people she loves. You go, girl!

10 @pumpernickel_the_minipig

Via: instagram.com

Nowadays, there are hundreds of thousands of fashion bloggers all looking to make a mark in the social media sphere. Some go for an edgy look, others go for bright and preppy and some simply wear whatever they want and let their personality shine through to tie it all together. Well, when it comes to Pumpernickel the mini pig from Orange County, New York, it’s clear that he falls in the latter category. Besides napping, munching on treats and playing with his guardians, Pumpernickel is a big fan of playing dress up and taking some major fashion risks. A gold glitter fedora? For most, this look would be a major faux pas. For Pumpernickel? A statement piece that shines as brightly as his personality. Yep, if you're looking for some fashion courage, look no further than Pumpernickel. We can only hope to be as fabulous as him one day.

9 @hamlet_the_piggy

Via: instagram.com

When it comes to styling their Instapig, most guardians go with the cutesy route. You know, tutus, tiaras, little polos, etcetera. That’s where Hamlet the pig deviates from the pack. This styling girl is clearly influenced by her guardian’s Cali skateboarder aesthetic. Yes, she may throw on the occasional costume but her signature look seems to be more along the lines of fitted caps, hoodies, sunglasses and graphic tees. While she doesn’t actually skateboard (at least for now), whenever she decides to start, she’s definitely got the wardrobe part down pat. Her killer style isn't just seen by her Instagram followers, either. Hammy, being the L.A pig that she is, struts her stuff on TV too. Yeah, Hammy is definitely a star in the making.

8 @liberace_minipig_divadude

Via: instagram.com

There are a lot of photogenic pigs on Instagram nowadays. Some of them are just around to show off their cuteness, others are all about them corporate sponsorships (hey, a pig has got to make some dough, right?) and a few of them are in the Instagram game to make a splash. Liberace the pig is in that latter group. Liberace is a self-proclaimed diva dude, fashionista extraordinaire and vegan. One scroll through his feed and you’ll know that he is not afraid to show off his loud personality and stand up for what he believes in at the same time. LGBTQ+ pride? Liberace’s got it. Body positive posts about his butt? You know it. Less-than-perfect photos of him being an everyday pig, aka, mud on his snout? Liberace knows how to stay relatable!

7 @bitsy_the_mini_pig

Via: instagram.com

There are few things more inspiring than a hardworking woman. One who gets up in the morning ready and raring to leave her mark on the world, one who knows the value of hard work and knows how to play her cards right. Bitsy the pig is one of these warrior women. Yeah, you may see her lounging quite a bit in her Instagram feed, but let’s get one thing straight—she’s no lazy gal. When she’s not getting toasty by the fireplace, going on walks with her guardian or eating snacks, she’s working for Cheerios and making TV appearances with her breeder. That's right, this pig has probably had more airtime than most people you know, and she shows no signs of slowing down. Impressive!

6 @lilou_sfpig

Via: instagram.com

Scared of flying? We've all been there. While some airports have recently incorporated yoga rooms to their layouts to help passengers chill out before their flight, at San Francisco International Airport they've gone a slightly different direction. Meet LiLou. This badass piglet is not only helping passengers at SFO have a more pleasant trip but she's doing it with some serious style. Just look at some of the killer threads LiLou rocks while she's on the job. From tutus and flower crowns to Hawaiian shirts and shades, LiLou is all about making a statement. Of course, it's not all work and no play. When LiLou is not shaking hooves and giving out kisses, she's enjoying the company of her two parents, chillin' at the beach and hanging with some doggy friends.

5 @estherthewonderpig

Via: instagram.com

Esther the Wonder Pig may just be one of the most famous pigs on Instagram. Why? Well, aside from being incredibly lovable and cute, Esther was a bit of a surprise. Like many other guardians, Esther’s parents thought that they had purchased a “mini pig,” one that would grow no larger than a medium dog. Although Esther was definitely small when she was young, she simply would not stop growing! Before they knew it, Esther’s dads had a pig in their house that weighed hundreds of pounds. While many pig parents at this point would give their "inconvenient" pet away, Esther's dads were already too in love to let go. And so, Esther remained a part of the family and thousands online have come to love her and her antics, as well. She even has her own book! Keep being awesome, Esther!

4 @itslilypig

Via: instagram.com

Instagram pigs who started off as pets from the get-go have no idea how lucky they have it. Instead of living in misery on a factory farm, they're living the high life being pampered by their parents and being treated essentially like a dog. Lily Pig is a Vietnamese potbelly who uses her account to shed light on all of the less fortunate pigs out there and more importantly, the rescue organizations that help them. That's right, when Lily isn't having her nails painted by her mom, lounging around the house, eating fruit or taking walks, she's highlighting animal organizations that are giving a voice to the voiceless. She knows not everyone is as lucky as she is. Way to stand up for your fellow pigs, Lily!

3 @bacon_the_piglet

Via: instagram.com

This Instagram account may go by the name Bacon the Piglet but there are actually two tiny pigs on the other side of this account! Bacon and Pancetta, two words we usually see on menus, are the names of two adorable “mini” pigs from Texas. Bacon started off as a little guy, but as most pigs do, grew to about the size of a medium dog. Pancetta is newer to the account and is still in her adorably small stage. Whatever the size, though, these pigs are pretty stinking cute and their followers agree. Whether they’re trespassing into dog parks, munching on donuts, swimming in the pool or just staring into the camera, these guys know how to work the limelight. Keep being awesome, little dudes!

2 @wilbur_the_traveling_pig

Via: instagram.com

Wilbur the Pig isn’t your typical pig. While most pet piggies are the star of the household, Wilbur shares the spotlight with others, and he does it well! Even when his Bengal cat siblings, Suki and Sashimi, are riding him like a pony, Wilbur keeps his cool. When he’s out visiting farm friends like cows and chickens, Wilbur is sweet and curious and doesn’t even mind being profusely sniffed. When Wilbur isn't traveling around like Anthony Bourdain, he's visiting the lake he's lucky enough to live near, hanging out with his tree-hugging momma, encouraging people to eat vegan, munching on grass and just strutting around like pigs do. We could all take a page from Wilbur's book and be more compassionate towards our fellow animals (and humans)!

1 @oinkin_olive

Via: instagram.com

Undoubtedly the smallest piglet on this list, Oinkin Olive is a piglet who may have a small stature but definitely has a big personality. This piglet has only been on earth for five months but she's rambunctious as can be. If it was up to Olive, playtime would never end, all food would be appropriate for pig consumption and trips to the park would happen according to her schedule and no one else’s. Like many kitties, Olive loves to wake up her family members from their restful slumber, knock things over and basically do whatever she wants. Sometimes that means basking in the sun for hours on end and taking a dip in the pool or munching on fresh watermelon until she passes out. Whatever she's up to, there's one thing for sure—Olive is one lucky pig!

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