15 Adorable ‘Supernatural’ Couples That Should Have Been Endgame

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15 Adorable ‘Supernatural’ Couples That Should Have Been Endgame

While the CW has always marketed Supernatural as a horror-drama hybrid, us fans know that it’s so much more than that. Sure, there are plenty of terrifying and emotional moments, but our favorite TV show is also filled with comedy, action, suspense and a whole lot of romance. Okay, it’s possible that most of the romance is just in our heads and wasn’t at all intended by the writers, but whatever. We just can’t stop shipping some of our favorite characters together, because the unspoken sexual tension between them often gets so thick, we could cut it with one of the knives in the trunk of Dean’s ’67 Impala! Any time one of these couples share the screen together, our hearts melt and we forget all about whatever world-ending horrors are awaiting the Winchesters.

15. Mary and John

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The OG Supernatural couple! If it wasn’t for Mary and John Winchester, we wouldn’t have a show to watch at all. Unfortunately, we barely got any chance to see these two together and happy. The series started out with Mary’s violent death at the hands of Azazel—her murder caused John to become a hunter and seek revenge, which in turn led to Sam and Dean becoming full-time hunters to try to find him. Thanks to some time-traveling, we got a few amazing glimpses at John and Mary’s peaceful early days as a couple, and were shocked to learn that Mary was actually a hunter before John and their boys. They were adorable and happy before Azazel showed up, and we’ll never stop hoping the writers bring John back to life the way they brought Mary back so those two can finally live happy, monster-free lives with their kids. They certainly deserve it.

14. Sam and Jess

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Sam almost escaped the hunter life. He left his father and brother to go to college, he met his girlfriend Jess, and was so close to living a completely normal and happy life with her. Then she met the same fate as Sam’s mother. Poor Sammy looked up to see her hanging from the ceiling of his bedroom, where she then burst into flames. Jessica’s death sent Sam into the same vengeance-fueled, downward spiral as his father and turned him into yet another Winchester hunter. If Jess lived and Sam married her and distanced himself from his family and their violent occupation, the show would have probably sucked … but at least he would have been happy. No matter how much we love watching him take on demons and werewolves with Dean, we can’t help but wish that happiness for him.

13. Dean and Lisa

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Sam wasn’t the only one who momentarily had a shot at a normal, happy life. Right before Lucifer’s fight with Michael, Dean went to say goodbye to his old flame Lisa Braeden because she was the only woman he ever thought he might love and he figured he’d die in the upcoming battle. “I wanted you to know … that when I do picture myself happy … it’s with you. And the kid.” Swoon! Well, while Sam was trapped in the cage, Dean went off to live with Lisa and her son Ben for an entire year, and it was perfect. Then Sam came back, the pair started hunting again, and Dean was eventually forced to ask Castiel to erase Lisa’s memory of him to keep her safe and help her move on. Our hearts have been broken ever since.

12. Crowley and Bobby

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Here’s where things start to get weird. John and Mary, Sam and Jess, Dean and Lisa—they were all real couples and the writers wanted us to ship them together. Sometimes, though, fans just catch onto chemistry between characters that the writers didn’t actually intend to exist. Crowley and Bobby were totally never meant to be shipped as a couple, but come on … when Bobby loaned the future King of Hell his soul for a working pair of legs and sealed the deal with a kiss that Crowley took a picture of to show off to his friends, we had to pair them together! Especially after Crowley revealed Bobby slipped him some tongue in the quick make-out session! Bobby was always a bit of a serious grump, he could have used someone weird like Crowley to push him out of his comfort zone.

11. Lucifer and Crowley

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Lucifer and Crowley have been butting heads for years now, and Crowley’s hatred for Lucifer and desire to see him taken down (so he can then become King of Hell) is what made him befriend the Winchesters in the first place. Lucifer went on to punish the rebellious demon and basically turned Crowley into his personal lapdog, but the tables turned this year when Crowley found a way to chain up Lucifer and turn him into his slave. Unsurprisingly, that didn’t last too long—Lucifer just turned the tables and found a way to use Crowley’s magic against him, and now he’s back to being the puppeteer. These two love fighting for control over each other so much, they might as well start a 50 Shades of Grey-style slave-master relationship! They both seem really into kinky stuff like that.

10. Castiel and Meg

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Castiel is an angel, and Meg was a demon. They were complete opposites and enemies, but that never stopped us fans from wanting them to hook up. The first time they were together, full-on evil Meg had Castiel trapped in a ring of holy fire and taunted him about how Lucifer’s side was winning. Not exactly a match made in heaven. After a few more hangout sessions, however, the duo started warming up to each other. At one point, Meg kissed Castiel to grab a sword in his pocket, and Castiel pushed her against a wall to kiss her right back (a move he’d seen in a porno). Their chemistry was undeniable, and Meg eventually decided to embrace it. She made jokes about wanting to have sex with Castiel (which of course went over Cas’ head) and called him her “unicorn”—a term which she said meant a person who makes you want to give up your darkness. She went on to sacrifice herself to try to stop Crowley, a selfless move that never would have happened if she didn’t fall for Castiel. We never really got to hear Cas return her affections, but Meg always called him Clarence, and he frequently uses that name when he’s undercover—that’s proof enough for us!

9. Sam and Lucifer

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We weren’t supposed to ship this pair. In fact, we were supposed to hate the idea of them together—their union could start the apocalypse and bring about the end of the world as we know it! But there’s only so many times you can hear someone beg to be let inside of someone else, before you start seeing them as a couple. Lucifer was absolutely desperate to … um … go inside Sam, because he was his one true vessel. For a whole season, the Devil taunted and teased our favorite Moose, and eventually, got the consent he needed—Sam said “yes” and Lucifer was welcomed in. Unfortunately, they weren’t together for long. Sam regained control of his body and jumped in the cage, trapping Lucifer. Lucifer’s come back plenty of times since then, but he’s sadly given up on joining up with Sam.

8. Sam and Gabriel

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Lucifer wasn’t the only archangel to capture Sam’s eye—his relationship with Gabriel was also a fan favorite! The faux-Trickster frequently messed with Sam in an attempt to hurry things along and force him to “play his role” in the upcoming battle between Lucifer and Michael. Gabriel trapped Sam in a time loop which forced him to witness Dean’s death countless times so the brothers would learn to accept that they couldn’t always save each other, he basically turned Sam into the car from Knight Rider for fun, and eventually sacrificed himself to give the Winchesters advice on how to trap Lucifer in the cage. There was a clear playful and flirty connection between these two, and we would absolutely love for Gabriel to come back so the relationship could be rekindled.

7. Castiel and Kelly

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Kelly Kline started out as one of our absolute least favorite Supernatural characters in years. Lucifer’s baby momma was supposed to be a nice, normal woman who was just tricked becoming pregnant with the spawn of the Devil, but when she had a chance to rid the world of this monster, Kelly turned the opportunity down under the belief that she could raise her son to be good. Um, he’s Lucifer’s child! Our hatred faded away, however, once Castiel paired up with Kelly and started protecting her. Apparently, Castiel was shown a future in which the Nephilim was in fact a force for the light, making him accept that baby Satan has to be born with all of his power intact. We still have our doubts, but we’re definitely warming up to the idea of Kelly and Castiel hooking up and raising this supposedly good Nephilim together as a couple.

6. Mary and Ketch

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We all freaked out when the Darkness and God brought Mary Winchester back to life as a gift to Dean for his help in bringing the siblings back together. Mary’s return wasn’t quite what we were expecting, however. Being returned to a world without her husband, where her young and innocent children were known full-grown adult hunters, was super confusing. Despite being reunited with family, she felt extremely alone. Maybe that’s why we were oddly into the idea of her and British Men of Letters hunter Arthur Ketch hooking up. She needed someone to hunt and mess around with! Of course, the writers couldn’t just go and let Mary be happy—they had to make the Brits brainwash and completely mind control Mary, so the couple went from having a healthy friends-with-benefits relationship to more of a master-slave one. It pisses us off, but it’s still sort of hot.

5. Sam and Ruby

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Dean has always been the bad boy of the Winchesters, and Sam is more of the studious and mature type. When Ruby was in the picture, that all changed. In an attempt to learn how to master the powers Azazel bestowed upon him as a baby and become a complete badass hunter and anti-Lilith weapon, he teamed up with the seductive and manipulative demon. Even when Sam was seemingly ready to kill his demonic ally, it looked like he and Ruby were moments away from kissing. Dean’s frequent warnings not to trust Ruby ended up being totally right, and she basically tricked him into releasing Lucifer, but that doesn’t make us stop shipping Sam and Ruby. After all, their chemistry was so intense, the actors who portrayed them got married in real life!

4. Dean and Crowley

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When Crowley was first introduced, we never would have expected him to become BFFs with Dean. Sam is more the type to look past labels and befriend monsters; Dean has always been down to kill all things supernatural regardless of how nice they are. For whatever reason, these two just got on exceptionally well, even when Crowley was King of Hell and felt pressured to hate the Winchesters for killing demons all the time. We absolutely loved it when Dean was a temporary demon (or, as we like to call him, a Deanmon) and the pair was free to hang out and cause some serious mischief together. They should be enemies, but we can’t see Dean or Crowley ever giving up on their low-key love for each other.

3. Dean and Jo

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When Dean and Jo Harvelle met, it was lust at first sight. They were instantly attracted to each other, but they both agreed that any relationship between the two of them would be “wrong place, wrong time” due to their busy schedules, constant traveling and frequent close-calls with death. That didn’t stop them from developing serious crushes on each other, though! Any time they shared the screen, we constantly had to wonder if they’d finally hook up. It tragically never happened … at least, not until Jo’s final episode, where she sacrificed herself so Sam and Dean could escape from some hellhounds. The pair shared an extremely tender kiss that still brings tears to our eyes. Dean and Jo were perfect for each other; please bring her back!

2. Dean and Castiel

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We’re not actually sure if this relationship is one created by the writers or by the fans at this point. Like, this is definitely a photoshopped kiss, and we don’t really anticipate Dean and Castiel hooking up on-screen anytime soon … but you can’t deny that there’s a lot of chemistry between our favorite angel and his hunting best friend, or that they’d move heaven and Earth for each other. Dean completely loses it any time Cas goes off the radar for a day or two, and he’s expressed nearly every emotion towards Castiel at one point or another over the course of the series. It doesn’t matter how many times they butt heads or find themselves on opposite sides of a world-changing debate; they always find their way back into each other’s arms. Just make them date already!

1. Sam and Dean

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If you’re a true fan of Supernatural, you knew this was coming. Sam and Dean Winchester are brothers, so it’d be pretty weird for them to date … but you don’t have to be in a romantic relationship with someone for them to be your soulmate, right?! Sam and Dean complete each other—Sam provides Dean with the sense of responsibility and maturity he needs, while Dean makes sure Sam is having fun and not taking life too seriously. They’re constantly putting their own lives on the line to save each other, even if it puts the rest of the world at risk. We ship the pair with a number of other characters, but there’s just no denying that they’re perfect together. We’ve be sailing on the Wincest ship for 12 years now, and we don’t plan on ever hopping off.

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