15 Amazing 'Celebrity Big Brother' Moments That Prove This Is Already The Best BB Season Ever

We have to admit that when CBS revealed the cast for the first US edition of Celebrity Big Brother, our expectations for this season were extremely low. How could a group of C-list "celebrities" live up to Big Brother greats like Dan Gheesling and Dr. Will?! We didn't think it was even possible, but ever since these attention-seeking stars walked into the house, they've blown our minds with some amazing game play, unbelievable competition performances and all the drama we could possibly want.

This is shaping up to be the best season ever, and we are loving every second of it. If you aren't already hooked on Celebrity Big Brother, here's a recap of some of the best moments so far!

15 Ross avoiding the curse

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When we scanned through the list of names for the first US Celebrity Big Brother, we immediately noticed a ton of Dancing with the Stars and Apprentice rejects...but no one we thought would be a BB frontrunner. We had no clue that two of the celebs are actually Big Brother superfans! American Pie star Shannon Elizabeth and RuPaul's Drag Race judge Ross Matthews told viewers that they're lifelong fans of the show, and while we doubted their claims at first, the duo soon proved to be as knowledgeable of the game as they promised. Shannon has absolutely dominated competitions so far, and Ross is a big enough fan to know about the "first to enter" curse—in 18 years of the show, the first to enter the house has never gone on to win their season. That's why, when Julie Chen welcomed him into the house, he opened the door for Ariadna and Brandi before entering himself!

14 The birth of a competition beast

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Remember that sexy foreign exchange student Nadia from the first American Pie films?Well, believe it or not, she might actually good enough at Big Brother competitions to give Janelle Pierzina (the all-time HoH and PoV record holder) a run for her money! Shannon was this season's first Head of Household, and she asserted her competition dominance when she demolished her fellow celebs in the first Power of Veto. We thought Season 17 winner Steve Moses was impressive when he assembled the 10-letter "trombonist" in the infamous spelling comp, but Shannon constructed a 16-letter word—"responsibilities." Her fellow houseguests couldn't believe their eyes, and Big Brother fans were even more shocked that a celebrity player shattered the record for this particular competition with such ease.

13 James became the season's villain

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James Maslow has tried really hard to be likeable in his Diary Room sessions, but his constant pandering to Big Brother fans has actually made him come off as incredibly obnoxious and cocky. He frequently brags about how skilled of a competitor he is, he acted way too confident when he was put on the block during the very first nomination ceremony, and he recently even had the nerve to imitate one of Chilltown's iconic DR phone calls. In trying so hard to be the hero of the season, James has actually become its biggest villain. He's got a huge target on his back because his fellow houseguests view him as either a threat or an annoyance, and fans are already eagerly awaiting his eviction!

12 The formation of a girls alliance

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When Omarosa and Shannon started talking about forming the first-ever Big Brother "girls' alliance," every fan who has watched the show since it began back in 2000 groaned. Plenty of female players have tried to assemble a girls' alliance, but they've always failed because the girls just can't seem to get along with each other! When Shannon won the first HoH and the women of the house (plus honorary girls' alliance member Ross Matthews) worked together to ensure two men were put on the block for the first eviction, we thought it could finally happen. They had the numbers, and if they could just trust each other, they'd coast through the game together. But this is Big Brother...so of course it couldn't be that easy!

11 Omarosa talked Trump

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Ross Matthews first made a name for himself as an intern on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and he put his interviewer skills to good use the moment he got some alone time with Omarosa. The Apprentice legend recently left her public affairs position in President Trump's administration and, since Ross knew that viewers were curious about what really went down between Omarosa and her former boss, he tricked her into giving him an exposé.

“I was haunted by tweets every single day," Omarosa admitted to Ross. "Like what is he going to tweet next?”

When Ross asked her if she thinks America is going to be alright under Trump's leadership going forward, Omarosa shockingly stated,  “No, it’s going to not be OK.”

10 The lesser of two evils

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When CBS cast former Trump supporter and employee Omarosa and former Cosby Show star Keisha Knight-Pulliam, they definitely hoped the two women would get into a ratings-boosting argument over who was worse—Donald Trump or Bill Cosby. The network got exactly what they wanted a few mere nights into the season! Keisha wasn't particularly subtle about her dislike for the President, and while Omarosa no longer supports Trump, she quickly pointed out that Keisha stood by Cosby when women came forward with claims that the beloved actor sexually assaulted them.

"Only you know the inner workings of your relationship with Mr. Cosby," Omarosa told Keisha. "That's the same thing with me and Mr. Trump."

"It's a different situation because this man is running the country and being the voice of a whole country of people," Keshia explained.

We don't know who we're supposed to side with in this debate, but we can all agree that the fight made for amazing reality television!

9 James got exactly what he deserved

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James Maslow is all about his image. He makes sure to tell everyone who will listen that he was the teenage heartthrob star of Big Time Rush and takes off his shirt to show off his muscular bod anytime people forget how athletic he is. When Julie offered houseguests a chance to open a gift bag and potentially steal the Head of Household title away from Shannon, James refused to do so in fear of being punished with an embarrassing outfit. It didn't matter that his name was on the chopping block and the twist could potentially save him from eviction... no amount of money was seemingly worth having to wear a humiliating unitard! Well, the joke was on James, because he went on to tie for last place in the next Power of Veto competition, and the punishment for his poor performance was an embarrassing baby onesie.

8 Black Girl Magic

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After Omarosa and Keisha got in their incredibly uncomfortable "Trump vs. Cosby" debate, we thought they'd spend the rest of their time on Celebrity Big Brother avoiding each other like the plague. Then, Omarosa reminded us why she's considered the most cunning reality villain of all time and completely blew our minds! She approached Keisha and proposed a "Black Girl Magic" alliance with her and, despite their clear differences, Keisha accepted Omarosa's surprising offer. They worked together to try to convince Shannon to take Chuck Liddell (whom Keisha was trying to work with) off the block, but their stubbornness on the matter immediately exposed their alliance and sadly placed a target on their backs. BGM wasn't successful, but it was an entertaining and entirely unexpected alliance while it lasted!

7 A true power alliance was born

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When Shannon won the first Head of Household competition, she was initially set on using her power to take James out of the game. He was the last man standing beside her in that comp, and he was athletic enough to expect similarly impressive showings in the future. When the Black Girl Magic alliance bizarrely and repeatedly asked Shannon to use her veto to save Chuck Liddell, however, she started to think that her best move was actually to save James and start working with him! The two competition beasts then became the most fearsome twosome in the game, and while everyone in the house recognizes they're the biggest threats, it'll be hard to eliminate them if they keep performing so well in HoH and PoV competitions!

6 Goodbye, girls alliance!

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The girls' alliance didn't agree on everything in the first few episodes of Celebrity Big Brother, but they were unanimous in their belief that James Maslow was their biggest threat. James would have gone home and the alliance would have stayed intact if everyone just stuck to the plan to eliminate the self-obsessed popstar, but Keisha and Omarosa raised some serious red flags when they pressured the alliance to replace Chuck with Mark McGrath on the block. Shannon assumed their request was because Keisha and Omarosa were secretly working with Chuck and plotting against her, so she shut down the girls' alliance and turned the house against the BGM duo. Omarosa was absolutely blind-sided when she was the sole vote to eliminate James on eviction night, and pulled Shannon aside to yell at her for her betrayal. Most seasons start out with boring, unanimous votes... so we loved that this one started out so dramatically!

5 Ross Matthews...wins a comp?!

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When Ross Matthews was paired up against NBA All-Star and Defensive Player of the Year Metta World Peace in the second Head of Household competition, we assumed Ross would lose in an embarrassing fashion. Metta's aim and athleticism should have given him the edge as the two houseguests were forced to spin around in a circle several times and attempt to roll a ball up a ramp to knock down a series of pins, but Ross somehow won...and then proceeded to beat the next two houseguests who challenged him. Well, technically James threw the competition to him to prove his loyalty to Shannon and the remaining members of her alliance, but it was still impressive and we were glad that Ross got to achieve his lifelong dream of being a Big Brother HoH.

4 Omarosa threw her signature shade

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Ross momentarily considered making a huge power move and nominating the game's biggest threats—Shannon and James—for eviction, but in the end, he chose to play it safe and go after the Black Girl Magic alliance that he feared would target him if they came into power. Most nominated houseguests stay quiet and let the HoH make a closing statement after the nomination ceremony, but Omarosa has never been one to keep her mouth shut. "Ross, it's Big Brother. You don't have to struggle, we got it," Omarosa interrupted with extreme sass as Ross attempted to explain why he placed her and Keisha on the block. When Ross asked her if she wants to leave so he could finish his speech, she confidently stated, "I am not going anywhere, but you keep talking." Wow. She hasn't changed a bit since The Apprentice!

3 Metta World Peace's "gameplay"

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Even though Ariadna Gutierrez is just a number for the girls' alliance and Mark McGrath has proudly called himself a floater, we give those two credit for being part of some gameplay conversations this season. Metta World Peace, however, still doesn't seem to realize that he's supposed to be playing Big Brother. On the first eviction night, he said Chuck Liddell's name, thinking that in doing so, he was voting for his friend to stay...but in naming Chuck, he was one of the votes for his elimination! Then, while everyone was off forming alliances and planning their next moves in the game, Metta was relaxing in the hot tub alone talking to one of the house's many cameras. In one of our favorite segments in BB history, Metta put on a little puppet show and forced two inflatable "ducks" (they're clearly flamingos, but Metta doesn't seem to know his birds) to fight to the death. He's not good at Big Brother, but he's at least entertaining!

2 Omarosa's thoughts on Mike Pence

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Omarosa's unfiltered and controversial conversation with Ross about President Trump made a lot of headlines and even earned Big Brother a shout-out during a White House press conference. CBS clearly wanted her to keep talking (and keep boosting their ratings), so Julie revealed to the houseguests that the government shutdown for a second time this year in hopes that Omarosa would be prompted to share more of her political opinions. Unsurprisingly, it worked.

"As bad as y’all think Trump is, you would be worried about Pence," Omarosa told the house. "We would be begging for days of Trump back if Pence became president, that's all I'm saying. He's extreme. I'm Christian. I love Jesus, but he thinks Jesus tells him to say things. And I'm like, Jesus ain't say that. He's scary."

We have a feeling she's not going to be welcomed back into the White House after she leaves the Big Brother house.

1 A major blindside is coming

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Shannon and Broadway star Marissa Janet Winokur were friends before they were cast on Celebrity Big Brother together, so the moment they saw each other in the house, they agreed to align with each other. Shannon is amazing at competitions and Marissa is extremely likable, so we assumed they'd be the alliance to beat this season. That's why we couldn't believe it when Marissa recently told Ross that she was totally willing to backdoor Shannon out of the game! If Keisha hadn't pleaded with Marissa to not use her Power of Veto (Keisha actually wanted to be eliminated so she could go home to take care of her baby), Marissa very likely would have made a huge power move and sent Shannon packing. Shannon still has no idea her friend has turned against her, so Marissa may get another shot at taking her down. Blindsides, backdoors and betrayal... now this is Big Brother!

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