15 Amazing Disney Tattoos That Will Make You Want To Hit The Parlor Stat

In 1928, Mickey Mouse first graced the screens of movie theaters in all his animated glory. Now, over 90 years later, Mickey Mouse is part of the larger empire of Disney that has since graced the childhood and adulthood of almost every person alive on the planet. If you mention Disney to anyone, you will probably get a list of favorite characters and movies; stories that helped define each and every one of us.

Walt Disney's original intention to create a world where our inner child never grows up is present in every part of our world. Some of us love Disney so much that we want to create a canvas of our body to permanently honor our favorite characters and films with tattoos. Here are some of the best Disney tattoos we could find.

15 Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs premiered in 1937 and was the first feature-length animated film to ever grace the screens of movie theaters. It left such an impact that it pretty much launched the company headed by Mickey Mouse. The story was a classic tale of a beautiful princess sent to hide in the woods because an evil queen wanted her dead: the queen could not stand that the princess was more beautiful than her. It even involved a sleeping curse, caused by a poison apple and true love's first kiss, which awakened Snow White and introduced her to Prince Charming. This tattoo is a beautiful homage to the film, but also features a few characters from Bambi, too. Snow White loved animals, so it totally makes sense.

14 Carl and Ellie forever

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Up was a beautifully made film by Disney/Pixar that featured an old man named Carl who befriends a young boy: the two subsequently go on an adventure. But the film also introduced us to a younger version of Carl, back when he was carefree and in love. He met her when they were children and married her when they grew up. But then Ellie died, because Disney is cruel like that, and Carl became the bitter old man we met at the beginning of the movie. These matching tattoos are a beautiful way for a couple to express their love for each other because there was no love as pure as that of Carl and Ellie. Even in death, she was loved unconditionally by her husband, which is sad but also very sweet.

13 Change your fate

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One of the first Disney princesses to break the cycle of needing a prince in her life was Merida, who adamantly said she was not interested in having a man chosen for her using antiquated traditions and would shoot for her own hand, thank you very much.

Merida became a feminist icon; a feisty girl who could shoot a bow and arrow, as well as wield a sword.

Merida also chose to change her fate, although her adventure to do so turned her mother into a bear. But this is a Disney movie, so there was a happy ending, and Merida did, in fact, change her fate. This beautiful tattoo honors Merida and her independent spirit. "Our fate lives within us: you only have to be brave enough to see it."

12 Everybody wants to be a cat

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"Everybody wants to be a cat. Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at." So sang a cat named Thomas O'Malley, who befriends an aristocratic feline family in Disney's The Aristocats after a jealous butler kidnaps them and takes them away from their beloved home. That movie remains a favorite of Disney and feline lovers alike because it was one of the first movies to feature an all-animated cast of cats. This tattoo depicting The Aristocats is absolutely stunning. We had to do a double take to make sure it wasn't the original Disney artwork. This tattoo artist captured the cat characters almost too well, so much so that we want to run out and have him tattoo this on us right now.

11 Boo and Kitty

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Who doesn't love the movie Monsters, Inc.? Disney took the concept of the monster under the bed that all children fear and made it into a heartwarming movie. It turns out, those monsters are just working stiffs from another universe who create energy for their world by visiting our world, terrifying children and collecting their fear.

It's all put at risk when a monster named Sulley ends up meeting a special little girl, Boo, who calls him "Kitty," and the entire world of the monsters gets turned upside down.

In the end, Sulley grows fond of Boo and the two become friends. This tattoo is a symbol of that friendship and we absolutely love it. If this doesn't make you say "awwwww," then nothing will. Our hearts just melted all over again.

10 Poor unfortunate soul

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In The Little Mermaid, Ariel, who lives under the sea with her merfolk family, decides that she doesn't want to be a mermaid anymore and would instead prefer to live on land with the handsome Prince Eric, whom she met all of one time. So she does something stupid: she goes to the sea witch, Ursula, and makes a deal with her, trading her voice for a pair of human legs. It's not a good deal, but sometimes with Disney, teenage girls are not that bright. That's why some of us prefer to idolize Ursula over the mermaid because not only does Ursula tell it like it is, but she also capitalizes on the stupidity of the merfolk. This tattoo proves that sometimes the villains are so much better and more fun than the heroes.

9 Wall-E and Eve

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Imagine this: the year is 2805 and Earth sits alone, abandoned by humans, full of nothing but trash and the waste we left behind. A lonely little trash compactor, a robot called Wall-E, is there all by himself, to eternally clean up the human's mess.

As the last of his kind, he becomes sentient, which means he starts having feelings that make him experience loneliness.

Fortunately, another robot gets sent his way, EVE, who is hostile at first, but the two soon become inseparable. And so goes the beautiful tale of a romance between two machines, who somehow seem to have more humanity than the humans that we eventually see in the movie. This tattoo permanently honors that romance that eventually takes the two robots to the stars.

8 Dole Whip love

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Disney isn't just about its movies and TV shows. Disney has also captured imaginations with its theme parks, which go beyond the usual carnival-like amusement rides and gives visitors an experience that is so magical that they keep going back and throwing money at places like Walt Disney World and Disneyland. That also means that the experiences at those parks make visitors happy. These experiences also include certain foods that are only available after you walk through the park gates. In particular, no regular Disney park visitor can go without a Dole Whip, that magical pineapple and ice cream treat that fans dream about. This particular snack is so good that people get tattoos of it, as seen here. Anyone who has ever had a Dole Whip will understand.

7 When you wish upon a star

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"When you wish upon a star. Makes no difference who you are. When you wish upon a star, your dreams come true." So promises the most iconic song ever recorded and associated with Disney.

This is Disney's theme song and the very premise upon which the company was founded upon.

It's also usually the last song visitors to the Disney theme parks hear when they leave the park at the end of the day or at the end of the nightly fireworks show. This tattoo represents the hope and idealism of that song with beautiful magical colors, stars and the iconic Cinderella castle from Walt Disney World. It's a great reminder that it's totally okay to still wish upon a star and have a dream.

6 Welcome, foolish mortals

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Disney parks aren't known just for their snacks and beautiful and inspiring music, though. They also have rides that fans love; iconic experiences that are just as famous as any of the Disney movies. In fact, some of those rides have actually inspired movies (thanks, Pirates of the Caribbean). This Disney fan, though, decided to tattoo their favorite ride on their body. The Haunted Mansion might sound spooky, but it's actually more fun than macabre, and we totally understand the obsession with it. The opening line of "Welcome, foolish mortals" hooks Disney fans immediately and doesn't let go until the doom buggy goes by those mirrors where you find out that you haven't been riding through the mansion alone. We love it, too, so this tattoo is one of our favorites.

5 The Mad Hatter

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Although Disney released the animated Alice In Wonderland in 1951, the live-action sequel starring Johnny Depp really captured modern audiences when it came out in 2010. It was so popular that it spawned a sequel. But where one might think that Alice was the hero of the film, and the person that fans would love the most, it turned out that Depp's Mad Hatter really captured the hearts and imaginations of viewers. That's why this person got a tattoo of the Mad Hatter from that movie because Depp managed to create a character who is certainly mad, but also relatable. He really made us care about the Mad Hatter in a way that we never had before. Now answer us this: why is a raven like a writing desk?

4 The man who dreamed it all

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Think of all the things Disney gave us. Think of the hundreds of movies that define our childhood, made us laugh and made us cry. Think of all the characters that stayed with us, from Mickey Mouse to Elsa to Merida to Princess Tiana.

None of that would ever have been possible without the imagination and dreams of one man: Walt Disney.

Every Disney fan understands that Walt was the one to bring this world of fantasy to startling life and created the empire that all started with a mouse. This tattoo honors Walt and a few of his most iconic characters in all their glory and includes an inspiring quote from the man: "If you can dream it, you can do it." Truer words were never spoken.

3 Thumper

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In Bambi, a young deer loses his mother in a terrible fire and must make his way on his own through a forest where mankind threatens to take everything else away from him. In the process, this young deer makes friends, including a funny little rabbit who has a habit of thumping his foot every time he gets excited. This was Thumper, and as soon as he appeared on-screen, he stole Disney fans' hearts. Thumper also often gives Bambi words of wisdom, such as "If you can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all." He also teaches Bambi how to ice skate on a frozen lake. This Disney fan loves Thumper so much that he had him drawn on his skin in beautiful color.

2 A tale as old as time

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One of the most epic of fairy tales picked up by Disney for a movie was the story of Beauty and the Beast. It's a classic tale about a young woman being held in a castle by a monster, but who discovers that beneath the beast is a man who has thoughts, emotions and is capable of love. The woman falls in love with the beast and by doing so, breaks the curse that turned a prince into a monster. Disney's take on the tale remains a favorite (both with the animated film and live action film). One of the symbols of those films is the magic rose that sits beneath glass, a symbol of how much time the prince has before he stays a beast forever.

1 BFFs

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Although Winnie the Pooh started out as a series of children's books by A.A. Milne, most Pooh fans know about the silly old bear thanks to the Disney movies and cartoons. Disney brought Hundred Acre Wood to life and introduced us not just to Winnie the Pooh, but to Eeyore, Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger and all the other characters that live there.

Most importantly, though, Disney showed us the special friendship between Pooh and Piglet, a friendship that is probably one of the best ever depicted on film.

These tattoos of Pooh and Piglet make us go "awww..." because two friends got them to remind each other that they are always there for each other, even when they're not physically together. And how sweet is that?

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