15 Amazing Gender-Swapped Cosplays That Defy Gender Expectations

15 Amazing Gender-Swapped Cosplays That Defy Gender Expectations


For years, many convention-goers who enjoy attending events such as New York City Comic Con have chosen to show off their nerdy side by dressing up as their favorite superhero from DC Comics Thanks to the popularity of DC films such as Chris Nolan’s Batman trilogy, or Zack Snyder’s Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, almost every fanboy and fangirl wants to don a suit and pretend to be the Dark Knight or Wonder Woman.

But who says that you have to stick to your own gender? These 15 female cosplayers below prove that gender ain’t no thang when it comes to bringing your favorite characters to real life! Who says that you have to be a boy to be Batman? Who says you have to be a girl to dress up as Wonder Woman? If you’ve contemplated whether or not it was OK to “genderbend” for cosplay, then take these 15 cosplayers below as inspiration. Cosplay is all about having fun and being whoever you want to be – screw gender expectations and be the superhero or supervillain your heart desires!

Via: giphy.com

Via: giphy.com

15. Roy Harper Is Sick Of Getting Involved In Drama

Judging by the disgusted look on his face, Roy Harper is clearly sick of getting involved in all the drama that comes with being a superhero. However, Roy has every right to want to avoid drama. After all, in the DC animated series Young Justice, he was kidnapped by the supervillain Lex Luthor and the Light. The villains decided to clone Oliver Queen’s sidekick in the hopes of infiltrating the Justice League. To add insult to injury, poor Roy remained cryogenically frozen for eight years before he was found. We can’t even begin to imagine his shock when he found out that an imposter was running around with his face, and that he had been taking a very, very long nap for the past few years. Needless to say, Roy would much rather have a breather from all the drama that comes with being a crime fighting vigilante that battles nefarious villains who are constantly plotting to take down his superhero buddies.

14. The Joker And Scarecrow Are Ready For Some Mayhem

Via: youcancallmeladyjoker.tumblr.com

Via: youcancallmeladyjoker.tumblr.com

Unfortunately, the talented Heath Ledger passed away in 2008, which meant that DC Comics would never be able to see the Joker team up with villains like Scarecrow in Chris Nolan’s film The Dark Knight Rises. Cillian Murphy reprised his role as the Scarecrow for The Dark Knight Rises but the movie never explained what happened to the Clown Prince of Crime after he was captured in The Dark Knight. Even though the two villains never crossed paths in Nolan’s cinematic universe, they finally met up at a convention. Instead of seeing Scarecrow as a threat to his reign, judging by the big grin on the Clown Prince of Crime’s face, it is clear that the two villains have hit it off and are enjoying having someone to bounce dastardly ideas off of.

Batman and his fellow vigilantes better watch out because the Joker and Scarecrow are ready to wreak havoc upon Gotham City.

13. Nightwing Is Ready To Help Batman Fight Crime

According to DC Comics canon, Dick Greyson was the original Robin and would go out night after night in order to help Batman fight supervillains. Eventually, he joined forces with other superheroes his age such as Kid Flash and Wonder Girl to form the teenaged crime fighting team called the Teen Titans.

The former Boy Wonder then decides he’s getting too old to be fighting crime as Robin and renames himself Nightwing. At first, Batman is disappointed when his former protégé moves away from home, but eventually the two men come to terms. The Dark Knight might be stubborn and grumpy, but even the veteran superhero is able to admit when he is wrong. Even though Batman was unhappy when Nightwing decided to trade Gotham for Bludhaven, the young superhero is clearly more than capable of taking down the bad guys on his own and continuing his foster father’s legacy.

12. Batman Is Always Ready To Lend A Helping Hand

While Batman may be the terror of Gotham City’s criminal element, underneath that gruff exterior is a man who is always willing to help out his family and friends whenever they need it. Even though the original DC Comics revealed that Batman and his former protégé Jason Todd have opposing views about using lethal force on violent criminals such as the Joker, the Dark Knight is always willing to put aside their differences and offer aid to the young anti-hero.

Plus, the photo shows that even though the older vigilante does not like his former protégé’s methods, he’s willing to put aside their philosophical differences in order to lend Jason a helping hand. We’re also pretty sure that Jason is feeling pretty smug about the fact that the big, bad Batman finally relented and gave him a piggyback ride because he was tired after a long night beating up criminals.

11. Constantine Enjoys Taking Selfies

Even though John Constantine is a warlock who has the ability to visit both heaven and hell at will, not even he is immune to the awesome power of selfie culture. Between hunting demons, trying to protect the world from the rising darkness and helping his good friend Oliver Queen resurrect Laurel Lance’s sister Sara Lance (White Canary), Constantine is always on the go, but even a bada** supernatural hunter can take a five minute break and pose for a selfie. However, if you spot this demon hunter posing for a photo, we have just one word of advice: whatever you do, don’t remark about his remarkable similarity to the angel, Castiel, from Supernatural. He won’t take kindly to the comparison and we would hate to get on the bad side of someone who dabbles in the occult. He’d probably get mad enough to turn us into a toad or sicc some gnarly demon beastie on us.

10. John Stewart Is Excited For Green Lantern Corps

John Stewart is eagerly awaiting the day when Warner Bros.’ upcoming film Green Lantern Corps hits theaters in 2020 and he can finally have some time in the spotlight. After all, superheroes such as Bruce Wayne (Batman), Clark Kent (Superman) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman) have all had a chance to shine in feature films, so now it is time for John and the other Green Lanterns to strut their stuff on the big screen. However, John is also hoping that he might not have to wait too long to make his cinematic debut. There have been several rumors that he will don his Green Lantern suit and help Batman fight supervillains in Justice League, Part Two, which is due out in theaters in 2019. Either way, John is looking forward to showing comic book fans that he is just as strong as the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight.

9. Robin Is Side-Eying Batman

Given the irritated look on Tim Drake’s face, we’d wager that Batman has just said something stupid to his protégé. Even though he’s a world-class detective and has many years of experience fighting the various criminals, not even the Dark Knight is immune from blurting things out without thinking. With Tim’s luck, Batman either called him Robin when he told him a million times that he prefers to be called Red Robin or momentarily got confused between Tim and Dick Grayson, who was the original Boy Wonder. Tim is definitely going to have to write a memo reminding the Dark Knight that he’s now Red Robin. After all, that superhero name sounds a lot cooler than plain old Robin and it helps distinguish Tim from the former Boy Wonders. Besides, Tim is older now and doesn’t want to be called such a childish nickname. We can’t blame him — who would want to be named after a tiny bird? Red Robin sounds much more ominous.

8. See, DC Comics And Marvel Can Get Along

One of the biggest debates in comic book history revolves around whether DC Comics is better than Marvel Comics, and the fight has only gotten worse since the superhero film genre took off in Hollywood. Many articles have been written about which company is better and flame wars started by passionate fans have engulfed many Facebook threads. We’ve even grabbed some popcorn and watched some hilarious heated debates between diehard fans in real life. Some DC Comics nay-sayers have critiqued films such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice for being too dark and devoid of fun while geeks who can’t stand Marvel have derided their movies because they feel that the films lack substance and have extremely cheesy plots. Despite the endless bickering between Marvel and DC Comics fans over which company is better, these two cosplayers are living proof that the two fandoms can get along and agree to disagree.

7. Damian Wayne Meets Green Arrow

Damian Wayne finally had a chance to meet the Green Arrow, although it was during a convention and not on the CW’s hit series Arrow. Unfortunately, DC Comics and Warner Bros. made the decisions to keep their television shows in a different universe than their cinematic universe. Certain characters, such as Batman and the rest of the Batfamily, are off-limits to the executive producers of the DC Comics television shows, which is a move that has upset many fans. After all, it would have been awesome if Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) had Bruce Wayne (Batman) to help him fight the evil villain Ra’s al Ghul in Arrow season three or if Bruce’s son with Ra’s al Ghul’s eldest daughter Damian stopped in Star City to check up on his aunt Nyssa after she was disowned by the League of Assassins. Sadly, given Warner Bros. and DC Comics’ insistence on keeping the two universes separate, this photo is the only chance we’ll have at seeing cool characters such as Oliver and Damien interacting.

6. Deathstroke Is Ready To Wreak Havoc With Other Villains

Many DC Comics fans are anxiously awaiting the release of the upcoming Warner Bros. film Suicide Squad in August. The movie revolves around Amanda Waller, who runs a government agency known as A.R.G.US. recruiting a group of supervillains to execute dangerous black ops missions in exchange for their prison sentence being lightened. Beloved DC Comics characters such as Deadshot, Harley Quinn and Katana are going to appear in Warner Bros.’ upcoming movie. There have also been rumors that the supervillain Slade Wilson is going to appear in the film too. Other rumors claim that Deadshot and his new teammates are going to have to fight a mysterious villain known as the Enchantress. Regardless of whether or not Deathstroke will make his debut in DC’s cinematic universe or who Task Force X will be fighting, the villain Deathstoke is ready to create some chaos at the convention with his pals Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

5. Superman Is Ready To Save The Day

Via: cosplayingwhileblack.tumblr.com

Via: cosplayingwhileblack.tumblr.com

If the villain General Zod ever tried to attack a convention, we are sure that Superman would save the attendees from the evil Kryptonian. After all, Superman managed to prevent General Zod and his band of rebel Kryptonians from destroying the human race and taking over Earth so that they could recreate their home world in the 2013 Warner Bros. film Man of Steel so it stands to reason that he would be able to do so again. Besides, everyone knows that the evil Kryptonian warlord and his fellow rebels are no match for Superman. The Man of Steel is dedicated to helping the innocents and we all know that good always triumphs over evil. If there’s one superhero we want running around at comic book conventions, it’s Superman. Not only is he practically immortal and very hard to kill, but he can fly so we know he’ll get there in a split second and immediately start fighting the bad guy.

4. The Clown Prince Of Crime Can’t Wait To Fight Batman

Via: cosplayingwhileblack.tumblr.com

Via: cosplayingwhileblack.tumblr.com

One of the Clown Prince of Crime’s favorite activities is cooking up new ways to try and provoke Batman into breaking his “no killing” rule. It really ticks the Joker off that even though he killed Batman’s ward Jason Todd and paralyzed Barbara Gordon (Batgirl) by shooting her in the spine, the stubborn vigilante never wavers from his strong moral code and tries to murder the Clown Prince of Crime. However, the deadly clown will never try to hurt the Dark Knight himself because he enjoys trying to make Batman a better hero and some part of the Joker enjoys matching wits with the Dark Knight. Whether the Joker is concocting a new plan to torment Batman with his on-again, off-again Harley Quinn or simply trying to destroy Gotham City for his own amusement, this villain is one of the worst of the worst and should never, ever be underestimated.

3. Run, Barry, Run

Speedy! Photo by @aleestudios #flash #flashcosplay #barryallen #justiceleague #dccomics #theflash

A photo posted by Kim (@maliciouskcosplay) on

In the CW’s hit television show The Flash, Central City CSI Barry Allen gained superpowers after a bolt of lightening hit him. The lightening also knocked over a few chemicals, and the poor guy was covered in all kinds of gunk when he simply wanted to do a bit of overtime and catch up on his work. Barry can’t catch a break either. After he gained the ability to run really fast, which meant he’d never have to hit the gym again (we’re so jealous), he became the superhero known as the Flash and had to fight villains such as the Reverse-Flash in the first season. Sadly, poor Barry is a magnet for evil speedsters and in The Flash season two, he was forced to go toe-to-toe with yet another villain named Zoom. He just can’t catch a break! Despite all the speedsters that keep trying to ruin his life, Barry always manages to stay optimistic.

2. John Constantine Is Always Fashionably Late

Thanks to his ability to travel to heaven and hell, John Constantine is always fashionably late. After all, to paraphrase Gandalf theGrey from J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy, a demon hunter is never late, nor is he early—he arrives precisely when he means to. Unfortunately, that meant showing up a little late to the Arrowcave when Oliver Queen (Green Arrow) desperately needed a warlock who could restore his friend Sara Lance’s soul after her sister Dinah Laurel Lance (Black Canary) made the decision to bring her back to life by tossing her into the mystical hot tub—err, the Lazarus Pit. However, it’s hard being both a warlock and a demon hunter, so no one could really blame Constantine for being late.

Plus, he knew that Oliver and Laurel would forgive his late but fabulous arrival once he successful found Sara’s soul and reunited it with her body.

1. Batman Is Ready To Take On Gotham’s Criminals

Via: pinterest.com/gregorius24/cosplay

Via: pinterest.com/gregorius24/cosplay

You know, it’s not easy being the Dark Knight of Gotham. Not only does Batman have to deflect suspicion by going out and partying during the day as the billionaire Bruce Wayne, but he also has to don the Batsuit and fight crime every single night. Unlike normal jobs, being Batman means risking your life to thwart nefarious villains such as the Joker or Harvey “Two-Face” Dent. There are also no benefits and no vacation time either. On the plus side, Batman at least gets to drive around in a really cool car, scare the bejeezus out of people and gets to fight crime alongside some pretty awesome people like Wonder Woman and Superman. Even though Batman isn’t always the most popular vigilante (just look at the ending of The Dark Knight when almost everyone in Gotham City thought he killed Harvey Dent), he’ll never stop risking his life to protect innocent civilians.

Sources: Cinema Blend, Slashfilm, The Mary Sue, Pinterest, Tumblr and Instagram.

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