15 Amazing Harry Potter Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Even More Magical

15 Amazing Harry Potter Ideas That Will Make Your Wedding Even More Magical

Harry Potter themed wedding

Are you a Harry Potter fan? Well, of course, you are, that’s a stupid question. Everybody likes Harry Potter. True, some like it less, and some are die-hard fans a.k.a. Potterheads. Now, if you’re a Potterhead and you plan to get married soon, why not combining your passion for Harry Potter with your wedding? Just imagine it, all the invitations, seating plans, wedding photo shoots, and of course the wedding cake in a Harry Potter style! You might think it sounds a bit childish and cheesy, but in reality, it is absolutely amazing and trust me when I say that it will leave all your Muggle guests speechless for the moment, but it’ll make them talk about it for a very, very long time.


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Here are 15 amazing ideas that will make your wedding as magical as it can get.

15. Wedding invitations as the Marauder’s Map is an amazing idea.


Via: etsy.com

Invitations are a very important detail of the whole wedding ceremony. I mean, you have to make a good first impression and make people interested in the wedding, right? That’s why they have to be fancy AF. So here’s an idea — have your invitations made in a Marauder’s Map style! You can buy it, or you can just do it yourself. The internet is full of all kinds of Harry Potter templates, and I’m sure that you can find various invitation templates as well. If you decide for the DIY version you will need some fancy ink and envelopes, ribbons, glue, and some wax to seal the envelopes. Some altered book quotes can also be an interesting addition to your invitations, so you can write something like “We solemnly swear that we’re up to no good” at the beginning” and “Love managed” at the end. Honestly, if I received an invitation like this, I’d definitely come!

14. A Howler-styled wedding program looks pretty cool!


Via: etsy.com

It’s a common fact that weddings can be pretty expensive (like seriously, you could almost pay your whole college tuition fee with that money), so you should definitely try to spend as little money as possible and try to improvise. One of the things you can improvise on are wedding programs. A Howler-inspired wedding program sounds like a great idea for a Harry Potter-themed wedding (we can only hope it won’t yell like the real Howler, that would be unfortunate). Just like the invitations, you can buy them, but if you want to save some money, then you can find a bunch of printable versions online (seriously, special thanks to whoever invented the internet). And regardless of whether you decide to buy them or go with the DIY versions, your Muggle guests will definitely love them.

13. Don’t forget to number your tables!


Via: etsy.com

When organizing your Harry Potter-themed wedding you must not forget about the most adorable creatures from the Harry Potter books and movies – the owls (we miss you Hedwig). They were a big part of the movies and it’s natural to make them a part of your wedding as well (if you’re a true Potterhead, that is). So in order to pay them homage, you can use these super adorable owls as your table numbers. And once the wedding is done you can even hang them on a wall in your room, they’d make a perfect room decor. Or you can just use them for another party (hint: harry potter themed costume party). Either way, this would be a great addition to your wedding (and later to your house as a home accessory).

12. And this can help the guests to find their seats.


Via: etsy.com

A magical addition to your Hedwig-inspired table numbers is this seating plan, designed to resemble the infamous Marauders Map. The guests will love its unique design and it will a big hit at your wedding, that’s for sure. It also comes with table numbers, with tables being named after school subjects from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (your muggle guests probably won’t understand any of it, but hey, at least the design is nice, so they can talk about that). So, make sure to wisely plan the seating arrangement, you don’t want to mess something up (your mother-in-law might get offended if you assign her to the “Dark Arts” table, just saying). This seating plan is also very simple and easy to edit and use. Once you complete the purchase, you will have the access to the instant download PDFs, so you won’t have to wait for it to get shipped. (Hint: I’m pretty sure you can also find free downloadable templates if you try hard enough.)

11. Or you can simply use the Sorting Hat!


Via: offbeatbride.com

If you’re a Potterhead then you already know what The Sorting Hat is and what is does. But if you’re a clueless Muggle (it’okay, we still love you), then you might need an explanation. The Sorting Hat is a special artifact at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that uses magic in order to determine which of the four Hogwarts Houses a student belongs to. So, why not using this idea for your wedding? All you need is a fake Sorting Hat (easy to find), a few wands (also easy to find, plus cheap) and of course place cards with the guests’ names on it (you can make these yourself). It’s an amazing idea and all of your guests will absolutely love it.

10. These champagne glasses are perfect for the lucky couple.



Every Potterhead knows that Snape was madly in love with Harry’s mother. Well, I’m pretty sure every Muggle knows that as well. But in case you have no idea what I’m talking about, I’ll explain. Snape and Harry’s mom, Lilly, met when they were kids, and he instantly fell in love with her (that of course makes the whole Harry Potter-Snape relationship even more complicated). And that brings us to this quote, where Snape shares that he had never stopped loving Lilly, even after her death.
Seriously, this is probably one of the most romantic quotes in the history of movies, and I’m pretty sure every single one of your Muggle guests will  love it (and the Potterheads present at you wedding will probably scream with happiness when they see it). You can buy these cool glasses here.

9. And a ring holder like this will blow your soulmates mind.


Via: etsy.com

We can all agree that the ring holder is a very important, but often overlooked  part of the wedding ceremony. So instead of paying dust to this important detail, why not trying something new and interesting? For example, why not turn your favorite Harry Potter book into a ring holder? Sounds pretty cool, am I right? Well it is! But it’s not that simple to make it, to be honest. You have to be adventurous risk-taker with steady hands who’s skilled with cutting things. Or, if you don’t find yourself in the previous sentence, you can simply buy it here. It will definitely amaze your significant other and all of your guess. And the best thing about it is that you can keep the ring holder as a souvenir and a reminder of the happiest day of your life.

8. Engrave something Harry Potter-related on the rings.


Via: etsy.com

The wedding rings are obviously one of the most important parts of the wedding. The lucky couple has to exchange them after they say their vows, because rings are a symbol of commitment and marriage. So, here’s an idea. Why not engrave something special (but Harry Potter related) on the rings? Maybe something like “I solemnly swear I love you.”? Or maybe “Until the very end!”. Both options sounds amazing to me. But if you’re not impressed, you can always go with the previously mentioned Snape quote “Always.”.

Whatever quote or word you choose, you will definitely amaze and impress your soulmate, and wherever they go, they will always have a message from you engraved on their wedding ring.  Always (pun intended).

7. A bridal bouquet made out of Harry Potter book pages? Sounds perfect!


Via: etsy.com

A wedding bouquet is an important part of the bride’s outfit, and of course, of the wedding ceremony itself . This cute little detail is one of the most desired things by the guests. I mean, seriously, they will do whatever it takes to get it (it’s basically like The Hunger Games — may the odds be ever in your favor). Obviously, you can’t have your wedding without this necessity, so here’s an idea — get a book page bouquet! That’s right, this is possible as well. It is literally made from the pages of Harry Potter books, and it is handmade, which means that it comes in different sizes and colors. Of course, you can also use this idea and make one of these amazing bouquets yourself.

6. Boutonniere/buttonholes are also a nice accessory.


Via: etsy.com

Just like wedding bouquets, boutonnieres are a must have for every wedding. And just like with the wedding bouquets, you can make these boutonnieres from the pages of a Harry Potter book (well, I’m pretty sure you will need more than one book).  And what is good about these accessories is that  they can also be used to decorate the venue, the reception and well, basically everything. So if you like the idea, you can make it yourself (well, you can try), or you can go with the easier, but more expensive option, which is ordering it online.  Either way, this detail will definitely catch everybody’s attention.

5. Of course, a magically beautiful cake is a necessity.


Via: offbeatbride.com

Wedding cakes are the traditional dessert at all weddings (well most of them, because lately people go for some other dessert types). Anyways, the wedding cake is like the most important part of any wedding (except for the lucky couple, they’re obviously the most important, duh). I mean, everybody is basically dying to see the cake (well, let’s be real here, they just want to try it). That’s why you have to make an amazing impression with your cake. Numerous ideas can be found online; you can go for something like the cake in the picture above. Even though it’s not completely covered with some details from the wizarding world, this cake basically screams “Harry Potter” (seriously, these snitch balls are literally perfect details). But then again, if you’re not that traditional, and you don’t want a wedding cake, there are other options, like Harry Potter-styled muffins and cupcakes, Bertie Bott’s every flavor beans or golden snitch cake pops!

4. This cake topper will look amazing on the cake.


Via: etsy.com

A perfect cake requires a perfect cake topper. Of course, you have to be consistent with the theme and the details, so for your cake topper you can use this super adorable magical couple that represents you and your significant other (and even our good ol’ Hedwig is part of it, how adorable!). And to blow your mind even more, the couple on this cake topper would actually wear real couple’s actual outfits and hairstyles, that’s so amazing! Also, the fact that some other accessories, like pets and kids, can be added to the topper makes it even cooler. However if you decide to go with cupcakes instead of the cake, then these toppers won’t actually work. But don’t worry, there are numerous cupcake topper designs as well, and I’m pretty sure some of them you could actually make yourself.

3. A magical photo session should not be skipped.


Via: theknot.com

Your wedding will probably be one the best moments in your life, and therefore you will make sure that the memories of your wedding don’t fade away. That’s why you have to find a great photographer and do a Harry Potter-themed photo shoot. In order for the photos to be as interesting as they could be, you’ll have to get some props, for example, wands, brooms, Harry Potter glasses or some other stuff. Luckily, these are easy to find, and not too expensive. Also, make sure that your photographer has amazing photoshop skills (seriously, you don’t wanna mess this up), so he could edit some of the photos and make you and your significant other look like you’re casting spells, dueling, or flying on a broom and playing Quidditch).

2. And don’t forget about the wedding album!


Via: etsy.com

You will need a perfect photo album for those magically perfect wedding pictures of you and your soulmate. And guess what? It should also be Harry Potter-inspired. The album shown on the picture above is a perfect example of how amazing these albums can be. Just look at all the details on it— the ribbon, the wax seal, the embossing, the golden frame around the word “Always” (isn’t it such a shame that muggles don’t understand the true meaning behind this word?), I mean, it’s simply breathtaking. Good thing about this specific album is that it can be ordered in different sizes and it can be used for different purposes — you can use it as a photo album, scrapbook or as a diary. Seriously, it’s perfect and it will keep your memories safe from fading away.

1. Let everybody know that you just got married with this car sticker.


Via: etsy.com

So, once you’re officially pronounced Mr. and Mrs. Potterhead, you can finally go to a honeymoon (recommendation: go to Warner Bros. Studio Tour in London so you can actually experience the magical world of Harry Potter). Of course, you will probably want to let the whole world know that you just got married, therefore this car sticker is a perfect thing for you. It’s not too expensive, but then again, you can also make it yourself — all you need is a pair of scissors, a printer and some glue. There are numerous font-generating websites that include Harry Potter fonts, and all you have to do is type in the words you want, print them, nicely cut them out and glue them to your car’s back window. This small detail is not difficult to make, and people will definitely notice it.

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