15 'American Horror Story' Memes That Will Make Any Fan LOL

If you are into creepy crawly things that go bump in the night, American Horror Story (AHS) is most likely your favorite show on TV. It's one of those show's that takes everyone’s worst nightmare about an old house, asylum, a circus or coven, and makes them a reality (well, on TV anyway). But aside from all the gruesome horror, what makes this show so easy to watch is the awesome fandom that comes along with it.

AHS fans stand in solidarity for loving everything about our twisted nightmares. Which is why we created a list of 15 memes that only true AHS fans will understand because there are more to these memes than what meets the eye. So if you live for the little crumbs of clues we get in between seasons or if you live for those promo videos we get but don't understand, then this list has your name written all over it.

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15 The Unhealthy Evan Peters Obsession

This is honestly so freaking true. Evan Peters is an attractive guy to begin with, but in every season he is a mass murderer of some sort. Whether it's a real one like in American Horror Story: Murder House, or when he's being falsely accused like in American Horror Story: Asylum - he wears the role too well. So well, in fact, almost every season, we the viewers, forget that he's a stone cold killer and fall completely in love with him again and again. In Season 6 of American Horror Story: Hotel, he plays the ghost of a serial killer who is haunting his ex-wife and turns out to have been the man who trained the most notorious serial killers in the United States. But look at him! We looked past all that and fell in love with the lost tortured man he was deep inside. Ryan Murphy needs to stop having him play serial killers, because my psyche cant handle it. He is the ultimate bad boy that our parents warned us about but he looks so good doing it.

14 Introducing Someone To AHS

American Horror Story is a special kind of show. It's definitely not for everybody but every now and then, you attempt to open your AHS world up to a friend. But you must choose a friend that you think can handle the constant heart stopping that is AHS.

You're gonna have to start at the first episode of the season. (The season itself doesn't necessarily matter, but the first episode of whatever season you pick is critical.) By watching the first episode, they're going to think it's not too bad and probably start wondering what all the fuss is about. But, about three episodes in, I guarantee your friend's face will look like the meme above. You will be grinning with delight reveling in the chaos, but they will be shocked, disgusted, and seriously questioning your friendship. Don't worry, your friendship will probably survive. You can just say that watching AHS together will further connect you. 

13 A Play On Adele

To an outsider, this meme is nothing more than a quick play on some famous Adele lyrics. But to AHS fans, it means so much more. It is a funny, yet, accurate representation to an important aspect of the plot of Season One. This meme shows Larry Harvey, played by Denis O’Hare, leaving the house he just set on fire while his wife and children were in it so he could be with his mistress, Constance Langdon, who is played by Jessica Lange. It obviously wasn't worth it, because after killing his wife and children, Constance still did not want to be with him and her son ended up burning his face with acid. AWW, the things we do for love.. Or what we think is love, because he loved Constance but it's pretty obvious from the acid move that she didn't feel that same.

12 When The Season Is Almost Over

This meme hits us to the core.

I know every true AHS fan who actively watches the show feels the pain time and time again when they realize the season is coming to an end. Every season of AHS starts around Halloween, but it typically ends just before Thanksgiving. Why is it so short! We need more! We wait for this haunting show all year and it only lasts for about a month? Don't leave us in the cold AHS! So, when the new season finally comes around, we get completely wrapped up in it. And by 'wrapped up,' I mean our hearts are literally breaking mid season because we know the finale is just a few episodes away. The heartbreak sets in and we know we're gonna have to wait almost a year for our eyes to be glued to the TV again.

11 Going Through AHS Withdrawal

Once the show has its season finale, the real pain begins. That slow heartbreak we experienced mid season is nothing compared to the pain we are about to endure for this last episode. Every good show has a loyal fan base waiting for the return of a new season, but with AHS, it's a whole different monster. Once a season ends - we are immediately crave another. You could say we go kind of crazy, just like our favorite characters in the show. But soon, the craving starts feeling more like a withdrawal of your favorite snack, but that snack you crave won't be back on the shelves until October! What are we to do! Sure, watching older seasons of AHS kills the craving temporarily, but it soon wares off. And before you non AHS fans start judging us, just remember there is no such thing as too much AHS.

10 Ryan Murphy's Constant Torture

Ryan Murphy, one of the creators and writers of AHS, loves to torture his loyal fans. (Gee, how surprising.) This meme becomes important after an old season ends and we are thirsting for the new and improved. Before every new season of AHS, there are thousands of theories about what Ryan Murphy could be plotting next. But he never confirms or denies the theories; he likes to watch us squirm for any information possible.

You may think we're exaggerating a little bit because every show likes to keep its viewers in suspense about the new season, but once you are a part of the fandom, it will all make sense. Ryan murphy plays the fans in a way that it's almost cruel! He probably doesn't mind seeing us in constant agony and thinks we have the strength to wait until October. News flash Ryan! We don't!

9 With Your Special Eyes


This meme is a personal favorite of mine. In American Horror Story: Coven, Sarah Paulson's character, Cordelia Foxx, was rendered blind. It wasn't until she was blind that she felt like she could suddenly "see." She discovered she had a power where she could touch someone and see their truth. Once this secret power of hers was discovered, she would use her "special eyes" to extract the truth form those in the coven. She loved her new sense of sight so much that she even rendered herself blind again in order to keep her ability to see truth. She was all about those special eyes of hers. So - to all you non AHS fans looking at this meme in puzzlement, no, this is not a contacts commercial. It's a meme that has been warped by that insanity that is AHS fandom.

8 Don’t Be A Hater

Via: pinimg.com

This meme is comedy gold because every AHS fan has been here before. The theme credits are different from season to season, but the music never changes. There is not one single word in the song itself, instead, it's just an eerie sound placed over a pretty cool beat (TBH). But if you thought instrumentals and no lyrics were going to stop AHS fans from singcingling along - you're dead wrong. Personally, I try to make my own lyrics out of the pictures I see that scroll across the screen during this time. But I also know others who just hum along as if it is a spiritual hymn. For anyone who doesn’t watch the show but has seen fans get into the opening credits - just let us be. You're never going to understand as a non-watcher.

7 Before And After AHS

Via: whicdn.com

As I explained before, AHS is not just a show - it's an experience. And it's an experience that can lead to a strong TV addiction because of how it changes from season to season. Most people who watch AHS are pretty normal, but they eventually fall down the rabbit hole mid season. And once it happens, you're not even going to recognize the person you once were.

I love introducing AHS to new viewers. They all start off loving the show but admit they can't see themselves being addicted or loving it so much they start canceling plans just to watch AHS all day. Well, the jokes on them, because that's exactly what they became. They changed form rational fun-loving humans, to a zombie-like AHS fan waiting by their TV to see the latest promo.

6 Why I Like AHS

American Horror Story is indeed an acquired taste and if someone has seen an episode without general knowledge of what it's about - woof, it could be a long night. But those of us who watch season after season know what to expect; which leads to a laundry list of reasons why we love it so much. These reasons include, but are not limited to, the characters, the setting, the plot, and how the smallest things that you thought had no significance suddenly ties the entire season together. The list goes on and on. Don't even get me started how each season ties into the next. Or how I practically live on fan forums trying to read every possible fan theory there is.

American Horror Story has elements of comedy, horror, mystery, and sometimes even romance. It's all a breathtaking masterpiece wrapped up in a bow thanks to Ryan Murphy and that twisted mind.

5 You’re Hired

Via: pinimg.com

Season two of AHS showed what happens when background checks aren’t run on employees. The season was about an asylum for the mentally or criminally ill. Briar cliff (the name of the asylum) had people working there who actually should have been patients instead. The asylum hired a therapist who was a serial killer and a nun who was possessed by the devil. Need we say more? Together, the two managed to torture the patients and even institutionalized one of their own. Back in the 60s, asylums for the mentally ill generally got a bad rep, but somehow, Briarcliff managed to take it to the next level with its sadistic hired help and just added validity to that rumor. I'm guessing HR at Briarcliff doesn't believe in backround checks?

4 Tate And Violet

Via: twimg.com

In any show there is one couple that the fans unite together no matter what. And for most AHS fans, it was Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters (or Violet and Tate respectively). We have watched Violet and Tate together since Season One. And though Ryan Murphy has tried to put Tate with other women in different seasons, none were ever close to the connection between he and Violet. Their names may be different in every season, but their connection is always the same. In American Horror Story: Coven, Emma Roberts, Taissa Farmiga, and Evan Peters had a love triangle unlike any other. But at the end of the day, we were always rooting for Violet and Tate. So, as I look at this meme, I would say that's a pretty accurate response to each relationship. #TeamVioletAndTate.

3 Where Is My Theme Song?

We've already discussed how much the theme song got us pumped for a new season of AHS. But in Season Six, Ryan Murphy decided to completely throw it out. WTF Ryan!? He didn’t even ask for our permission! He just took an important piece of the show and threw it away with no warning.

I'm sure if you're a non AHS fan, you at least know the premise of the entire show and are aware each season changes drastically; almost like it's a completely new show. So why should we be so shocked by another change? Because the theme song was the ONLY consistency between every seasons! We rely on that theme song, and this meme shows all fans exactly what Ryan Murphy was doing when he removed it.

2 Murder House By Another Name

Via: Tumblr.com

This meme is so accurate, it makes my head hurt. Because when you break down every season and really think about it - it's always a house filled with murders. It doesn't matter if the the plot and characters change season after season or how many changes occur, the murders stay the same. As a fan, I think that's what keeps us coming back. We simply cannot stay away from the possibility of our favorite characters getting axed. And while we're talking about the actors, these folks deserve some mad credit because they transform themselves into a completely different person year after year. And there's no way you go home at night feeling mentally the same after dealing with constant murder scenes for over five seasons. 

1 Everybody Is A Supreme!

Via: zimbio.com

This meme is hilarious because in Season Three: American Horror Story: Coven, this is exactly what it felt like! With Fiona dying, she was desperate to know who the new Supreme was. But, at the time, it was too hard to tell. So it seemed like they were trying to make everyone the new Supreme just like Oprah does around Christmas when she randomly gives away trips, money, and cars on her talk show. By the end of the season every girl was dubbed the new Supreme at some point or another. It made for an interesting watch because each girl could have very well been the actual Supreme; they all had amazing skills (which, some didn't even know about until they were tested). The plot twist was unforgettable because at the end, none of the girls were the Supreme. Fiona's own daughter was. 

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