15 America’s Next Top Model Makeovers That Didn’t Go Down Well

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15 America’s Next Top Model Makeovers That Didn’t Go Down Well

The makeovers on America’s Next Top Model is a huge part of the show. The purpose of them is to transform the looks of the contestants so they look like high fashion but versatile at the same time. It also proves who really has what it takes to become a model in the real world since agencies will want to change their look all the time.

Of course, there have been many meltdowns over the looks Tyra wanted them to have. Whether that be because they are getting their locks completely buzzed off or because their hair is getting dyed a color they would never dream of. Either way, it’s all entertainment for us to see how they react. Some makeovers in fact have been so disastrous that not even the professional hairdressers can save them. Ouch! Here are 15 that didn’t quite go down as planned.

15. Catie, Cycle 2

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Catie during cycle 2 was one of the first girls in the history of the show who wasn’t pleased with her makeover. Entering the season she had shoulder length blonde hair. Tyra’s plan for her was to have a pixie cut quite similar to Twiggy. Catie didn’t hide her emotions at all crying in the salon. She wept “I look like a boy.” Even though she did look like a little boy,  that was probably Tyra’s aim to an extent. She looked more masculine which gave her an edge. Her look before was very plain. Tyra tried to make Catie feel better by comforting her saying that when they style it it’ll make her look really pretty. Catie eventually stopped sobbing over her makeover and got on with the competition.

14. Bianca, Cycle 13

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Bianca during the petite cycle didn’t have a huge transformation at all. Her head was already shaved prior to entering the competition so the only thing that had changed during the makeover were her eyebrows. Tyra decided to bleach them to edge her out. Bianca wasn’t happy with the small transformation and expressed it in the salon to Jay Manuel. That wasn’t all she was unhappy with – when she was on set for her first photoshoot she complained about the makeup she had on. Word got out to Tyra which landed Bianca in the bottom 2. She was saved due to her photo being better than the girl who was eliminated.

13. Louise, Cycle 18

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Louise was a part of the British Invasion series for cycle 18. When entering the competition she had long blonde hair. When it came to makeovers, the plan for her was to have it all chopped off and going a slight beige color. From the get go Louise wasn’t happy. She didn’t want to chop her hair off because it would take ages to grow back and she didn’t want her hair color to be darker because her agency wouldn’t like it. Louise gave in to cut her hair but kept saying she wouldn’t dye her hair. She kept mentioning she didn’t want dark hair despite only being told it would be beige. Finally, she let them dye her hair and Louise stopped complaining. Louise in the end expressed that she felt like she was the biggest competition once her makeover was complete despite kicking up a huge fuss during the process.

12. Jaeda, Cycle 7

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Jaeda entered cycle 7 as the prettiest girl in school and boy did she know it! When Tyra told every girl what their new look would be after the first elimination, she said she had a certain actress in mind for Jaeda’s makeover which was Halle Berry short hairstyle. Jaeda instantly looked shocked and was scared to cut her hair. When she sat in the chair, she instantly started crying. She never refused to get it cut like a lot of girls do but she definitely didn’t embrace the look. Jaeda’s makeover meltdown is so well remembered that she won the Biggest Makeover Meltdown award at The Fiercee Awards which was hosted by Tyra Banks in 2008. The competition was decided by fans who were able to cast their votes.

11. Jael, Cycle 8

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Jael’s initial makeover was supposed to be a long dark weave. When they were sewing in the hair, Jay Manuel came over to her to break the bad news. The hairstylist was fighting with Jael’s hair when gluing and sewing it all in. He said that he had been speaking to Tyra on the phone and they felt it was best if they took all the hair out and cut it really short. Jael felt stressed and started crying. It wasn’t because her hair was going to be short because she already had pretty short hair in the first place, it was because she sat in that chair for 8 hours and it was all for nothing. Jael pulled through in the end and acted like a pro after the whole situation.

10. Fo, Cycle 12

Fo who described herself as a Blaxican (black and Mexican) and wanted long extensions for her makeover. Did she get that? Nope. Not even close. Fo’s makeover was short hair to highlight her bone structure and to make her appear a little taller since she was the shortest in the competition. Once Fo saw her makeover in the mirror she expressed that it was not what she had expected at all. Not only did Fo break down in front of the girls after all the makeovers were done in the salon but she also cried on the set of her photoshoot which was shot by judge Nigel Barker. Fo landed herself in the bottom 2 because of it. Tyra expressed that she was probably the first girl to cry on set of a photoshoot because of their makeover.

9. Jade, Cycle 6

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Jade is one of the most memorable characters in the history of Top Model. Jade kept saying that she wanted long hair because she felt that long hair is what sells in the modelling industry. When Tyra told her that her hair was going to be really short, blonde with her eyebrows to match in order to look more elf like – she wasn’t happy. She sat in the salon chair questioning everything the stylists were doing. Once the cut was finished she kept playing with long hair extensions in the mirror as she was sure long hair is what she should have gotten in her makeover. As we know, Jade is ALWAYS right in her mind. In the car back to the house she kept flipping through fashion magazines trying to prove her point that every fashion model had long hair.

8. Cassandra, Cycle 5

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Beauty pageant girl Cassandra in Cycle 5 had one of the biggest makeover meltdown’s to the point where she quit the show because of it. Before she cut her hair off, she had long dark locks. When she was told what her makeover was going to be, she instantly started to tear up saying “I love my hair“. Cassandra had already cut all her hair into a pixie cut but she wasn’t willing to chop a couple more inches off the next week, after Tyra told her she wasn’t completely happy with it. When Jay confronted her by asking whether or not she was going to cut her hair again a week later, Cassandra politely said no. Jay gave her no option but to leave the set which led her to eliminate herself.

7. Bianca, Cycle 9

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When entering the competition, Bianca was not your typical looking model. She had the features but what was holding her back was her hair. Her image was described as ghetto. It had been dyed so many times and was a mix of colours. The plan was to give Bianca a weave to enhance her look but her hair was far too damaged that they couldn’t do anything with it. They had to start fresh and shave all her hair off. Bianca went quiet and let them shave her head. Tears did fall from her face but she didn’t complain, she just got on with it. Jay Manuel explained that they were going to give Bianca wigs when she was on set for photoshoots so her look could be versatile from week to week. In the end Bianca embraced her shaved head look and never wore a wig during that cycle at all post makeover week. Bianca was nominated at The Fiercee Awards for the Biggest Makeover Meltdown award but lost to Jaeda.

6. Elina, Cycle 11

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Elina was a complete control freak over her image and personality. She had a lot of trouble letting go. Her look pre-makeover was very Angelina Jolie which Tyra wanted to take away from her since she wanted her to look more like a model. What Tyra gave Elina was a red curly weave which changed her look completely. Elina was crying in the chair while it was getting sewn in explaining she’s not used to change. Miss Jay Alexander was teasing her while  getting it done, saying that it was the first time in top model history that this makeover was being applied. Even though it was probably was, it wasn’t that much of a dramatic change. In the bonus scenes episode Elina described her makeover as a dead cat on her head. It wasn’t all bad though, that week during the swimwear shoot she came out on top being called first in panel.

5. Brittany, Cycle 8

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Brittany in cycle 8’s makeover became “a damn mess” weeks after she had it done. She did mention that the weave was really painful to get done after first having it sewn in but not much more was said at the time.

Fast forward about 4 weeks, the weave started to make her scalp bleed and started to look seriously cray. The hair went so out of control it was like a cat had been living in there. Tyra herself even admitted that they needed to something about “the hamster that died on her head” during one of the panels. The week after Brittany was weave-less and said her head felt so much better. We’re super surprised Tyra didn’t tell a story about the time she had to rock a bad weave in Paris during go-see’s. She probably would have booked all the jobs obvs.

4. Molly, Cycle 16

Blonde haired beauty Molly in cycle 16 was assigned a blonde curly weave. How this makeover went this terribly wrong still remains a bit of a mystery to everyone. Is it really that hard to sew in a blonde weave? For some reason the weave wasn’t sewn in the usual way and it was looking super crazy from the start. Poor Molly’s makeover was disastrous and she had to keep the weave in for weeks before Tyra gave in and let her take it out. The weave was so badly sewn in that Molly had to cover the front of her hair with a bandanna. The girls couldn’t even try make Molly feel better about her makeover right after it had happened as they knew it was disastrous too.

3. Brandy, Cycle 4

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Cycle 4’s Brandy entered the competition with a cool red afro. Tyra liked it so much that she said she was fierce and that she wasn’t going to assign a makeover for her. Brandy got annoyed and expressed she wanted a drastic change. When Tyra went over to look at Brandy’s hair, she realized it wasn’t in good shape and that they had to cut it short. Brandy was really annoyed as she didn’t want short hair again which she must have had previously. She complained to Noelle that she is bald headed again and questioned how she would do in the future photoshoots. She then got her eyebrows bleached and started causing a scene in the salon. Tyra was told about the tantrum and came to see the girls expressing that some of the girls who were complaining were pissing her off and it would affect them at judging.

2. Bre, Cycle 17

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Cycle 17 was the All Stars season that had some of our favourite contestants re-appear on the show to try out again and win. Bre was told that her new makeover would be short on one side and sleeker on the other. It wasn’t until they nearly finished cutting it that Bre got upset. She felt a little overwhelmed by the new look. She said the new look made her lose her confidence and she didn’t feel she looked good enough to do photoshoots. Bre went to the toilets to hide herself from crying. A top model producer spoke to her in the toilet after Bre said she wanted to leave due to them cutting all her hair. She expresses that she was in a rage because she felt she didn’t have any hair on her head. It was nowhere near a buzz cut. Calm down Bre. Other girls have had it worse in the past!

1. Denzel, Cycle 21

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Denzel entered cycle 21 beardless. When Tyra said that his makeover was going to be a glued on beard, he seemed happy because she said he was unable to grow a full beard. The audience however all reacted with a resounding ‘WTF’. There has been some unusual makeovers in the past but this one was unheard of. A glued on beard?! Umm.. ok. The beard looked so fake and weird like shown in the photo above. How could anyone be taking seriously like that? Tyra, we love you but you went a bit too far with this one. Even though the beard got re-done during the season because it still looked super ratchet. It was still one of the weirdest makeovers done on the history of the show.

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