15 Animal Rescue Stories That Will Warm Your Heart

For years and years, animals and humans have coexisted. Yet at times, whether it's due to human involvement or natural disaster, an animal's life can become endangered. Despite these daily unfortunate occurrences, every now and then we come across a story of an animal rescue effort that once again restores our faith in humanity.

Take a look at these 15 heartwarming animal rescue stories.

15 Watch this dog getting rescued after having fallen in a well.

This rescue story took place in rural India, where a street dog had fallen down a well. The dog was clearly distressed and fatigued, struggling to remain perched alongside the well walls in order to prevent from drowning. The villagers noticed the urgency of the situation and called animal services to aid the dog who had already been there for some time.

When the animal services team arrived, they immediately took action and devised a plan on how to safely remove the dog from the well. Once they began their descent and the dog became aware of their efforts, she began wagging her tail! The dog was then taken back to the animal sanctuary to be medically examined and live the rest of her life avoiding wells. This story was one of people coming together to give an animal a second chance at life!

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14 Take a look at this wild fox cub rescue.

This wild fox cub was rescued by an animal aid group based in England. It became entangled in sports netting set up in a family's backyard. The rescuer was able to quickly release the fox cub from the netting, making sure that there were no constriction wounds caused by the entanglement. The wildlife aid group advises people to avoid releasing a caught animal without the help of a wildlife expert, as constriction wounds from entanglement can cause harm or even death to the animal weeks after the incident. In this instance, they further advise that prevention is the best solution. Remove or raise your nets (12 inches from the ground) when you aren't using them to help prevent serious harm to the local wildlife!

The wild fox cub glances one last time at the rescuer as to say, "Thank you!" before disappearing into the woods.

13 Here is an elderly street dog who was given a new start in life. (Warning: Graphic Content)

In the streets of India, an elderly stray was attacked by another dog and left in a rapidly deteriorating condition. The dog was clearly in need of urgent medical care and an animal aid group was called to the scene. As they quickly assessed the animal, the rescuers realized that the dog's ear had become infected and needed to be surgically removed. The surgery was successful and the dog, now named Bhaloo, fully recovered after five weeks of treatment! The sanctuary that rescued him has become Bhaloo's home and near the end of the video he is seen happily interacting with other dogs and receiving some well-deserved loving from one of the volunteers. Bhaloo will live the rest of his life knowing that he is in good hands!

Look at that smile on Bhaloo's face!

12 Take a look at Woody's rescue story.

This is the heartbreaking rescue story of Woody, who was forgotten after his owner had passed away. Woody had been surviving on scraps of food left out by the neighbours. Once an animal rescue group had been notified, they quickly arrived to the scene. They found Woody hiding underneath the house hungry, frightened, and in need of some tender loving care. The rescuers brought Woody back to the sanctuary, giving him a thorough groom and health check before settling into his new foster home. After a long time of waiting, Woody has finally settled into his new life.

These are before and after shots of Woody. Just take a look at how his personality has shone through after experiencing a rough bump in the road! This story truly pulls at the heartstrings.

11 This is the story of a miracle kitten.

During a family outing on a cold Thanksgiving day, this family stumbled upon a seemingly lifeless kitten in the snow. The kitten's body was limp in the hands of its rescuer. The family acted quickly and brought the kitten into the warmth of their home while attempting to resuscitate it. After nearly an hour, the kitten regained consciousness and opened its gorgeous blue eyes to the world and to a second chance at life! Near the end of the video, it is revealed that the kitten had no problem finding a loving forever home and even gained a furry sibling. It is absolutely miraculous how some animals can persevere through harsh conditions.

Would you just look at that face! I think it's safe to say that this kitten won't be venturing out in the cold again anytime soon.

10 Watch this rescue story of a mother and baby orangutan.

This rescue story takes place deep within the forests of Borneo that have been devastated by forest fires in 2015, forcing local wildlife to flee. This mother and baby have resorted to eating crops from a nearby plantation in order to keep from starving. Upon the arrival of the animal rescue team, they assessed the pair and concluded that they were in need of urgent care. The mother orangutan was severely emaciated and unable to produce milk for her child. They were both taken to the rehabilitation centre in order to help them regain the strength to be released back into the wild. After two months, given a clean bill of health, the day had finally come and the two were transported to a release site within the national park.

9 This is the story of Fiona—the blind dog rescue who survived against all odds.

Fiona was found abandoned on a deserted property, severely neglected and frightened. An animal rescue team arrived at the scene and slowly approached Fiona until she felt comfortable in their presence. They quickly realized that she was blind. Upon her arrival in the safety of the rescuers' home, her matted fur was shaved down and she was thoroughly bathed. Fiona then visited a veterinarian, who was able to restore vision in one of her eyes! Watching her look at her surroundings for the first time in a while is absolutely heart melting. A few weeks following her recovery, she was adopted by a loving family. Fiona now has three other furry siblings and is the happiest little dog around!

I'm not crying, there's just a little something in my eye.

8 Take a look at this firefighter saving a kitten from a burning house.

Putting out fires? Check. Saving kittens? Check. During a dispatch call, this firefighter stumbled upon an unconscious kitten that had inhaled harmful smoke caused by the fire. He was quick to react and took the necessary measures in order attempt reviving the kitten by placing a child's oxygen mask to its face and cooling its body down with water. After a few minutes, the kitten regained consciousness! Although soaked and disoriented, it is clear that the kitten appears to be fine.

People often forget that firefighters don't only save human lives, but also make an effort to save the lives of our furry companions. If you are a pet owner, try to enforce precautionary measures so that each member of your family is able to escape safely in the occurrence of a fire. You can do this by practicing family escape routes or installing a home security system that can detect danger while you're away.

7 Watch how a man rescues a bird wedged underneath a car roof storage box.

This rescue story took place in Norway, when a man realized that a small bird had become trapped underneath his car's storage box. He quickly reasoned that attempting to rescue the bird himself was the best option, as the closest wildlife rescue team was hours away from his location. Slowly but surely, he nudged the bird gently from underneath the storage box until he was able to reach it. The bird seemed stunned but not visibly harmed, so the man opted to warm it up in his car. All this effort paid off, as near the end of the video you can see the bird had fully recovered and flew off into its natural habitat. This little fellow surely wouldn't have survived unless the man intervened, making this rescue a great success!

6 Check out this rescue involving a baby hedgehog stuck in a can.

After receiving a call about an unidentified noise that sounded like an animal in distress, this rescue aid group based in England set out to find the source. Soon after some exploring, the rescuer found the source of the noise turned out to be a hedgehog who had become stuck in an empty can whilst venturing for food. This turned out to be a simple rescue and release, as the hedgehog didn't suffer any obvious injuries. But this story could have ended differently if the rescuers hadn't been there. This is why it is important to properly recycle cans, keeping in mind how it could affect nature and local wildlife. Hedgehogs also often become entangled in yard netting, which is why you should always either store away nets or raise them (at least 12 inches) from the ground.

A happy ending for this little buddy!

5 This is the story of Freedom's newfound freedom.

When a man found his horse Freedom had accidentally fallen through a maintenance pit on the property, he called local firefighters to assist him in this challenging rescue. The team attempted to pile hay around the horse, in hopes that this would help elevate Freedom higher in order to escape the pit. After nearly 12 hours of being entrapped, Freedom was having trouble staying alert. The owner and firefighters were able to successfully liberate Freedom from the pit by heaving her upwards ingeniously using fire hose as a method of support. Once she was rescued, she is seen trotting off into the pasture! That was a close call for Freedom, but her owner was determined to help do everything he can in order to rescue her. Faith in humanity, restored.

4 Take a look at the long journey on the road to recovery of Hazel the goat.

Meet Hazel, the goat that was found by an animal rescue team in an extremely neglected situation. At first encounter, it was clear to the rescuers that Hazel was weak, malnourished, and unable to walk. She was carefully removed from the pen she was found in and safely transported by crate to an animal rehabilitation centre, where she received physical therapy and proper nourishment. After months of recovery, she was finally fully rehabilitated and able to walk again! Watch how she playfully follows her goat friend in and around the stalls of the centre. That's one happy goat with a bright new outlook on life.

3 Watch as this man rescues an abandoned fawn.

This man noticed a doe with two fawns in his backyard, but while he was observing the small family, it quickly became obvious that one of the fawns was unable to properly walk. Instinctually, the mother abandoned the fawn that was unable to walk in fear of her life and the life of her healthy fawn. The man didn't interfere right away, keeping a close eye on the fawn in hopes that the mother would return. Once morning came, it was clear that the only way this fawn would survive is if he offered it his aid. Bringing the fawn into his home, the man created a brace for its leg. After a few days, the fawn's leg improved! The great part of this story is that he was able to successfully reunite the abandoned fawn with its mother and sibling.

Please keep in mind that, although this deer rescue had a happy ending, it is important to be aware that deer often suffer from capture myopathy—a complex disease associated with the capture of any wild animal. The handling of ill or injured animals often causes them to become increasingly stressed, which in turn can influence their state to worsen rapidly. If it is possible, attempt to contact wildlife rescuers who are trained in handling these wild animals.

2 This is the story of a dog that almost lost all hope. (Warning: Graphic Content)

This dog, named Jordan, was found severely abused and abandoned at the bottom of a canal. He is seen huddled on an empty potato chip bag while his rescue was underway. Jordan was terribly malnourished, suffering from mange bacterial infection and a severed leg. It was a miracle he survived as long as he did. After he regained his strength, his leg was surgically amputated. Jordan is seen running around and settling into his new home just a few days after his surgery! There's a good reason it's said that dogs are born with, "Three legs and a spare" — given how well they adapt to life after amputation.

Via: youtube.com

Jordan's heartwarming tale of bravery and perseverance resulted in the happiest of endings. Just look at him lounging and sunbathing that little belly of his!

1 Meet Lola, the cat that was rescued from one of the largest recorded cruelty cases. (Warning: Graphic Content)

Lola was rescued from an animal hoarding situation that was recorded as one of the largest cruelty cases in history—nearly 700 severely-neglected cats were found on the property. The cats were kept in small cages and most were clearly malnourished and in poor health. In this video, her new owner watches Lola's rescue for the first time and comes to a better understanding of her past life. Lola is blind in one eye, but that certainly doesn't stop her from revealing her radiant and curious personality!

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