15 Animals Having A Way Worse Day Than You

Animals are beloved creatures, and for good reason. Pets are always happy to cuddle with their owners and wild, majestic animals can be admired from afar... even if that means through a tall metal fence at the zoo. There's a reason why everyone loves a cute kitten photo circulating on Facebook and why pictures of baby animals can suddenly make a bad day feel more bearable. We know animals are great at showing compassion, offering companionship and making people smile. But animals are also great at supplying a good laugh when needed. As much as we love them, it's sometimes fun to see their blunders and bloopers. So, for anyone having a bad day, here are 15 animals having a way worse day to lighten the mood and offer up a little hope.

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15 Having a ball

Via: daily.bhaskar.com

There are plenty of videos that feature deer butting their antlers up against a tree or using them to poke at something, which could include the antlers of another deer. But it looks like this deer poked around in the wrong neck of the woods. Maybe he made it into a back yard, or some kid lost a ball in the forest. Either way, the deer stumbled upon it and somehow got it stuck in his antlers. The ball fits perfectly between his rack and will likely stay there until it finally deflates. That means that this buck is not only having a bad day, but he also has the potential to have a bad week or even month! Maybe another deer will come along and give that ball a good stab. On the other hand, it would be interesting to see how this new look affects what the doe think of him.

14 Just a spiky snack

Via: dumpaday.com

Just like deer are known for butting and digging their antlers into things, cats are known for clawing and biting on random objects. Cats are also known for being curious creatures, which often leads to them ending up in odd places and getting into trouble. This cat isn't hurting anything or anyone but himself by deciding to take a bite out of this peculiarly prickly cucumber. It's hard to tell if the cat just now bit down on the cactus or if he is stuck there from biting down a while ago. Regardless of the time frame, it's safe to say that he will walk away with a couple of extra whiskers when he finally manages to break lose. In the future, his owner could just put a cactus wherever the cat isn't allowed. No doubt the cat will remember this pain for a while.

13 What a view

Via: dumpaday.com

Remember when we mentioned that cats are curious creatures? Yeah, well, this cat decided to explore outside, but didn't really understand how to work the window. The good news is that the front part of the cat is already outside so that he can enjoy a nice view while being stuck. The bad news is that everyone in the house (as well as everyone reading this) gets a tail end view. Despite the nice view, this cat doesn't look too happy with his current situation. We're pretty sure his owner let him lose right after taking this hilarious photo—which we're thankful to have for a good laugh. We're also hoping this cat learned his lesson about climbing through half-open windows. Maybe he can learn to use a doggy door.

12 One heavy load

Via: funnyjunk.com

Horses are wonderful creatures, often known for their beauty and majestic nature. They are also very practical creatures though, particularly because they can carry heavy loads. But even 18-wheelers have a load capacity, and for good reason. If this horse looks like it's buckling under pressure, that's because of what it's under—literally. We're sure this poor horse is looking at the horse in front of him and wondering how he ended up with the heaviest load. Even worse, there is a lightweight person walking next to the horse. We're sure the horse is also wondering if and when this person is going to swap out with the guy breaking his back. Let's just hope they aren't in for too long of a trail ride. Otherwise, this journey will result in one big Charley horse for this poor animal.

11 The laughing cow

Via: pinterest.com

The only thing that can make being stuck in a stupid situation even worse is when a friend is nearby to witness the blunder. Of course, the friend will help out or seek help, but not before getting a good laugh out of the situation. That's why the cow photobombing with a funny reaction makes this picture all the better. The poor horse is stuck in the worst way possible, and it will take some skill on the farmer's part to get him out. We can tell the horse is already frustrated and has tried to pry loose from the mud kicked up around his back feet. Meanwhile, the cow is laughing away at the horse's misery. Maybe the farmer won't put these two in the same pen once the horse is free. If he does, the cow better watch his back.

10 Moose on the loose

Via: deathandtaxesmag.com

If an animal gets into a really bad situation, it's usually due to one of two actions. One, the animal is being super curious about its surroundings, or two, the animal is being downright careless. It's most likely the second scenario for this moose. We have no way of knowing the backstory, but it appears like the moose was running around and landed smack center into a tree. Did he try to jump over the tree trunk or just not see the tree at all and run right into it? Who knows? What we do know is he got stuck so bad that reinforcements had to be called in to get him out. Now that's a phone call firefighters don't get every day. Much more unique than the typical cat up a tree conundrum.

9 Doggy style

Via: i-am-bored.com

When it comes to pets, horses are perhaps the third most common animal, coming in after dogs and cats. They can also be broken in and tamed to act more like a small animal than a large beast. This horse obviously thinks he's a dog, since he decided to try and enter the house doggy style by going through the doggy door. Of course, we can tell that he got his head stuck and broke a huge hole in the door trying to get it out. His owner doesn't seem too happy with this situation either, judging by her frustrated stance. And while the horse may no longer be stuck in the door... well, he actually still is stuck in the door! This situation is perfect proof why barns are made without doors. Horse just can't handle them.

8 Playing astronaut?

Via: dumpaday.com

This poor pup let his curiosity get the best of him, and as a result, he ended up neck deep in a fish bowl. Who knows whether he thought it was a food bowl, decided to go sniffing around for a fish or just wanted to play astronaut for a while. None of that really matters much now though, since the result is the same. The look on his face is priceless, and we can easily see that this accident required two people to rescue him. Well, three, if you count the person who took the photo. The good news is that this dog will likely never go near a fishbowl again. That should come as a relief to any fish that might one day share a home with this canine.

7 Just re"lax"ing

Via: craveonline.com

This dog is just chilling, laying around on his bed. Nothing seems unusual about him or his day. That is until the owner shows us what the dog feasted on earlier—a box of laxatives! Knowing what just one or two laxatives can do to an adult human, it's cringeworthy to imagine what an entire box of laxatives can do to a dog. This dog is in for one rough day, and the owner will have a lot of cleaning up to do. It's also important to not overlook the fact that these laxatives are chocolate flavored! Anyone who knows a decent amount about dogs knows that they are allergic to chocolate and that it can be deadly to them. In that case, maybe it's a good thing that everything this dog digested will soon run through him like a river.

6 Parking problems

Via: daily.bhaskar.com

Remember the cat caught in the window? Sure, that looked like a bad situation, but remember that no matter what, things can always get worse. At least the cat in the widow had a little wiggle room and a nice view of the back yard. This cat got caught in a garage door and has no wiggle room whatsoever. He's also stuck looking inside at what is likely total darkness, since there are no windows on the garage door. It looks like someone put a stick there to try and pry him out. That's probably the best possible solution as opening the garage door might roll him in even further. Maybe this cat likes living life on the edge (pun intended) and is testing the theory that cats have nine lives, just like the swan tested the seven years' bad luck theory with the ladder.

5 Wrong kind of waterfall

Via: daily.bhaskar.com

Polar bears love water, which would include swimming in water and maybe even hanging out near icy waterfalls. That is, of course, when those waterfalls are made purely of water and void of any bodily fluids. We have no way of knowing whether the polar bear standing on the ledge is aware of his actions and how his friend is suffering. All we know is that coming up from a dive to meet a mouth full of pee can't be pleasant for any creature. At least all the cow did was laugh when his horse friend was stuck between the fence rails. This polar bear is solely responsible for his friend's misery. On second thought, maybe these two bears aren't friends at all. It's safe to say that they won't be after this incident for sure.

4 Right between the (bull's) eyes

Via: daily.bhaskar.com

Not many animals have the guts it takes to mess with a bull, but this little bird doesn’t seem to let that bother him. Maybe the bird doesn't realize exactly what kind of animal he is messing with, and by messing, we mean literally. The bull doesn’t look too pleased about what is happening, as he shouldn’t be. Nobody really likes the idea of poop running down his or her face. The polar bear had a tough time getting peed on, but at least, he could have gone under water for a quick clean up. This bull will have to go do some self-cleaning elsewhere. And despite the bull's mean demeanor and large stature, all the bird has to do is fly off to get away unharmed. Something about that just doesn’t seem fair.

3 Double the damage

Via: barnorama.com

We've seen a lot of animals in the midst of chaotic situations, plus the dog that had recently ate an entire box of laxatives. We don't know if the results of that had hit him yet or not. Here's another dog that is already reaping the repercussions of a bad choice and as a result is having a bad day. Part of the fun in being a dog is the ability to frolic around and play all day. That's a little hard to do though with two broken legs. The look on this pup's face tells it all. He is miserable and miserably bored. Hopefully, he will be out of those casts before too long. Until then, he will just have to suck it up and make the best of some long, boring days.

2 A second offense

Via: trending-buzzz.net

It looks like cows aren’t the only farm animals that have trouble with fences. Unlike the horse, this cow only had her head hung across the fence, so it couldn't be that bad, right? Well, it wouldn't be if another cow hadn't come along and taken advantage of her compromising position. It turns out that being stuck under a fence opened this cow up to receiving a sexual offense as well. This makes the cow laughing at the horse look completely harmless. And even the animals peeing and pooping on others don't seem so bad anymore. The cow in the back has no shame or moral code though when it comes to respecting another animal that is having a bad day. This is farm animal equivalent to a sleazy guy hitting on a girl at a bar who is down on her luck.

1 Ah nuts

Via: jagosjunk.tumblr.com

Many people like to place bird feeders in their yards to welcome feathered friends. But more often than not, these feeders get overtaken by hungry squirrels. That's why a lot of bird feeders now have features to ward off squirrels from stealing the bird feed. We don't really think this pole was an intentional squirrel trap, but it sure did do the trick. Whether the squirrel was after the bird feed or just snooping around the yard for some nuts, he got a surprise for his nuts instead. Not only will the residents no longer have to worry about this squirrel lurking around their yard, but there will likely be a dip in the nearby squirrel population once this one gets loose. Even the best veterinarian couldn't pull out a neutering job as well as this lawn décor did.

Source: telegraph.co.uk

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