15 Animals That Inappropriately Photobombed Vacation Photos

From house pets to wild beasts in exotic locations, animals are marvelous creatures. Part of the fun in them is that they do whatever comes natural to them no matter where they are and no matter who is watching. If you’re lucky enough, you may just catch some of these animal instincts on camera. The vacationers in these photos happened to capture some prime examples of animals behaving badly.

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15 Bearing the wilderness

Via: obe.tumblr.com

Getting out in nature is good from time to time, no matter where you may live. Fresh air, beautiful views, and living off the land can all prove beneficial to your health. There is, however, the threat of wilderness creatures. Take, for instance, this bear that seems a little unfriendly or perhaps hungry. Maybe that is why this family chose to jump back in their car, or maybe they just arrived to the campsite and were oblivious to what was standing behind them. If the first were true, then they sure are taking a laid back approach to this beast. If the latter were true, then they got one disturbing surprise as soon as they looked at this picture. Either way, it is evident that the bear is aware of their presence.

14 Scary horse head

Via: herscoop.com

One of the scariest costumes a person can wear is a creepy rubber horse head. Nothing scares a kid—as well as some adults­—more than seeing a grown person wearing the head of a horse with huge teeth and crazy looking eyes. Well, that is until a real horse head gets in the kid’s face. Visiting a farm may be fun for most kids, but not for this little guy. He got an up and close encounter with a horse that proved to be anything but pleasant. Yet, it was memorable. He will have a hard time forgetting when a horse stuck its head in his car window and opened its mouth wide. That memory should show up in his nightmares for many nights to come.

13 Hold your licker

Via: slightlywarped.com

This giraffe has some nerve. A nice couple simply wanted to take a picture and have a cute animal in the background to document their trip to the zoo. At first, they thought the giraffe would kindly pose with them for the photo opt. That was only half true, as its pose was anything but kind. Not only did the giraffe totally cover up the guy’s face, but it had to go and stick its tongue out, too. Talk about a majorly rude photobomb! The only thing that could have been worse in this photo is if the giraffe had licked one of the people in the face with its giant tongue. Who knows? It might very well have happened after the photo was taken.

12 Something seems fishy

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

A sunset photo out on the beach seems romantic, and the look on this woman’s face might suggest the thought of romance. The weird part, though, is that she was hugged up to a rather huge, slimy fish. If anything could be weirder in this photo, it would be the expression on the fish’s face. It looks as if the fish was trying to bite her ear off rather than sharing in her sentiment. On second thought, perhaps the look on that woman’s face was one of terror instead of passion. If that is so, then whoever was standing behind the camera should have stepped in to help her. Unless she was holding the camera and this is a selfie. OK, now it got even weirder.

11 Peeing on your parade

Via: pinterest.com

Speaking of romantic beach photos, at least this woman had a real man with her. It looks like a lovely engagement photo taken on the beach, with the couple looking out into the beautiful ocean and crisp blue sky. All would have been perfect except for the dog that walked up and hiked a leg behind them. They seem so in love that they were oblivious to their surroundings. A trickle of pup pee down their arms should have been just what was needed to snap them back into reality. On the bright side, it might be their own dog. That way they could at least pass it off as a family photo. Kids behave badly in family photos, so why can’t dogs do so, too?

10 No more barefoot on the beach

Via: dogster.com

Walking barefoot on the beach is a calming activity for many people. It seemed to be a little cold out where these girls are though, since they were bundled up in coats and gloves. That was probably a good thing since it made their chances of running around barefoot slim to none. Otherwise, they might have found their feet in poop thanks to this dog that decided to drop a bomb behind them in front of the ocean. It is likely that this is their dog, which should make for some funny conversations as they view this photo later on in life. Maybe they should start walking the dog on the beach every day to get it to poop. Next time just bring a trash bag for clean up.

9 Just a little sniff

Via: wizzed.com

Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason. They are known for being utterly affectionate and friendly creatures. Dogs love to greet and meet new people all the time. The only problem is that they do so by sniffing rather than by shaking hands (or paws). This might be OK if they sniffed people’s hands, but they much rather sniff more intimate areas. Too bad for this girl who happened to be wearing a dress and posing for a photo at the same moment a dog wanted to greet her. It looks like the guy was trying his best to ignore what is going on. Maybe it was his dog. Another reason for his expression might be that he was trying not to laugh.

8 It’s just Ray

Via: wizzed.com

No worries, Ray just wants in the picture. Mr. Stingray, that is. These girls seemed a little more than disgusted about having a stingray cling to their backs. The stingray, on the other hand, seemed to be smiling and actually looks as if it was giving the girls a friendly hug. After all, who wouldn’t want to pose with three good-looking ladies in a tropical setting? The two older ladies who were off to the side looking on is also priceless, as they seemed to take pleasure in the younger ladies get a little too freaked out. Chances are, the younger women thought twice before taking another excursion that involved swimming with sea life. Even dolphins can get a little too close for comfort.

7 Sunbathing doggy style

Via: dailymail.co.uk

It is always peaceful and pleasant to be lying in the sand at the beach on a beautiful sunny day without a cloud in sight. What could possibly make your day any better? How about a hilarious photobomb in the backdrop of your photo? Nothing can ruin the view of crisp blue waters and an equally blue sky like two dogs going at it on the shoreline. This woman gave a cheerful smile for the person taking her photo, oblivious to her surroundings. One look at the finished photo and she will see that the dogs behind her easily steal the show, taking any focus away from her and her new bikini. This location may not be the family-friendly beach she thought she was visiting.

6 It’s hump day at the zoo

Via: mom.me

Everyone knows that you can save money by visiting the zoo on a weekday rather than on the weekend. If you decide to go on a Wednesday, however, you might just get more than you bargained for. For instance, these playful giraffes. Just like the giraffe that decided to stick its tongue out in the picture, these giraffes decided to act badly. They at least did their business elsewhere though, as they seem ignorant to the fact that they are in the background of a tourist photo. The little girl did not seem to know what was going on either, while whoever took the picture is likely laughing his or her head off at the sight. Perhaps her parents can save this photo to have “the talk” with her years later.

5 Camels are known for their humps

Via: teamjimmyjoe.com

No other animal is associated with humps more than a camel. Apparently, that means both humps as a noun and as a verb, judging by the action going on in the background of this family photo. Dad was laughing pretty hard in this picture, which leads you to believe that he has already turned around and seen what is going on inside the fence behind them. That did nothing to stop the photographer from snapping this photo, though. Why should it? What are the chances of ever again seeing a humpbacked animal hump another humpbacked animal in real life? Unless you're living in the desert, probably none. This photo is certainly a keeper that deserves a prominent spot in the family photo album.

4 Coming out of its shell

Via: blog.sfgate.com

This giant turtle decided to come out of its shell to have a little fun. Neither that turtle nor the one beneath it seemed too concerned that a family of four was standing behind them. So in this case, it was the people doing the photobombing instead of the animals. The verdict is out on whether the family made the decision to pose with the giant turtles before or after the turtles started getting down to business. Regardless of what stance the turtles were in when the photo posing began, you can’t really blame the family for wanting a picture with them. Turtles this big are not commonly seen in just any environment. Just think of the turtles humping as an added bonus to their uniqueness.

3 Jumping and humping

Via: wizzed.com

How sweet of that kangaroo to stop jumping around so that the little boy could come pet it. Wait, it looks like two kangaroos, and they were doing much more than jumping. They were humping! The little boy in this photo had no idea what was really going on between the two animals, which makes it so much funnier. He was just happy to feed the kangaroo a snack. You know it had to be the best day ever for the male kangaroo: he got a snack and a little something on the side, all at the same time!

2 What a circus

Via: boreburn.com

Short of a circus trick, it is rare that you see elephants piled up on each other’s backs. This is especially true when they happen to have people on their backs already. The fact that there were multiple people riding on the back of each elephant during a tour did nothing to stop these two animals from doing what only felt natural. In particular, the male elephant did not seem to mind that the tourists on his back were about to be thrown off backwards onto the dirt. Although, some of the tourists laughed at such an interesting scenario, the tour guide does not look too happy with the elephant.

1 See it all at SeaWorld

Via: teamjimmyjoe.com

It is always cool when an animal lets you stand beside it, and especially when it will let you pet it. Just like the large turtles, or the little boy feeding the kangaroo. There is something a little different about this photo, though. The family smiling happily in the background had no idea of how badly this animal was behaving. They proudly stood beside this walrus to document their trip to SeaWorld. After taking a closer look at the photo, there is evidence that the place should be named “See” World as the picture shows more than anyone would ever want to see of this walrus. Don’t blame the animal. He is just happy to have some company . . . a little too happy.

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