15 Animals That Thought They Were Masters Of Disguise

Sometimes, you just want to run and hide from the world, y'know? Even pets have those days. When the pressure of being cute, cuddly, and curious just gets to be too much – they just have to get away from it all sometimes. These adorable animals below did their best to hide away from all the madness, but it didn't go as well as planned.

Check out these 15 animals that thought they were masters of disguise, but just ended up being even cuter than before!

15 This little guy that just wanted to blend into the crowd


At the end of the day, it was the blinking that gave him away.

14 This precious kitty that was just a bit too fluffy


You have to admit, this was a pretty brilliant hiding place though.

13 This angel that got a little help from a friend


If it weren't for those adorable little eyes, she may have blended in perfectly!

12 This gorgeous guy who just needed to close his eyes


Black and white rug... black and white kitty... this should have been a match made in heaven!

11 This adorable dude who thought he was pudgy enough


Just a few more treats and you'll get there, buddy. Promise.

10 These adorable bunnies that know a friend when they see one


Doesn't it look like they're whispering to each other?

9 This fierce kitty that almost nailed it


He may not be a master of disguise, but his fashion sense is spot-on.

8 This sleepy guy that gets major points for creativity


He's definitely on a roll... LOL!

7 This princess that just wants to shower in peace


Pay no attention to the kitty behind the curtain!

6 This big puppy that just wants to fit in


It looks like he's saying "Just play it cool and they'll never know."

5 This kitty who thought everything would be fine if she stayed perfectly still


She's obviously in the advanced yoga class.

4 This little guy that had the right idea, but the wrong quill color


It ain't easy being green!

3 This hamster that thought an entourage would help


2 This pudgy guy that should never have agreed to a lineup

"Sir, can you spot the pug who buried the bone in your flower bed?"

1 This camouflaged cat that almost had it in the bag


So close, kitty. SO. CLOSE.

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