15 Animals Who Thought They Could Pass As Humans

Most animals have at least had one encounter with us humans if not more. Like being domesticated or being placed in a zoo. And although animals are intelligent all on their own, given how long they’ve survived on this planet alongside us, watching us humans makes them develop their own human-like mannerisms and habits.

That’s why today we decided to show off a collection of images that we thought fit the criteria of animals having unusually human-like behavior, whether they were domesticated or found in the wild.

And since the only thing cuter than animals being their adorable little selves is them pretending to be human, we really think a lot of folks will enjoy all of the pictures below.

Whether it is to imitate, to get a laugh or even just to grab the attention of the nearest human, our little furry neighbors never fail to amuse. Here are 15 animals that tried their best to fit in with the human populace.

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15 Paint Me Like One Of Those French Cats

We know that cats are amazing. And that’s why we're going to see a few more cats that thought they were people in this article. However, we are going to start off this list with one of the most popular cats in the world that a lot of us have definitely seen if we've spent more than an hour online in the past ten years.

This cat's name is Tombili. It quickly rose to internet fame after being titled as one of the most relaxed cats ever. Just look at his pose!  Clearly, the title suits him! Tombili hailed from Istanbul, Turkey. According to the people in his neighborhood, this was his favorite place to chill.

Unfortunately, Tombili passed away last year, but his memory was not at all forgotten. In fact, so many people wanted to remember this cat that they started a petition to get the city council to make a statue in Tombili’s memory! And if we were to visit Istanbul now, we would be able to see this statue for ourselves in the Ziverbey neighborhood. Tombili is one of the most famous instances of a cat behaving like a human. He just liked to relax on the sidewalk in his favorite pose. And now the memory of him will last forever in the form of a statue and a meme.

14 Let’s Bear Open Our Hearts

Via Sitez

We’re pretty sure that this bear got the idea of sitting at this picnic table after a long and a careful observation of people actually at a picnic. Otherwise, there is no way it would be able to come up with the idea of putting its legs in the right place on its own, right? Or at least we hope that’s the case and it’s not one of the bears from Goldilocks, patiently waiting for the porridge to cool down.

And we definitely hope that there are no photos of a blond little girl wandering around the same woods that this bear was in, on her way to eat some porridge and sleep in a stranger’s bed. I have so many questions about that story, but I'll refrain from going into it for the sake of this article. But, like, what kind of person just wanders into a stranger's house and eats their food?

The best thing about the human-like behavior of this bear is the fact that it kind of looks like it's posing for the photos. Almost like it had been waiting for this moment its entire life. Now that the moment has finally arrived, the bear can finally step away from the picnic table and live a long and happy life. Perhaps even retelling the story of when someone took this picture to its own cubs.

13 Hand Me That Screwdriver

Let’s be honest here: in a world where being a car mechanic is typically considered a male-oriented job, and the number of women in the industry is rather small, it’s always a pleasant surprise to see a woman getting her hands dirty under the hood. Especially as a full-time job where people have to spend their entire day working and tinkering with all sorts of cars. Unlike with a hobby, where people just enjoy fixing up old cars or even maintaining their own car with some basic knowledge that they may have.

However, seeing a cat acting as a car mechanic is not something you see every day.

It’s probably even rarer than seeing a woman being a car mechanic. Actually, this may just be the only cat mechanic in the entire world. Lucky for all of us here, we have the honor of seeing it in action! It feels like with every new photo of a cat doing human-like things, they appear to be evolving more and more with each passing day. We’re pretty sure that cats chasing lasers is going to be a thing of the past because, at this rate, they will start building their own.

12 Handy Cat

Just like the previous photo, here we can also see that cats are truly evolving. Perhaps all the “cute” cat photos on the internet are going to be documentation for future generations of how cats who have developed to be just as good as us humans. Or maybe even better than humans, if we just wait a little while longer.

After all, cats used to be worshipped in ancient times. And in case you were wondering about how many cats it would take to change a light bulb, the correct answer would be none. Because cats are sometimes even smarter than humans. Which means that it’s a lot more likely for a cat to see that a light bulb isn’t working, and craft an entire adventure for itself. One where it tries to show its human that the bulb needs to be changed.

Therefore, the answer is that cats would actually get their humans to change the light bulbs for them. And this just adds even more convenience for the cats, because now they’ve watched humans do another thing that they can learn, imitate and improve on. Something that this cat has obviously already done. Just take a look at its little paws. You can see that this cat is bright and has plenty of experience in changing light bulbs.

11 After A Long Day At Work

We are now going to break up this string of adorable cats being as intelligent and as handy as humans with a photo of a very tired-looking dog at a bar. Perhaps this dog got tired after spending all day being excited around its human. It just needed to crack open a cold one with the boys. Because sometimes, dogs just need to be dogs and relax and unwind. Unfortunately, there are no boys in this photo, so maybe they're just running late?

Another option would be that this dog is disappointed because no one has praised it for being a good boy today!

So it was planning on drowning all of its sorrows with a few dog treats at the bar. But maybe things aren’t as grim for this dog as we think. Maybe this dog is on a date, but the date hasn’t arrived yet, so it decided to take some deep breaths and focusing on being its best self before the date gets there. So perhaps it’s just some first date jitters, and we hope that this date went well and we wish this good little boy the best of luck on any other date it goes on.

10 Pawsitively Delicious


And just like that, we are back with the cats who are practically as good as humans and are evolving as fast as you are reading this article. Just look at that cat! They're so good at self-improvement and being smart. They even managed to go from predators in the wild, to predators in the home (with mice).

Then, of course, they watched everything that humans did and tried doing those things themselves. Eventually they got the hang of it and figured out a way without the use of thumbs. And now we see this cat eating its food with an actual fork, despite the fact that we know they can’t use forks because they don’t have opposable thumbs. That is some next-level intelligence in that cat.

I’m sure we’ve all seen those cats that can only eat if their owner is also having a meal, or they only want to eat with their humans at the dining table. But this little guy decided to take it a step further and learn a skill that even human toddlers find difficult to manage. This cat managed to learn how to hold a fork! I can't get over it! This is pretty impressive!

9 How Many Likes Did I Get?

Yes, this is yet another photo of a cat, and we promise, this is the last one where the cat is going to be the sole focus of the picture. Now we are going to talk about how cats have gotten so smart, that here we can see it clearly trying to use an iPhone. And if you remember a few years ago, there was a video going around of a cat playing Fruit Ninja on an iPad. With its catlike reflexes, it even managed to get a fairly high score!

And with some decent practice, that cat could easily become one of the unbeatable masters of the game.

These days our phones have improved so much that our cats can unlock them using the fingerprint scanner, and both the App Store and the Play Store have apps focused on cats. From apps on how to train a new cat, to first aid for them, games designed especially for cats to even Cat Twitter! Yes, now your own cat can have a Twitter account and post its own pre-penned thoughts. And that’s our guess for what this cat was trying to do unless it was waiting for a very important call.

8 Even Dogs Get Tired Of Walking All The Time

In the classic and age-old dogs vs. cats argument, here’s another picture for this list, featuring a bunch of dogs. We really hope that these dogs actually know where they are going and none of them are impatient. After all, road trips take quite a bit of time. And having someone in the back constantly asking the same question of “Are we there yet?” gets tiring after the first dozen times you hear it shouted from behind you.

But all of these dogs look like they are good boys as well, they are just excited to hit the road and to start singing along to all the hits on the radio. Although road trips are typically an American thing to do, we also recommend taking a road trip no matter where you’re located around the globe.

Getting to see some new sights, having the wind in your hair, no worries on your mind, and trying to hit all the high notes of today’s most popular song is a great way to spend some quality time with your friends. And it’s obvious that these dogs know best, they just need some more dog treats and they will be on their way.

7 We’d Like To Start A Joint Chequing Account

We believe that this is a pair of newlyweds who are looking to join their banking accounts together in order to keep better track of their finances. Now that’s some responsibility. Now they have to take care of their owner as well as each other, but that won’t be a problem for these two. And, as a bonus, having a joint account means that they can get even more dog treats and dog toys, which is going to make their lives together even more enjoyable than it already is.

But while these two are focusing on the financial details of their relationship, how about we think back to what was probably a beautiful wedding ceremony?

There was the panting groom eagerly awaiting his barking bride at the altar. The best dog and the bridesmaids got to the altar late because they were trying to calm down the bride and groom. But then, when the bride started walking down the aisle, every guest started wagging their tails and howling at the moon. We also assume that they had a flower pup and a ring bearer, which had to be the neighbor’s new pups. And after the couple barked their vows, the officiant finally pronounced them dog and dog.

6 Welcome To The Jam

Although basketball is a team sport, we didn’t find any other pandas trying to play with this one. But knowing how silly pandas can be, the rest of this team, along with the opposing team, probably got stuck in some trees. it's likely that they fell asleep eating bamboo or even decided to go trounce around in the nearest playground.

If you hadn’t noticed before, a lot of pandas love the same toys that human toddlers do. There are instances of pandas going down slides or riding on swings. When they are kept in zoos, they even enjoy messing with the zookeepers for some fun!

And this panda in the picture is probably enjoying some time cooling off in the water before the big game. But from the looks of it, it seems that it wasn’t expecting to have its picture taken in such an intimate moment. Pandas prefer to live stress-free lives, and having this picture taken must have been at least a little bit nerve wracking. We really hope that after its bath, this panda had a nice bamboo meal for the rest of the day and got some quality shut-eye before the big game. Otherwise the prospects for the black and white furry team are not looking so bright.

5 The Newlyweds

We did promise that there would be no more photos that were cat-focused on this list. That’s why we decided to choose this picture of what seems to be a couple of newlyweds. After all, why else would that raccoon be carrying that cat the way a groom carries his bride over the threshold? We had to add this photo to the list so we could properly congratulate the new couple and wish them a very happy life together. If you just think about how many times you've seen raccoons doing human thing to do human things, then you'd realize that they're a perfect match for cats.

I mean, have you seen how many cats are also on this list?

Knowing how both types of animals they can be, we are sure that some healthy competition is going to arise from them both being the breadwinners in the family. But on the bright side, that's just going to mean they will have a bigger budget for all types of fish, a bunch of scratching posts and all kinds of other toys. They are going to be very happy together, as long as the raccoon doesn’t try to take the cat anywhere near water.

4 Making Pour Decisions

This little chipmunk looks like it finished its drink pretty fast considering its size. Now, instead of the cute little “Eep” noise that they make, imagine them asking for another drink. “Bartender, give me another and make it a double!”

Or maybe, considering the photo’s background, it could also be asking how soon after this drink can they go for a swim in the pool. The weather does seem to be pretty hot. We don’t want to get too technical, but before anyone comments on this picture, we are going to tell you that we already know what that chipmunk is really doing. And if you are wondering yourself, it’s actually biting on the straw, as it doesn’t really have the ability to drink through it.

Nonetheless, this chipmunk never would have gotten the idea to nibble on the straw if it hadn’t seen some humans drinking from it and decided to copy their behavior. If anyone near it happened to give it some nuts, or even some chips or some bread, it would have been the happiest chipmunk on this side of the pool. But for now, we are at least hoping that the little guy managed to quench some of his thirst.

3 It Takes Two To Tango

This picture was actually taken at a park in Germany that rescues bears. There, people can go see the bears and learn more about them. The great thing about this park is that people take the bears that have been living in some very bad conditions and provide them with care, love and everything else they need to get their life back on track, as bears should. So far, the park is inhabited by about ten bears, that, we assume could not be happier with their newfound life.

And these two bears from the picture probably decided to have a celebratory dance for their new life in the park.

Although these brown bears may seem big and scary, it’s actually quite the opposite. They love being playful, especially with each other. And when living in a zoo, they often interact with the visitors, as you’ve probably seen from the countless of videos where bears like these wave back when the visitors wave at them. Finally, we are going to share another fun fact about this type of brown bear: contrary to popular belief, these types of bears actually do eat meat, much like polar bears, except that with these types, their diet is mostly plant-based.

2 Separating The Whites


Do you know how to do your own laundry? If not, this wombat can easily show you how. But let’s be honest for a moment. If a wombat, without any knowledge of how washing machines work, can take out the clean clothes to dry them, why can't a human? If you're confused about the entire process, there are instructions at the laundromat or even online. There's even a manual that comes with your own washing machine! So you really have no excuse.

We’re not sure what type of Australian it would take to keep a wombat as a pet unless they happen to be a relative of Steve Irwin. Either way, this wombat has evolved from being a burrowing creature to being a household chore assistant. Considering how proud Australia is of the animal that used to be the unofficial mascot of the 2000 Sydney Olympics, we hope the owners are paying this wombat very well.

It’s a tough world out there, and having to do chores at home as well as being a signature animal all over Australia takes its toll on the body and the wallet. After all, their ancestor happens to be a type of a giant dinosaur that is considered to be the biggest marsupial that ever walked our planet.

1 He Needed That Scooter


Congrats, reader! You are at the end of our list! As a special gift, we present to you what we assume to be Rocket Raccoon (yes, the one from Guardians of the Galaxy) on his day off! Rocket is a very accomplished starship pilot and military tactician as well as an amazing technician and engineer. As well, he is very skilled with laser pistols and has no problem taking the lead whether his teammates want him to or not. Now, we already know he had his human-like abilities, including the ability to speak thanks to genetic manipulation. But we are still not sure how he's able to understand everything that Groot said.

Especially when considering that the only thing his wooden friend says is "I am Groot."

There are countless videos out there where raccoons are playing with childrens’ toys, swimming in pools, cleaning floors, and of course, stealing food and we’ve all seen different variations of them. However, since he is intelligent, Rocket Raccoon was mostly focused on collecting all kinds of technology in the forms of artificial body parts. Which is why we think that this gif is of him in the early stages of his life when he was just starting to become obsessed with vehicles and technology.

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