15 Annoying Pictures That Will Infuriate You More Than They Should

15 Annoying Pictures That Will Infuriate You More Than They Should

Life is hard, that’s all there is to it. And there are some really big life-altering things that should really bother all of us. Like child hunger and homelessness. But then there are little things that pop up from time to time that drive us crazy as well. Should they? No, of course not. Do they? Why yes, indeed. We know they shouldn’t. We attempt to forget them. But they keep popping up and they just won’t go away. How do we get around these small annoyances that really shouldn’t bug us as they do? Avoidance? Denial? It might depend on the situation. But they’re out there and they’re just waiting to infringe upon our peaceful mindset. Why oh why must we be annoyed so easily?

15. The pictures that can’t go unhung

Via: boredpanda.com

Hanging pictures is hard. We get it! It’s not everyday that you have to hang several pictures on the wall and it’s not always an easy job. Sometimes, walls are crooked and pictures are out of line. We don’t think that’s the case for this particular situation. There might be something to be said about simple measurement. Take a little time with this set of pictures and surely just about anyone could have done a better job, right? And once the pictures are hung in this manner, who wouldn’t go back and fix it? Even if it meant filling a hole and doing some extra work? Wouldn’t it be worth it? We think so because boy is this annoying, whether it should be or not.

14. When you can’t hear and then also can’t see

Via: viralimage.com

You know what this is like. You’re watching a video on YouTube that is all the rage. You want nothing more than to enjoy it like the millions of others before you. The problem is, you turned your phone down when your mother called earlier and now you can’t hear the video you are trying to see. So you turn up the volume, but then you have to watch the volume button showing you how loud the phone is and not the video at all. It’s a double edged sword. Do you want to see or do you want to hear? The fact that you can’t have both annoys you greatly! It shouldn’t and you know that, but it does. Each and every time. It does.

13. Asymmetry to make you wonder for hours

Via: twitter.com

Why, oh why does this have to bother us so much? Will we have to wander the room, looking for another light switch that can make this right? If we turn a light on somewhere else, perhaps we can return to this switch panel and turn that middle switch to the off position in order to turn it off. Or, maybe we can have an electrician come in and switch things up for us. It would cost quite a bit of money, but wouldn’t it be worth it? This is something that keeps us up at night! It really shouldn’t and we know that, but come on! Don’t you wonder why the lights are like this in the first place? Did someone do this just to get to us?

12. Why do the spoons never stay dry?

Via: interestingthingsdaily.com

If you’ve ever used a spoon to get sugar out of a jar (and we all have!), you too wonder how the spoon always seems to be wet when it comes back out of the jar with the sugar. Did you unconsciously lick it before you stuck it in? Perhaps you stirred your tea? Maybe you got it right out of the drawer and it still ended up looking like this. It doesn’t really matter how it happens. It’s more the fact that it happens at all. And all the time! Why can’t sugar just stick to itself and not the spoon? Life would be way too simple and we would go through a lot fewer spoons. But we don’t get to decide and this is a fact of life that bugs us to no end for no reason.

11. So much packaging for so few pills

Via: boredpanda.com

We understand that pharmaceutical companies have to be careful with medications, but packaging them and packaging them and packaging them isn’t really going to help all that much, is it? It certainly doesn’t do much for our irritation levels, which are high after spending an hour to get into one pill only to try to relieve our allergies. By the time we get to the pill, our allergies are out of control and around the corner. It’s too late! Plus, we’re a nation that needs to be recycling and resourceful with certain items. Are three packages really necessary for one little allergy pill? Shouldn’t we save such safeguards for more important items? Or simply spend the time and efforts on something more worthwhile in the first place?

10. Poor design plans that ruin it all

Via: buzzfeed.com

You’d think if you were going to lay a floor with a pattern that was this complicated, that you would be darn sure to plan it out with extra care. Who would ever walk across this floor and not notice this pattern flaw? It stands out like a missing tooth in an open mouth! And it is so bothersome that we are tempted to return to the flooring with a black marker in order to try and make it even. Maybe the floor’s owner should call in a handy man, have it torn up and start over again. Sure, this would take time, money and a lot of effort. And yet, it would be worth it to us because this floor is downright irritating. Should it be? No. But that doesn’t change anything.

9. False advertising at its worst

Via: strongmindbraveheart.com

Ah yes, the non-stick pan. The greatest invention since sliced bread. When it works, that is. Non-stick pans are supposed to do one thing. Allow things NOT to stick to them. So why is it that once you get it home, you can’t get the sticker off the pan? It’s beyond irritating. Do what you’re supposed to do! It would have been smart of the manufacturer to place a cardboard hanger on it instead of a sticker. They may have run away with the idea that this was actually a non-stick pan. Because now that we’ve scraped away on it for an hour only to get nowhere, we’re positive that the one thing this pan isn’t is non-stick. Either that or this is the best sticker ever.

8. Instructions that just don’t make sense

Via: dumpaday.com

We understand that when we buy a piece of furniture and it comes with a long book of instructions on how to put it together along with lots of tiny pieces labeled with letters that things are going to get complicated. We are frustrated, however, when we try to go through a door and the instructions are equally as confusing. What are we to do here? Do we try to do as the door instructs and pull it open? And how do we do that, exactly, with no handle to pull on? Should we put our fingers beneath the door to pull? Or, do we buck the system and the sign and push the door as the little metal piece might suggest? It’s a dilemma!

7. Ruining a whole meal by poor fork placement

Via: boredpanda.com

You want your delectable breakfast or dessert to be just that—delectable. A true delight from start to finish. Whether your plate comes to the table like this or this happens through your own slip during the meal is beside the point. The fact that it happens at all is beyond annoying to you. Now you have to try to extract the fork and either lick it off, or make matters worse by wiping it on a napkin. Either way, you’re bound to become a sticky mess in the process and in the meantime, your delectable food is getting cold. It’s a lose-lose situation and you hate that you are in this position in the first place. Your meal is ruined! Your day is ruined! Your whole life is ruined!

6. Just finish the pattern already

Via: pinterest.com

Now why would someone do this? It’s obvious what needs to happen here. The pattern needs to continue. The yellow lines need to continue down the sidewalk in the same fashion. Whoever placed this chunk in the other direction was just asking to irritate people like us. Can they not see what this would do to a person? This can ruin someone’s day in a jiffy. And now we have to try to pry this square up so we can place it in there in the right manner. Because we’re going to lose sleep over this, guaranteed. We’d wake up in a cold sweat knowing this wasn’t right. It must be made right! We’ll do it ourselves if we have to! And we probably do because it really shouldn’t bother anyone…

5. Can’t they just go with the flow?

Via: pinterest.com

These dogs almost had it right. If they are going to start a pattern, they better darn well finish it! The last two dogs in the line obviously didn’t get the memo. If it had been more random, it would be fine. Place some of the yellow dogs together and some of the black ones and mix it up a bit more. But the fact that it goes black, yellow, black, yellow almost all the way to the end, and then doesn’t finish the pattern, is beyond annoying. All it would take is switching one black with one yellow dog at the end. Surely the puppies won’t mind a brief interruption to their dinner in order to make this right, will they? Because it must be done!

4. What’s the point, exactly?

Via: buzzfeed.com

There are certain items that serve a purpose and when you don’t use them for that purpose, it’s strange, quirky or even useless. Now, whoever did this is just trying to yank our chains, right? The salt and pepper shakers are still technically salt and pepper shakers, but they aren’t shaking anything any longer. Instead of shaking the elements out, you have to take the lid off and lift them out, tear them open and then shake them onto your food. That’s a lot more steps than necessary. Isn’t there an employee who can do that for us in order to correctly fill these salt and pepper shakers so they can be used in the manner in which they were intended? It really would help us out.

3. Why didn’t he stay home?

Via: viralimages.com

We get that bowling isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. But if you’re going to go bowling, at least give it a try. And obviously, this kid likes to bowl since he is doing so on his iPad. So why not put the device down and enjoy a real game of bowling? You know, since he’s in the bowling alley and all. It shouldn’t be that hard. Perhaps he’s better at getting strikes on the game or maybe his arm is tired. Either way, this is highly annoying and we know it shouldn’t be. He’s not our kid and he’s not really hurting anything. But it’s like a parent telling a kid to play outside only to have him move his video game outside in order to play. It’s just not quite right!

2. At least you see the kid on the big screen once in life

Via: pinterest.com

When we attend a special event, we all want to see our children perform. Sure, it can be hard to see around other adults at times, especially if you happen to be on the short side. But when you have an adult in front of you who is not only watching, but videoing their child, it can be even more complicated. Using a small device like a phone is one thing. Using a giant iPad that blocks the view of absolutely everyone behind you is another thing. At least we can see our kid on the screen, even if we can’t see the live performance. Perhaps this shouldn’t annoy us because we could maybe just ask the woman to lower the iPad. But people should know better!

1. Toasters can make or break your day

Via: buzzfeed.com

When you’re hungry, waiting for your toast to come up is like watching a pot boil water. It just can’t happen fast enough. And, in fact, when you watch it, it seems like it takes even longer or that it might never happen at all. This toaster, once it finally gets done toasting the bread, doesn’t simply pop the toast up gently. It tosses it out onto the floor, ruining it completely. But let’s be honest here, the toast looks slightly overdone on two sides as it is. So perhaps it is better off on the floor. Either way, a toaster that burns and tosses bread is just downright annoying. As much as it shouldn’t be, it ruins the start to our day in such fine form.

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