15 Attention-Seekers On Social Media Who Need To Be Put In Their Place

Oh dear, some people will go to great lengths to get attention online. Not only will they tell lies, they will make these lies elaborate enough to get some reaction from friends and strangers online. These attention-seekers fish for compliments and try to cause a scene because they want to become infamous. It doesn't matter if it's negative attention as long as they receive the attention that they desire. But it is all so sad.

Yes, crying for this much attention is quite pathetic. But we might also find it hilarious. Being this desperate for attention is a problem that these folks will need to address. Until then, we can laugh at their failures and hope that we do not become them. Let's strive to be better than this.

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15 Yeah, her smile isn't the only thing that's fake

Via: ebaumsworld.com

Miranda, no one is fooled. Her attention-seeking behavior is so obvious that we doubt anyone took the bait. We understand that people do get hurt by others and might be dealing with emotional distress, but Miranda went to her social media accounts to get some attention for it. Maybe she's not even hurt but wants someone to feel sorry for her. People like to play with other people's sympathy.

So, Miranda, we aren't going to be asking "What's wrong, sweetie?" under that photo. The story that comes out might be straight from a Nicholas Sparks novel or something, and we don't have time for that nonsense. Talk to friends in private when heartbroken. Seek a therapist if needed. There is nothing wrong with needing to talk to people about things, but Miranda just seems to be wanting our attention.

14 Where's the dog, huh

Via: smosh.com

Those of us who have pets have hundreds of photos of our animals. We do close-ups of our cats and dogs. But this girl only has this one photo of her dog? Like, REALLY? She did her hair and makeup and put on a nice outfit to pose front and center in a photo. Where is the dog? Is that even her dog? Maybe she just wants some sympathy for a lost dog and for people to look at how good she looked in that photo. Yeah, she's a total attention seeker. We hope her dog found a happier home. Puppies need humans who will give them the world, not someone who cares more about herself than her pet. Because if she truly loved that dog, she would have other photos to choose from that showed the dog in full and much closer. Girl, we know better.

13 Um, it's only 50 cents

Via: me.me

Let's point out again that a Frosty is usually only $1, but was on special for 50 cents at the time of this tweet. But Marcus wanted some attention. Retweets (also known as RTs) are like some kind of social currency that makes people feel important, and Marcus wanted to get a ton of retweets to feel good about himself. Wendy's put him in his place, though. The Frosty was ONLY 50 cents at the time, so getting a bunch of retweets to get a free one is a desperate cry for attention. It backfired in his case, though. He looks like an idiot for trying to outsmart Wendy's. But now he will only get retweets for asking such a silly question. Retweets really aren't the most important thing in the world, and going to great lengths like this to get a few is quite sad.

12 Crying for attention is pretty low

Via: reddit.com

Did this girl even need to post this? No, she did not. She took time to take selfies of herself crying so that she could post it to social media for some sympathy and attention. When we cry, we like to do it in peace and be left alone. Crying is not enjoyable. But it can definitely help to get through some terrible times if we just let the tears flow.

Of course, posting photo proof of our sobs would be very attention seeking. She didn't even go into detail about why she was crying. Her post is very vague and shows two photos of her crying. Well, okay then. She did get five comments for her post. People took the bait. But this girl needs to sit down for a bit and think about things. Some people post crying photos or videos just to get attention and not because they're sad at all.

11 Nobody text this person

Via: realclear.com

Many of us have seen these types of posts from friends. They think no one cares because they don't get a lot of interaction from their "friends" online. Of course, there's a good chance that they added all kinds of random people and their mothers. The word "friend" has taken on such a superficial definition ever since the advent of social media that it can be virtually meaningless. But this person needs constant affirmation that people care about them. They need attention ALL THE TIME. But why not talk to their friends themselves? If they need conversation, couldn't they text their best friends for advice? So, this is very much just a call for attention. And giving people an ultimatum like threatening to delete them from Facebook is just so desperate.

10 This person wants to be left alone (not really)

Via: smosh.com

Okay, how do we unpack these posts? This person wants everyone to know why they ignore them at the same time that they want attention from everyone by posting statuses like these on their social media. Yeah, it's definitely a cry for help. Does this person not have any friends that they can go to directly when they're in crisis? It doesn't sound like it, or perhaps they do and just wanted the attention. And why was it necessary to post the so-called reason for why they ignore other people's messages? So rude.First, they asked for attention and then slammed the people who gave it to them. The first post was at "47 minutes ago," and the next post was at "24 minutes ago." Stop giving people the roller coaster of emotions on social media.

9 Fishing for compliments

Via: failblog.cheezburger.com

Did Autumn want people to agree with her or disagree with her? Everyone has a different idea of what they find attractive and what turns them off. But posting that we are "ugly" is usually a call for attention, especially when coupled with a requirement to "like" the post or share it. Autumn found a way to work with both options because people who liked her post think she's not ugly, while people who shared her post are making her into some kind of "ugly people" spokesperson. She just wants as much attention as she can get online. It doesn't matter if it is positive or negative as long as she becomes viral from the status update. Max was clearly very annoyed by the whole thing and quickly put her in her place.

8 The proud mommy moment that shouldn't

Via: reddit.com

Well, this "proud mommy" needs to sit herself down. Her innocent young child does not know the different between "there/their/they're" but mommy should have. We can excuse the child for not understanding the difference yet. We have to wonder about the mother. And she wanted attention from her friends online to congratulate for her mommy skills, except she has seriously failed in so many ways. What's worse is that she is oblivious to her failure. While it's understandable to want to brag on our kids, it would be great if we bragged on the right things and made sure that we knew what we were talking about first. And sometimes people brag about their kids for the sole purpose of making themselves look better or as a way to subtly put other parents down.

7 Tagged all the girls he wants to date

Via: realclear.com

This guy wanted to play a game of Survivor for the girls he liked. He tagged each of them in his ridiculous post and expected them to play for his hand. And his "short list" was over 50 girls! Sounds like he doesn't really care about anyone. The young women saw through that and probably did not comment the way he expected. In fact, we would not be surprised if all these girls blocked him after a terrible post like that. But only someone who thinks that they are God's gift to humanity would post a status like this. People with a healthy self esteem that isn't ridiculously inflated would never do such a thing. Dating is not done like this for a reason. It's so impersonal and just shows that he really has no preference either way. And that can be a huge turn off.

6 Best friends or backstabbers, same diff

Via: theberry.com

People try to be clever by counting how many letters are in a word and finding another word with the same amount of letters but with an opposite meaning. Maybe Kali's best friends double-crossed her or something. She wanted EVERYONE to know about. In fact, her vague status could have gotten the attention that she wanted if someone had asked for the specific details. It would have given her the green light for creating even more drama on her Facebook profile among her friends. But Adam put a stop to it right away. He used an 11-letter phrase that basically told her to STFU already. Our closest friends will always have the ammunition to backstab us. We hope that our friends never would, but it's the secret cost of even having friends. And Adam clearly does not care for Kali's attempt at getting attention.

5 The constantly changing relationship status

Via: smosh.com

Okay, the relationship status on social media can be sued for great evil. Shanttilla kept changing her status every few minutes as if she had her hands on her phone the entire time she was arguing with her husband Brian. It must have been some fight. It also shows that she has a social media addiction if she can't put down her phone when she and her husband are arguing. At this point, she just wants to get attention from her friends on social media instead of working things out with Brian or moving on with her life. We have gotten dizzy from looking at all of those relationship status updates. That's way too much going on and totally uncalled for. The rest of have us have our own lives to deal with that we don't need this ridiculous soap opera going on.

4 That annoying vague status for attention

Via: smosh.com

Vague statuses are the MOST annoying. We have no idea what this person is referring to or hinting at, and it can get on our last nerves. How about not posting a status at all if they don't have intention to elaborate? That would be good. Posting a status without context is just another call for attention. They want to get a whole bunch of "WHAT" responses from their friends. Even worse, there's a good chance that they would never elaborate on the status and make it even worse. Such vague statuses are the bane of our social media existence. And they are a classic way of getting attention. But instead of asking "what," this person decided to call them out on the post. Game over. This status will be getting ignored from now on.

3 Not a professional post at all

Via: reddit.com

Remember that everything posted online becomes eternal. So, the fact that she posted this photo of herself getting wasted behind the wheel will likely come back to haunt her. But she wanted people to think that she is a wild party girl and did not care about the future problems that such a post could cause her. Well, she definitely got the attention that she wanted until the last person decided to rain some sense onto her parade. It's fine to drink responsibly but a bad idea to post photos of breaking the law like that. And drinking behind the wheel is NEVER a good idea. Too many people die from that to risk it. But all she wanted was to look "cool" among her friends and that's wy she posted this photo. It got her some attention from other people, even if it wasn't all good.

2 "It's because you're whiny"

Via: realclear.com

Awww, this person thinks they're so amazing and that they deserve to have people falling at their feet. How adorable! But it's a call for attention. We have no proof that this person is intelligent, sweet, protective or anything else on their list because that is their self-assessment. The sports could all be true, but who cares? It just shows that they are busy and motivated but doesn't prove that they are a good person or compatible with another person. Maybe their virtues list is incorrect. Maybe they have an inflated view of themselves because they feel entitled to other people's adoration. But this person was quickly put in their place when a friend pointed out that maybe their singleness is because they're whiny.

1 Such an attention-seeker

Via: memecenter.com

Macaulay posted a status for the sole purpose of getting attention. He said that his life was over and asked why it happened to him. Everyone wanted to know what was wrong. But by the end of the thread, we discover that "nothing important" happened. Umm, okay. Then what was that status about? Only important things can end our life stories. Unimportant things won't affect our lives very much and can be easy to brush off. So, he clearly just wanted to get some attention and then got tired of keeping up the ruse. We are so disappointed. Macaulay needs to be better than this and stop posting unnecessary dramatic social media status updates. At some point, no one will take him seriously when he does have a life-changing event happen.

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