15 Attractive Girls Whose Selfies Captured Their Dirty Bedrooms

Selfies have been around even before mobile phones were equipped with cameras. But when geniuses started building cameras into phones, people became obsessed with taking the perfect selfie. And because a picture is worth a thousand words, a selfie can, in fact, tell a few stories. The next 15 photos tell one common story, though—that of an attractive girl's messy room. While these ladies may have perfected the art of the perfect selfie, they've also made known to the world how incredibly messy their personal spaces are. Worry not, though, as these cluttered rooms were most likely put back together by some of these celebs' personal assistants, or at least we hope they did. Check out the messy but glamorous lives of these selfie pros.

15 Kim Klutter

Via: heartstapps.com

Kim Kardashian is arguably the queen of selfies. With her perfect hourglass-shaped body and makeup that's always on fleek, it's no wonder that the reality TV star-turned-businesswoman and makeup entrepreneur Kim Kardashian West would thoroughly enjoy taking selfies. The mom of two and wife to rapper Kanye West showed off her rockin' bod and her super toned abs in this glam selfie featuring her daughter, North West, but apparently forgot that she was in what looked like a very messy dressing room. The entrepreneur clearly has her priorities straight, as she'd rather stand still and take a gorgeous photo of her than worry about what's piled up behind and around her. She refuses to be fazed by the shoes strewn across the floor and clothes piled up on the couch.

14 Chloe Khannot clean

Via: nevsedoma.com.ua

One might initially say, "Who the hell is Chloe Khan?” But for reality TV fans, Khan might be a familiar face who has sporadically appeared in reality TV shows here and there. She's best known as a Playboy model, X Factor contestant and Celebrity Big Brother star. She's also somewhat of a social media influencer. One would think that her status as a semi-star would motivate her to clean her room before showing it off to the world in a selfie, but she had foregone cleaning up before snapping a few photos of herself in a bum-hugging dress with a high slit that she perfectly captured with a pose showing off her backside. Her seemingly luxurious fur carpet was greatly undermined by the mess in her room.

13 Messy Cyrus

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Miley Cyrus? More like Messy Cyrus! The "Wrecking Ball" and "Malibu" singer snapped yet another chic selfie featuring her phone's bunny rabbit case. Cyrus is still rockin' her boots, à la "Party in the U.S.A.,” but what we're not digging is the trashed hotel room she was taking this selfie in. While we do envy the super toned legs that she perfectly displayed in the photo, we’re wondering who had the unfortunate fate of cleaning up the pop star’s mess. We're also still trying to figure out if those pink and black things on the floor on the lower corner of the photo are toys. Isn't she a bit too old to be playing with those? Then again, she did have a thing for bears before.

12 What trash can?

Via: twitter.com

This Twitter user has the perfect handle for her messy life: @smalltrashcan. While she does look like a petite woman equipped with the talents of five celebrity makeup artists, Ms. Small Trash Can seems to have forgotten the purpose of a trash can. In this glamorous yet questionable selfie, the woman showed off her sexy AF sparkly dress that's amazing for a mysterious, romantic night about town, but forgot to maybe omit her background from the photo. Her selfie, while perfectly angled, showed the huge mess that was her room: a mess that could compete with one caused by a hurricane. From pillows to take away cups and clothing strewn in all directions, this lady's room is a nightmare that we would never want to step into.

11 Ripped jeans, RIP room

Via: urbasm.com

Selfies start out great until you realize you don't have the perfect background for it. But Angie Varona is not one to be bothered by distracting backgrounds. In fact, she blends right into it. The Miami law student, who has amassed more than 447,000 followers on Instagram, has quite the body proportion, as evidenced by this photo. Who wouldn't love a tiny waist on an ample bosom and a tight bum? But we can't help but be distracted by the mess in her apartment, which looks like it hasn't been cleaned in weeks. The social media influencer, whose claim to fame is uploading photos of herself wearing lingerie at 14, once claimed she never really wanted to be famous, but she is now so people will definitely nitpick.

10 Lived in living room

Via: acidcow.com

This girl was showing her love for the U.S. of A. when she snapped this selfie showing off her toned legs. What we're trying to figure out, though, is that whether or not this was taken before or after the Fourth of July celebrations, given the mess in her living room. From stacks of CDs to what looks like Christmas décor and living room décor that has yet to be installed, this home is telling a story of how its inhabitants haven't really gotten around to tidying up after quite an event. There are even strewn beddings and another half of a tabletop, which has yet to be put together by the wall. For now, let's just focus on the fact that this lady never skips leg day.

9 Keeping it not-so-organized

Via: guff.com

Sticky notes are great—they're handy for reminders and creating short lists of things to do, like clean-up your apartment. This girl, however, seems to operate on another level, as her gorgeousness (almost) makes up for her lack of organization skills, despite the sticky notes. In her perfect selfie (note the angle of her shoulders and hips to accentuate her curves), she also gave her audience a view of her real life and her actual bedroom, which is as messy as she is pretty. While she may have had the selfie down pat, we think she needs more than just sticky notes to help her get organized, starting with her room. Here's to hoping she realizes what a mess it truly is before it's too late.

8 Totally on fleek

Via: bossip.com

Selfie game strong! That's three words to describe this chick. But as they say, it takes a village for a woman to look great. We're also guessing that it takes a couple or more outfit changes to come up with the right look for the selfie, judging on the extreme mess of clothes lying on the floor behind her. She's got her makeup, eyebrows and pout on fleek, as well as her selfie mirror pose with her hips jutting out. We even see her playful belly button ring. So why are we so distracted by that mess, though? It's most likely our inherent desire for order or maybe it's just a real turn off to see a pretty lady with an extremely messy bedroom with clothes strewn across the floor.

7 Tattooed and dirty

Via: thechive.com

There's a certain charm to tattooed women and most of the time, they're regarded as sexy and bad*ss. What's not sexy and bad*ss about this woman's selfie is the incredible mess that is the room in which she took this photo. From containers of what looks like old knick-knacks and even a child's chair and a teddy bear, this looks like a basement or attic of sorts, where all random things that don't belong anywhere just find their place. Her t-shirt says "Eat your veggies, b*tch," but a more appropriate piece of advice for this woman is "Clean your house, b*tch." That might motivate her to grab a broom and start organizing, especially if she has children in the house. Now get cleaning, b*tch!

6 Worst roomies ever

Via: bossip.com

For a tidy person, a messy roommate is the absolute worst nightmare. But if birds of the same feather flock together, we're guessing that these three roommates aren't bothered by the fact that their room is a complete disaster. From bottles of beauty products to messy beddings to a lone hairbrush lying on the floor and struggling to find its way back to the dresser, this room is crying out for help. We can't ignore the fact that this black beauty has a perfectly toned core and some seriously enviable legs, but we're hoping that she somehow puts that to good use by cleaning up her room. Never mind that couch potato on the left and the millennial on the back. They probably won't help her.

5 Duck face, messy place

Via: izismile.com

Let's face it: Money is indeed hard to come by nowadays. Overspending is a big problem and many people do not live within their means. That's what really pushes some people to be creative in meeting their needs, but we're wondering how on earth this woman’s clothes found a double purpose as curtains on the window and carpeting on the floor. We're pretty sure this wasn't taught in school. In fact, we were taught the opposite: to make sure that our dirty clothes are kept away neatly. But we gotta hand it to her though—it looks like she has mastered the perfect pout and the butt thrust to further emphasize her bum in this rather odd selfie that tells more than it really should.

4 The lost shoe

Via: thechive.com

It seems like there is a recurring theme in this set of photos and it's rather amusing. See how there's always one stray shoe without its partner? In this case, it's a red rubber shoe which other half seems to have gone missing in the dirty mess that is this girl's room. She may have had the selfie angle down pat, but we're wondering about two things. One, when did she last clean her room? And two, what is she trying to do with her arm? Surely there are answers to these questions, but for now, let's focus on what's great with this photo: the way she paired her jumper with a cap worn backwards and the fact that she may possibly be working out, given the dumbbells on the floor.

3 Toy story

Via: smosh.com

This lady could have gotten the perfect selfie—she was so close! But her super cute ensemble of a cotton top paired with some ripped jeans and a thick brown belt seems to have been swallowed up by the disaster of a pile of toys sitting right next to her. Our theory is that the only full-length mirror in the house was in the children's room, so she had to take a selfie there. We're just wondering who needs that many toys and why not maybe organize them into boxes first as to not waste the perfect selfie? Our favorite is the haphazardly placed doll that's face down on the ground and what looks like a potty trainer on the right side of the photo. Classic.

2 Not what it seems

Via: thechive.com

At first glance, this photo seems like a good enough selfie. But upon closer inspection, we have a lot of questions. First of all, why is her top hanging way up her hip? Why are her skinny jeans riding way too low on her hips? Why is her room such a mess? While her filter game is quite strong, she may have forgotten that her room hasn't been tidied up in a while. Good thing there are a bunch of things to point out. Our interesting finds? That vintage lamp on her bedside, the rug hanging behind her bed and what looks like a huge pillow that one can use to sit on the floor. Hers looks like a bedroom that can easily be cleaned up, so we're not worried about this cute chick.

1 Bedazzles and booties

Via: guff.com

We could say that this bootylicious bombshell is living the royal life with her phone case fit for a queen, but we can't say the same for her bedroom, which is a total mess. It's such a jungle that we couldn't help but look twice at that weird creature on the left side of the photo, photobombing her selfie. There's nothing interesting here, except that she's probably an expert at piling bags up high without really fixing them properly. There's also something that looks like a clothing tag, which means she recently went out shopping. That's probably why she has a lot of plastic bags and clothes strewn across her floor. But what's distracting is how haphazardly her cable wires are hanging from the wall.

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