15 Autocorrect Fails That Definitely Ended Relationships

Ever been in the middle of a conversation with your significant other and a simple autocorrect fail made things go from hot and heavy to super awkward? Or experienced an autocorrect blunder than dramatically changed the tone of a conversation with a friend or family member? Yeah, we've all been there. For whatever reason, our phones occasionally become out to get us and try to change a word here or there that will, in turn, change our entire lives. These poor souls missed have pissed off Siri or something, because their autocorrect blunders were awful enough to end some pretty serious relationships!

15 Honestly is rarely the best policy

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Poor Tyler has clearly been feeling a little self-concious about the bald spot that's starting to emerge now that he's getting older, and when his girlfriend insulted it, his embarrassment cause him to freak out and go on the offensive. Unfortunately for Tyler... she wasn't actually making fun of his bald spot, she was trying to complain about his boss. So Tyler's retalitory insult about his girlfriend's "saggy tits and fat ass" probably crossed a few lines—there are a few rude remarks you can come back from, but this isn't exactly one of them. Leave it to autocorrect t0 reveal some awkward opinions and expose cracks in what was seemingly a perfect relationship.

14 Not exactly daddy material

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There are good and bad ways to react to the news that your girlfriend is having your baby, and then there's this complete trainwreck of a reaction. Kyle has been dating his girlfriend for a whopping three years, and yet when autocorrect made it seem like she hasn't menstruated in months when she meant to write "meditated," he just absolutely lost it. Not only did he refuse to be a father to the would-be baby, but he immediately said he was "out" and his girlfriend would have to deal with her pregnancy completely on her own. Definite boyfriend-of-the-year material. This girl should probably thank her phone for this autocorrect fail, because now she knows exactly what kind of guy she's dealing with.

13 Wait, that's why he wants to be a vet?

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These friends were just having an innocent conversation about their plans for the future when autocorrect potentially changed their relationship forever. Most people have friends who have a few bizarre quirks that they try too overlook, but beastiality probably isn't one of them. Whatever veterinarian school this guy is going to, they apparently include the chance to engage in a little foreplay with the various animals they practice on along with the education. This guy immediately corrected his autocorrect fail and clarified that he is going to school to help animals and not hump them, but that image will forever be stuck in his buddy's mind, and chances are, if he needs a dog sitter in the future, he'll be calling someone else.

12 Signs you may be dating a serial killer

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This guy took "till death do us part" to a whole new, incredibly disturbing level. He wanted to tell his girlfriend just how much he cares about her, and for the most part, he hit the ball out of the park. "I wish I could be with you," "you are my everything, "I love you," all great little lines to include to melt a girl's heart. But then there's "I want to hold you and kill you." The Notebook showed us that dying in each other's arms can be pretty poetic, but murder is a little less romantic. His girlfriend played along and made a clever Freud joke to justify his autocorrect fail, but in the back of her mind, she's always going to be worried that her boyfriend is a serial killer and her death will be at his hands.

11 That's an image that'll be stuck in his head for a while

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Julian is a caring dude who cares about his friend Emily's well-being, but after this autocorrect fail, he probably will be minding his own business and staying out of his friends' relationships from now on. Emily's finger got broken in her boyfriend's (another of Julian's friends) belt buckle... but for one terrifying and unforgettable moment, he was forced to imagine it breaking inside of her boyfriend's butthole. That's some disturbing and apparently dangerous foreplay they've got going on there! Hopefully Julian read the correction before he went around telling everyone that Emily's wearing a cast because she's a little too into butt play. That' reputation would be impossible to shake.

10 The truth comes out

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Jenna's boyfriend really missed her, and he couldn't wait to get home and jump on the girl of his dreams. Sadly, when Jenna was given the impression that he was going to dump her, she reacted with complete indifference and admitted a terrible truth—that she was already thinking of going on a break with him. When he pointed out his mistake and called her out on her response to it, all Jenna could do was call the situation awkward. This autocorrect fail either flat-out ended this relationship, or Jenna did some serious backpedaling and it's now hanging by a very, very thin thread. Either way, chances are this dude didn't jump Jenna when he got home.

9 Paranoid girlfriend mode: activated

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Every guy who's ever had even a slightly paranoid girlfriend can identify with the pain this guy had to suffer through after this minor, yet catastrophic, autocorrect fail. "Baby" turns into "Abby," and all of a sudden, your girlfriend thinks you're cheating on her. He knew his girlfriend was going to jump right into freak-out mode the second the mistake was made, but there was no going back. The damage was done, and now he's going to be asked about who that bitch Abby is every day for the next year and he's forbidden from ever speaking to anyone with that name for the rest of his life, because that'd just confirm his girlfriend's paranoid, insane theory. Good luck, dude, you're going to need it.

8 Chris might not be getting that second date anymore

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Chris did everything right on the first date, and his hard work caused this girl to thank him for an "amazing" night and even throw a little smiley face in at the end. Then, he completely, totally blew it. It's a bit presumptious to expect you'll get to see a girl's "big beautiful nipples" on the second date, and besides.... why on earth does he already have an idea about what her nipples look like?! Perverted stalker alert! Poor Chris immediately panicked upon seeing that autocorrect changed his text from sweet to nasty, but no matter how fast he cleared up the error, it wasn't fast enough. He's forever one of those creepy guys who tries kinky sexting the second he gets to know a girl, and that second date is definitely not happening.

7 Summertime means it's time for... butt stuff?

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Summer is the best time of the year, especially when you're in a blossoming relationship. The warm weather means you can go out and explore the world together, or just strip down a bit and jump in the nearest body of water. It also, apparently, means it's time for some butt stuff! April decided that 85 degree heat means it's time for her boyfriend to finally open his poophole for her. Her boyfriend was just completely speechless at April's sudden and unexpected kinky side, and all he could utter out was a mere exclamation of "WTF" in all caps. She meant to say that she wants to go swimming in his pool, but she opened a door to a terrifying place that was never meant to be explored... her boyfriend's butt.

6 TMI, Dad!

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Being bros with your dad can be pretty great sometimes, but there's a line that your friends are allowed to cross that your father just definitely isn't. Talking about foreplay with your peers is becoming more and more socially acceptable, but most dads don't tell their sons when they plan on going down on their mother and that hopefully won't be changing any time soon. This kid was probably hoping his father made some sort of autocorrect blunder and would correct it, but when his dad instead merely repeated his plans to eat his mom out, the damage was permanently done and dinner at home will never be the same. From the conversation, it seems neither father nor son freaked out about this horrific exchange, but you can't always tell how traumatized someone is over text.

5 This mother-son relationship will never be the same

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It seems kids don't only experience traumatizing autocorrect fails with their fathers—they can happen with their moms as well! This one is definitely worse, because let's be real, even if we don't want to know about it, our parents do engage in foreplay. Sons wanting their mother's clean-shaven crotch is a bit less natural. A loving and thoughtful mom left a "huge surprise" for her hungry son in the kitchen, and when she said it was his favorite dish, he assumed that means it must be her vaginal region. Realizing his error, he begged his mom to ignore his text, but she surely already saw it and is trying to find the number for the nearest family therapist. Shaved pork may have been this kid's favorite dish before, but he definitely has to find a new favorite after this horrific experience.

4 Friday night means time to make some babies

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For most people, Friday night means it's either time to kick back and relax at home or go to the party and rage away all your stress. Pamela typically likes to go to the gym at night, but this particular Friday, she decided to throw her cares to the wind and make her boyfriend knock her up. He took that news pretty darn well, suggesting that they talk about their important life decision before getting down and dirty, but when she clarified that she merely wanted to cheat on her diet and pick up some Pringles before going to her boyfriend's house, he admitted that she almost gave him a heart attack. If the people at Pringles don't find a way to make their brand a bit more popular, a lot of people are going to have some pretty terrifying autocorrrect fails in the future.

3 You messed up, Sarah

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Girls apparently aren't the only ones who can get a bit too paranoid in a relationship. Joey just completely lost it when he thought his girlfriend was spending time at her ex-boyfriend John's house, and screamed at her in all-caps before calling John a "bitch ass" and letting her know that he was breaking up with her. Tragically, she meant to say that she was going to be shopping at Kohl's, but all the times she typed up her ex's name on her phone in the past caused it to make a huge, relationship-ending autocorrect fail. She hasn't seen John in seven months, but Joey is clearly too suspicious to believer her now and he probably always will be. Might be best to move on.

2 What is worse though, liking necrophilia or liking Nickelback?!

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When you're at the beginning of a new relationship, you have to test the waters to determine what truths about yourself you should reveal, and which you should just keep hidden until you've put a ring on it. This guy thought it was safe to admit that while it's not exactly a popular opinion to have... he's really into Nickelback. Unfortunately, thanks to autocorrect, his new girl thinks he's been into necrophilia, and she got a bit spooked at the idea of having sex with dead bodies and asked him to never text her again. She said it pretty politely though, so maybe he's better off and being a Nickelback fan would have incited even more panic and disgust. Next time, he should probably just keep his embarassing interests to himself.

1 Creepiest. Girlfriend. Ever.

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Guys love it when their girlfriends wear the clothes they leave behind. It's sweet and flattering, and girls look pretty cute dressed up in oversized shirts, boxers or hoodies. It is not cute, however, when a girl saves her boyfriend's poops so she can remember his scent when he's gone. This girl did warn her man that there was a possibility he was going to find her message a bit weird, but based on his reaction of "WHAT?!??!," he still wasn't prepared to picture her cozying up to one of his poops... even if doing so makes her feel better. And he's probably a bit worried about his body odor if his shits smell like his general scent. Way to make a guy become self-conscious and totally grossed out by his girlfriend simultaneously, autocorrect.

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