15 Awesome Vigilantes That Really Fight Crime

Almost every single person who has read comic books or watched comic book movies such as Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice or The Avengers has probably seen all the crime in the news, and at some point, fervently wished that there were real-life superheroes who would swoop in and save the day.

Even though in the real world, vigilantes and superheroes don't have superpowers, and only have their martial arts training and their own wits in order to take down the bad guys, there's still a handful of people who are brave enough to stand up for justice. If you love comic books, then you'll definitely get a big kick out of our list of the 15 real-life vigilantes and superheroes who are still kicking a** for justice and the average Joe today.

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15 The Black Rat

The Black Rat is based in Sydney, Australia and he makes sure to keep the streets safe at night. Despite his ridiculous codename, the Black Rat has done some pretty good deeds such as breaking up at least two instances of domestic violence (both perps were arrested) and even stopped a home invasion.

While the Black Rat may not have Batman’s ninja skills or Iron Man’s cool tech, he DOES have a ton of self-defense skills. His “Rat Suit” is also made out of chainmail and other strong material that allow this awesome superhero to take a punch and not get hurt. Plus, it’s durable enough to deflect a knife, which means he’s not in any danger of getting stabbed and bleeding to death while trying to take down a violent criminal.

Given his awesome tech and cool accent, we wish we could meet the Black Rat so we could get his autograph. It’s not every day that we get to meet a real, live superhero!

14 The Gulabi Gang


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The Gulabi Gang was founded by Sampat Pal Devi after she quit her job as a government health worker because it wasn’t satisfying enough. These AWESOME ladies wear pink, are based in Banda, India, and are not afraid to give corrupt politicians or misogynistic men a good thrashing if they have hurt women or the poor.

Sampat also strives to change village society, which she says is armed against women because they’re married off too early and many refuse to educate their daughters. In her opinion, village women should be independent and study in order to figure things out for themselves.

Some of the Gulabi Gang’s accomplishments include smacking men who have abandoned or beaten their wives, exposing corruption in the distribution of grain to the poor and even stormed a police station and went after a policeman who took in an “untouchable” man and refused to register a case. Move over Wonder Woman and Black Widow, these ladies are fierce and they refuse to back down!

13 The Vigilante Spider

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No, the Vigilante Spider was NOT bitten by a radioactive spider and now fights bad guys like Doc Ock. That’s SPIDER-MAN, people!

The Vigilante Spider works in San Diego, California and is a member of the Real Life Superhero Project. Instead of using webslingers to take down the bad guys, he uses his voice to stand up for justice. The Vigilante Spider calls people out on their bad actions and works hard to reach out to his community in order to stop violent crimes, end graffiti, etc. In his eyes, being violent towards criminals is a last resort and should only be used sparingly

The masked superhero also feels that it is important to talk to teenagers about all the good they can do for their community. The Vigilante Spider hopes that by stopping crime in the vein of a costumed superhero from DC or Marvel comics, he will inspire the youth in his community to stand up for justice and go on to help their neighbors.

12 Nyx

Unlike Wonder Woman, who uses a sword to fight crime or the Black Canary, who sends enemies running for the hills with her sonic screech, Nyx fights injustice by helping the homeless.

Nyx, who is originally from Kentucky, discovered the Real Life Superhero community in 2006 and was bitten by the crimefighting bug when she met up with her online do-gooder pals in 2009.

This bada** vigilante patrols the streets of New York City and northern New Jersey and concentrates her efforts on helping the homeless. Nyx realized there was a HUGE homeless population in the Big Apple, and her sense of justice would not let her sit ideally at home while others were suffering.

So Nyx patrols the streets of Gotham either on foot or in a car, and if she sees a homeless person in need, she helps any way that she can. For example, if Nyx thinks that they are in dire straits, she will make an anonymous report to the NYPD. Move over Batman, there’s another superhero in town who will make Gotham proud!

11 The Red Brigade

The Red Brigade is a group of teenagers and young women in India who are fighting back against sexual abuse, many members are also victims of such crimes. These girls spread awareness in any way possible whether it be through petitions, protests, or debates. But what I don't think many U.S. citizens realize is how drastically bad sex crimes are in India. Many people who witness it don't report it, those who commit it are often law enforcement officers, the police are easily bribed, and many people have the 'she was asking for it' mentality that we sometimes see in the right wing of our county's politics. The fear many parents here have is quite a reality many places throughout the country. The perpetrators of rape are often times neighbors, family members, and teachers, and those who are raped usually suffer this tragedy repeatedly through their lives. Misogyny also exists in societal culture with men being treated better in restaurants and other facilities. The Brigade teaches women how to defend them selves in the situation of rape or sexual assault to prevent occurrences and show that women can be just a sting as a man can. When there are instances of rape local areas they protest at the spot where it happened and help the victim overcome their trauma. This is the type of feminism we MUST spread. Sadly, many first world countries are becoming brainwashed with the an Anita Sarkeesian style of feminism. ANITA SARKEESIAN IS NOT A FEMINIST. If she were she women be fighting for things like this and wouldn't give a damn about video games. Thank you for reading, please support the Red Brigade and end sex crime in India. Source: AJ+ #India #redbrigade #theredbrigade #indian #rape #sexcrime #sexualassult #endrape #stoprape #feminism #sexualabuse #newdelhi #women #woman #rights #right #womensrights #humanrights #humanright #news #misogyny #misogynist

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In Lucknow, India, a group of fierce teenagers have banded together in order to fight sexual assault. They wear red and black salwar kameez, which earned them the nickname of “the Red Brigade.”

These AWESOME ladies patrol the streets in order to protect young girls and women from sexual assault. If they see any males who are trying to hurt women, they will humiliate him and sometimes even kick his sorry a**.

The Red Brigade was started by a teacher named Usha Vishwakarma, who was furious that one of her students was being raped by her uncle. Not long after she found out what was going on with one of her young pupils, Usha had to fend off unwanted advances from a colleague. She was able to fight him off, but the police did nothing.

So she decided to create the Red Brigade, and her fellow vigilantes are made up of women who have all experienced some form of sexual assault. For the most part, they mainly humiliate the offending males, but Usha makes sure to drill her pupils in martial arts just in case they need to go all Wonder Woman on some jerk

10 The Guardian Angels

"Mustache" NYC Guardian Angel with NYPD officer

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Curtis Silwa founded the Guardian Angels in 1979 as an attempt to counter the muggings and assaults that were so common on both the streets and subways. At first, the NYPD was NOT pleased that a volunteer vigilante group had banded together to fight crime, but reached an “understanding” with the Guardian Angels and agreed to work with them.

Many of the Guardian Angels know mixed martial arts, and the group teaches self-defense and practices role-playing scenarios so they are not caught off-guard when they confront someone who is up to no good. Aside from keeping any eye out for muggers and the like, the Guardian Angels pride themselves on breaking up fights between teenagers (especially if they see kids being bullied), helping to return lost children to their worried parents, and protecting women from harassment. Since many people riding the subways often ignore people who are victims of street harassment, it’s great seeing the Guardian Angels step up to the plate.

9 Monica Kenyon

Monica Kenyon and her friends Sonia Ulrich and Marla Saltzer were at restaurant called Fig at the Fairmont a few months ago when they spotted a guy at a nearby table drop something into his date’s drink.

Monica saw the dude pull his date’s glass towards him, take out a little glass vial, dropped the vial’s contents in the drink, and then tried to hide the vial in his hand while he pretended to check out his phone.

When the woman went to the bathroom, Sonia made her move and let her know what her friends had seen. The poor woman was absolutely stunned, as she’d known the guy for a year and a half and they were best friends who worked together.

When Sonia returned, Marla had alerted the manager, who notified security. After 40 agonizing minutes of the woman’s “best friend” trying to clink her glass in order to get her to drink, they finished dinner and went to pay. There was a “delay” in getting the bill—and THAT delay was the Santa Monica Police Department.

The head of security was able to review the footage and get evidence the guy drugged her, thanks to the help of the real-life Charlie’s Angels.

8 Phoenix Jones

Phoenix Jones claims that he’s the first real-life costumed superhero to hit the streets and fight crime. That may or may not be true, but he’s a) certainly the best-dressed superhero (look at that cool gold outfit) and b) he’s DEFINITELY one of the most well known.

Of course, any good superhero knows that they can’t fight crime all by themselves, so Phoenix decided to create the Rain City Superhero Movement in order to help protect the good citizens of Seattle, Washington by patrolling and alerting law enforcement if they saw any funny business.

Last year, Phoenix actually stopped a murder from occurring in Seattle. He spotted three men pistol-whip and knock the victim to the ground. Much like his comic book counterpart Batman, Phoenix leaped into action and knocked the gun out of the man’s hand. He then cornered the suspects and kept them at the scene of the crime until the police could arrive and arrest the three dudes.

7 Purple Reign

Purple Reign was once a card-carrying member of the the real-life Justice League, which was dubbed the Rain City Superhero Movement and was aimed at fighting crime in Seattle, Washington. For example, they helped to stop robbers posing as cops from attacking a blind man in Belltown.

Purple Reign and the others often had military or MMA experience, carried night sticks or Tasers, but no firearms. Purple Reign and other superheroes emphasized the fact that they weren’t the real-life versions of Batman or Wonder Woman, however. Instead of going all Dark Knight on the criminals, they would make sure the victim was okay before catching the criminal and staying with them until the cops arrived. They also worked with lawyers to make sure that they didn’t break any laws.

Unfortunately, in November 2013, Purple Reign took to her official Facebook page to announce that she had broken up with her husband Phoenix Jones and was no longer a part of the Rain City Superhero Movement. However, Purple Reign vowed to continue her efforts to fight against domestic violence. Now THAT’S a real-life superhero!

6 Entomo The Insect Man

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Unfortunately, Entomo the Insect-Man has ZERO relation to Marvel’s Ant-Man and alas, he cannot shrink his size like Hank Pym. Instead, Entomo decided in 2007 to suit up as a costumed superhero in order to fight environmental crime.

He admitted that he had a strong desire to help the world and do good even as a child, but it wasn’t until he was 18 years old that he felt it was time to step up and be of service to his community. He started off by patrolling as a civilian and then eventually came up with his current insect-like persona.

Unlike DC Comic’s Poison Ivy, who took a love of nature to a whole new extreme, Entomo patrols around his hometown of Naples and does his best to document environmental injustice so that he can turn over his evidence to the authorities and let them use the full power of the law to stop the criminals.

5 Mr. XTreme

40-year-old Clark Stark is a security supervisor by day, but by night, he turns into the real-life superhero Mr. Xtreme.

He got his start as a superhero in the ‘70s when he patrolled with Curtis Silwa’s group the Guardian Angels in New York City, but felt he needed more independence. Mr. Xtreme admitted that he had a rough childhood growing up, and in 2006, he decided to help others by becoming a masked vigilante.

Mr.Xtreme also founded the XTreme Justice League, and the members train with a local Krav Maga Academy. They also partake in escalation, first aid and CPR workshops run by trained law enforcement officials.

Not only does the Xtreme Justice League patrol the streets to keep people safe, they also reach out to local communities by hosting social programs, participating in homeless outreach, and helping charities. Mr. Xtreme and his buddies may not have Superman’s preternatural abilities, but they are just as helpful as their fictional comic book counterparts.

4 The Ovarian Psychos

The Ovarian Psychos Bicycle Brigade are FED UP with gentrifiers and have launched an all-out war against the hipsters who threaten to consume Boyle Heights, California.

Xela de la X started the Ovarian Psychos as a way for women of color to come together to fight for self-representation and to battle against the gendered imbalance of power. They hold monthly bike rides to reclaim the space around them and to discuss issues that are prevalent in their community, such as gentrification.

One way the Ovarian Psychos battle gentrification is by hosting a women’s yearly bike ride in Los Angeles in order to scare off the gentrifies, show the politicians they will not meekly submit to their plans and are ready to fight back, and expose the culture vultures that threaten to destroy their community. The event also has curated pit stops, community lectures and workshops. We salute these rockin’ ladies and give them two thumbs up for upsetting the status quo.

3 The Shadow

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The Shadow, who was originally dubbed “the Bromley Batman” by the London newspapers, works hard to keep his neighborhood safe.

In 2015, a man named Ken was walking through Martin’s Hill when a group of jerks appeared literally out of NOWHERE and demanded that he hand over both his phone and his wallet.

Poor Ken was terrified until the Shadow appeared and used his superhero skills to shove the attackers into a prickly bush. We’re pretty sure the would-be thieves are probably STILL picking out the prickles and thorns to this day.

After word spread about the masked vigilante in London, the Shadow reached out to the Evening Standard. He said he LOATHED the nickname of “Bromley Batman” and said he’d rather be called the Shadow, after his favorite childhood comic. He admitted that he has trained in self-defense for a long, long time and after seeing all the horrible crime stories, he decided to do something to help make the world a better place. We’re glad that London has such a thoughtful superhero patrolling their streets!

2 Master Legend

Like his Seattle counterpart Phoenix Jones, Master Legend is one of the first people to don a costume and hit the streets as a real-life superhero.

Master Legend admitted that he got his start as a superhero from a young age. He had studied kung fu from a guy named Master Ray, and he leaped into action when he saw a purse-snatcher as a young 16-year-old in New Orleans.

Now, he fights crime in Orlando, Florida and even has a trusty sidekick named Ace that helps him take down the bad guys. Together, they have returned money that was stolen from a handicapped Vietnam veteran and helped clear the roads after Hurricane Charley struck.

Of course, like his fictional counterparts, Master Legend also might be appearing on the small screen soon. Amazon ordered a new pilot in June called The Legend of Master Legend, which is going to revolve around the charming superhero and his exploits in patrolling Orlando.

1 The Perv Busters

The Guardian Angels, which is a volunteer group that is dedicated to patrolling the NYC subways, has branched out and created an all-female group called the Perv Busters.

Their mission is to find and shame subway perverts. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Silwa hosted a training session in June that taught the female recruits how to respond to an angry pervert that might try to attack them once he realizes that they are filming him on their smartphones.

The MTA backed out of a plan to deploy eight subway cops in order to battle a spike in sex crimes, so the Perv Busters are doing the job for them. One recruit, Lauren Rius, told the New York Post that she was sick of dealing with subway creeps and wanted to make a difference, so she jumped at the chance to join the Perv Busters and fight crime with other kicka** women. You go, ladies!

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