15 Awful Times Snapchat Showcased The Worst Of Humanity

The creation of the camera phone was one of the best and worst things that could have ever happened to society. It gave us the ability to capture life's biggest moments with the touch of a button and keep those photos with us everywhere we go. But when apps were paired with those abilities, things started going downhill fast.

Not only are people now taking shameless selfies everyday (which to our dismay is still very popular) but they're capturing moments that showcase the worst of humanity—from bad face swaps to selfies taken at funerals. We were silent, but we can't be quiet any longer while these people threaten our ideals of common decency. Why is it that Snapchat has made us feel the need to become such savages? We're not sure, but we do kind of like it. 

15 A mother's love

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If there is one thing we have learned with time, it's that you should never go against your mother or make decisions that your mother would not approve of. For one, she's almost always right and, secondly, even if she's not, she won't admit it so you may as well play along. If you decide not to play along, well you better watch it because there's nothing like a mother's discipline, erm, love. While our mother never came at us with a spoon, we did have some slippers thrown at us before, but we guess to each their own. So what did this kid do that was so bad? Well, if we had to wager a guess, he disrespected his mother's liquor cabinet by pulling all of the good stuff out and posing with it to trick all of his Snapchat friends that he's balling out hard tonight. Nothing gets by mama, though.

14 Intelligence is a thing of the past

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Well, well, well, what do we have here? Another example of a young lady using Snapchat the entirely wrong way. Girl, the reason we all have social media is to make ourselves look good. Have you learned nothing from Instagram bloggers (seriously, start paying attention because they get paid to receive free stuff by painting everything in a good light)? Anyway, Becky over here decided not to use social media to show off her best assets. Instead, she divulged to the entire online world that she's either not very bright or that she's very lazy (possibly both). If Becky had considered using her brain power for this one, she would have thought ahead and realized it is far better to take a minute to iron the shirt properly than to live with that burn scar the rest of her life. When will the Beckys of the world learn?

13 No shame

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When you're a shooter, it's basically ingrained in your DNA to act as flashy as possible, no matter how bad it makes you look. What is a shooter, you might ask? It's a person who likes to show off their material possessions because they are lacking in things like height, compassion, etc. Anyway, these two little boys—pardon, men—felt like they needed to really show off that they are ballers by playing a game of cards with their multiple iPads. While we're a little jealous that we don't own that many iPads and it's possible these men work hard for their money, that still doesn't excuse their behaviour. Have a slice of humble pie boys and put down the iPads. We all know that you can play a perfectly good game of virtual cards with just one iPad.

12 This is why we can't have nice things

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Why do people on Snapchat always feel the need to take a really great thing and completely destroy it. We grew up playing with Barbie, but we definitely agree that Barbie needs more diversity, although this is definitely not what we meant by that. In fact, thanks to Jimmy and his horrid face swap, we can never look at another Barbie the same way again because this image will always haunt us. Look at that little beard and pursed lips? We keep having terrifying daydreams about it hiding under our beds to catch us unaware. We don't like it, Jim, put her down and step away and nobody gets hurt (except our childhood). Anyway, the next time you want to ruin something innocent looking Jim, how about you just don't?

11 Stellar education system 

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While we kind of wish that we thought of this when we were in school (what a little boy genius), we do not understand how he got away with it. We thought our teachers were inattentive because they didn't notice our hand being raised for 30 seconds when we needed to use the bathroom, but this takes inattentiveness to a whole other level. For one, as a teacher would you not feel inclined to wake up a kid that looks like he's asleep and tell him to get back to work?  If only our high school teachers in our 8:30 a.m. classes were like this, maybe we still wouldn't be catching up on sleep now. Anyway, we digress, clearly this kid is attending a school where they do not care in what capacity you show up to class, as long as you show up or pretend to show up.

10 Wow, too far 

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While there a plenty of things we would be forgiving of on this list, this is a huge travesty that we do not think that we can excuse. One of our biggest pet peeves is when someone says they are not hungry or they don't want fries with that, but the minute our backs are turned, they're stealing food from our plate. Have you no human decency? Only a snake would pull a move like that and we are truly shook to the core that some people may behave like this when we go to the bathroom during dinner. We are happy to share our clothes, our couch or even our car if you really need to borrow it for something important like a hospital visit or a date, but we definitely do not share food. It is obvious this chick knows that too because she waited until her date had well cleared the room.

9 When no one follows the rules

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Ladies and gentleman, there's a reason there are certain rules in place, like handicap parking spots and special bathroom stalls, so its best to follow them if you want to avoid cringeworthy situations. Yeah, we've used the handicap stall when there's no other washroom available, too, but we wonder if this person just went in there because it's more spacious. Now it's going to be a really uncomfortable situation for everyone when this person walks out of the stall to allow the person in the wheelchair to enter. Although we get "this is not supposed to happen" Amanda and it's super uncomfortable that it did, perhaps next time just use the tighter stall next door. We know they're not as comfortable, but you'll feel much better after, we promise. 

8 Is someone going to tell him or just take photos? 

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Now this one is really not cool. Allowing this kid to walk around with his coat on upside down is like allowing someone to walk around with their skirt tucked into their undies or with toilet paper stuck to their shoe without them knowing—it's just not cool. One of the simplest human obligations we have to one another is to tell each other when stuff like this happens. But instead, little Ronny is surrounded by people who would rather take a photo of his accidental fashion faux pas than tell him what's up. How is he supposed to learn if no one tells him now? It's like when we finally learned we were pronouncing banal (we said bay-nal, instead of buh-nal) wrong in front of a room full of fellow students and professors during a presentation. It's not fun, guys.

7 Must we ruin everything?

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You know what, when we look at this photo at first glance, all we see is perfectly lovely photo of a couple of guys and their lady friend. However, thanks to the caption of this Snapchat user, it's ruined for us (in like a really good way, but hey we never said we were the best side of humanity). Anyway, the guy down below probably thought he was getting the best seat in the house since her bum right by his head, but apparently he was wrong. We guess, as he sat, it wasn't long before she tooted. So, we guess this photo showcases two bad things abut humanity—that people will destroy something innocent for the entertainment of their Snapchat friends and that there are people in this world who will fart on your head when you least expect it. 

6 Leave the Scooby Doo cast out of it 

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Some Snapchat users are just the worst in pointing out others flaws on social media, while only posting themselves in the best light (and with the best filters). It's just a thing that we all like to do sometimes to make ourselves feel better about our insecurities. So, when this person saw someone who resembled Daphne from the couldn't help but make a rude remark. What would possess him to do this, you may ask? Well, it's likely that he's a bit of a rude person himself.Why not look on the bright side and point out that Daphne is still alive? Or that she is still cruising around in that cool acid trip looking car? The reason he didn't is because he's human and errs to the side of negativity like the rest of us. When will we change? 

5 Someone give this man his McDonald's 

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What kind of savages are working at McDonald's that this guy has been waiting so long to get his McFlurry? Now the poor man's fashion choices are completely outdated. Alas, Old Sir Wilbert is not a quitter, so if that means he has to wait another 100 years for his shake then he will. This photo is a double whammy, while fast food places do need faster service, the real problem here is this man's shoes. What sort of planet are we living on when gold buckle shoes like this are being freely sold? Seriously, someone call the people in charge of designing and releasing clothes every season because you are doing it all wrong. How are we supposed to improve as a human race if we can't even get this man's hands on a decent pair of shoes? 

4 Oh, the shame 

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hen did we become such bad drivers? Did it start with the phone? Did it start with having too many things to do at once to be paying attention to the road? Or have we always just been bad drivers? These are some serious questions to ponder and we are pretty sure that's exactly what this woman is thinking as she is trying to figure out how she managed to pull this off. Driving is not target practice lady. When you see objects in your path, you do not get any points for rolling into them. In fact, the only thing you do get is a bad reputation as a driver, an increased insurance rate and a hefty bill for having to get your car fixed. Now we are not saying that this woman is the worst driver we have ever seen but she's not making look good for us gals.

3 Walmart is the problem 

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While Snapchat truly does bring out the worst in people, nothing brings out the worst in people like Walmart does. It's just one of those places that attracts strange people sometimes, in strange clothes, with strange haircuts, doing strange things. These two wild animals are no exception. There is just something so eerie about people wearing head masks of animals while shopping for meat. It reminds us of a horror movie we once saw and quite frankly we did not like it. Why did these two creeps have to wear these masks to go grocery shopping at Walmart? Why not just wear your mullets out to get some fresh air while donning pants that show your bum crack and shirts that show too much skin? That's the Walmart uniform we are used to and after looking at this, we want it back.

2 Kill them with kindness no more 

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Killing people with kindness is a thing of the past, now that you can slap people with snarky remarks on Snapchat instead. The best part is that it's a mother sending it to her daughter because who else is going to dish it to you straight other than your mother. While we get that this mother probably had her reasons for sharing this with her kid (and it's probably because the kids 30 and still living at home), we can all play a little nicer, no? When did we become so mean to one another. Yes, it's true people can be widely annoying and extra so it drives us to speak nastily to them, but what if we all just tried to be a little nicer? We are sure we can stick to it for at least an hour until we have to go out on the road again and come across a person who doesn't signal. Then, all bets are off.

1 When innocent kids are used to scare

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There is already nothing scarier than kids in our minds (that includes having kids and kids in horror movies—they really need to stop casting them because they're terrifying), but this just makes it so much worse. Why do people feel the need to take innocent looking cats and kids and make them do a creepy face swap with creepy results that then gets shared with us? We would much rather prefer the excessive photos of your cat and kid sitting on the couch, cuddling, doing nothing, etc., over looking at images like this. We totally take it back when we said do not send us anymore boring photos of your cat and kid doing absolutely nothing. But we would much rather those boring ones over images like this, which is now burnt into our brains and will probably give us nightmares. Way to go.

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