15 Awful Trick-Or-Treat Fails That Will Actually Leave You Feeling Sorry For The Kids

It’s every kid’s favorite time of year— time to get free candy! That’s right, Halloween is quickly approaching and so are the cavities! While you may be amping up to deal with sugar-crazed kids for the next month, some people are sharing about the so-called “treats” they’ve received while trick-or-treating. You’ve most likely heard about kids get handed toothbrushes or apples instead of fun-sized Snickers, but have you heard about the girl who received a rock wrapped in tin foil? How about the kids who were invited in to enjoy a home-cooked meal instead of ghostly-shaped chocolates? Yeah, it gets that weird! Luckily for us, people took to social media to relive their worst Halloween memories by sharing the weirdest, most random things they received while trick-or-treating. Let’s hope your kids don’t have any stories to add!

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15 "Cooked Chicken Wings"

“One of our neighbor's son was sitting on his porch handing them out to kids from a huge bowl,” a Reddit user commented on their experience of receiving cooked chicken wings one Halloween. Of course, others quickly weighed in with their opinions on being handed this home-cooked meal in lieu of candy: “ If they were warm I have absolutely no problem with this,” another Redditor said. While user Senator_Chickpea took things to a whole new level with their comment: “If I were drunk, I would have absolutely no problem with this.” About that, though, most kids of trick-or-treating age aren’t (hopefully not) drunk. So how do you explain to a 5-year-old the joy of receiving a seasoned piece of chicken instead of Tootsie Rolls? You probably don’t. Hopefully the next time someone hands out chicken, it’s only to the adults who are accompanying their little ones trick-or-treating.

14 "Broccoli And A Bible Verse In A Little Baggy"

“Ridiculous!” This Redditor was not happy about receiving vegetables and God’s word in a little baggy. It’s almost a double-whammy for kids. Here, eat your vegetables and say your prayers! Wait, who are you? Unless you’re their parents, it’s probably best not to force-feed kids religion— or vegetables. It’s bad enough they have to sit through dinner while pretending to eat their greens, but now they have to do it on Halloween as well? The night dedicated to kids and candy?! Blasphemy. In cases such as this one, it’s probably best to simply turn off your porch light, save some money on broccoli, and leave the trick-or-treaters alone. Plus, do you really want to be “that person?” You know, the person who gets their house egged the day after Halloween by all the neighborhood kids.

13 "An Opened Candy Bar. No Wrapper. Just The Bar."

This is far beyond every parent’s Halloween nightmare! Forget just checking candy wrappers for holes! This is one weird treat that will make you question humanity, and probably that person’s sanity. I mean, who does this?! Did they buy one of those mini-bags in which none of the chocolates are individually wrapped? I have a hard time believing these home owners took the time to unwrap fun-sized bars, but it’s way more creepy if they did! Perhaps they were about to treat themselves to a little trick-or-treating snack when this Redditor knocked on the door. Instead of grabbing a new chocolate bar, they mistakenly dropped the opened one into the kid’s bag instead. Yeah, that’s the theory I’m gonna go with one this one. I sincerely hope these people don’t make a habit of handing out unwrapped candy, anyway!

12 "An Onion, I Literally Got An Onion One Year For Halloween."

The onion probably made this poor trick-or-treater cry in more ways than one! Sure, it’s hilarious now, but I doubt it was when this commenter dumped out their candy bag to discover an onion. Depending on their age when they received said onion, they either were upset over missing out on candy, or shrugged it off as “that” one house everyone talks about on Halloween. There is always that one neighbor who either gives out king-sized candies, or hands kids whatever they have to spare at the time. In all seriousness, everyone knows what day Halloween falls on each year and should be properly prepared! Even though it wasn’t what this Redditor was expecting to find in their treat bag, I’m assuming their mom made mean breakfast casserole using the onion the next morning. So there’s at least that.

11 "My Son Got A Ronald McDonald Cassette Tape. He Had No Idea What It Was."

Ronald thaï pose #ronaldmcdonald #thaipose

A post shared by Yo Blaco (@drblaco) on

This parent was probably laughing their you-know-what off after finding a Ronald McDonald cassette tape in their kid’s bag. Of course they had to explain to their little one what an ancient cassette tape is, but I bet they also had to explain who Ronald McDonald is as well! Sigh, kids these days will never know the simple life! When it’s all said and done, this Halloween “treat” makes for a great story. And on the plus side, it is a great way to clean out your junk drawer on Halloween! Heck, just dump it all into some unsuspecting kid’s plastic pumpkin! I do wonder if this parent actually had a tape player so the kid could at least hear what was on his Ronald McDonald cassette! It makes you miss your childhood, doesn’t it?

10 "A Whole Banana"

I’ve heard of people handing out apples and raisins, but never bananas. I don’t know if this would be a good treat to get, or one you would just want to toss. Can people poison bananas? Or the real question might be: would people poison bananas? How could you even tell! It may seem morbid to think of such things, but then again, it’s pretty messed up of a person to hand out fruit on Halloween! You don’t know what kind of other evils they may be capable of, and you probably don’t want to find out. I personally think finding a banana in your candy bag would be hilarious, like a Kodak moment you’ll always remember. You would probably be laughing too hard to even be upset over not receiving candy! If you’re going to hand out healthy snacks this Halloween, definitely go with bananas.

9 "When My Mom Was A Kid She Got A Rock Wrapped In Tin Foil."

This Reddit user shared their poor mom’s childhood plight of receiving this non-edible item: “She didn't know what it was and was so excited to open it when she got home... only to find out it was a rock.” They emphasized the disappointment with a sad face at the end of the sentence, too. This is an all-time low for this list! Any kid would be super excited to find out what surprise awaits them in the mysterious tin foil-wrapped package, so imagine their face when they discover it’s only something they can find in their own driveway. At least she didn’t try to tear the wrapping off with her teeth and end up chipping one? There has to be a positive spin here somehow! I guess the excitement of opening the rock was a treat enough.

8 "A Guy Who Lived In My Neighborhood Who Would Run For Mayor Every Election Used To Hand Out Magnets That Said "Vote Murphy!"

"We couldn't vote, everyone I knew just threw them out. Even if kids could vote I'm sure no one would vote for him because he never gave out candy. Also he never won." Ouch! I’m sure this Murphy guy thought he was so funny, too. Little did he know, he was ensuring the parents of all the disappointed kids would not vote for him. Honestly, what kid of trick-or-treating age really cares about magnets? Much less magnets in support of a political candidate. On the other hand, Murphy was kind of smart to get the free publicity while he could. Dozens of kids walking around complaining about a “Vote for Murphy” magnet? Bingo! Now all the adults will know who Murphy is, probably find out who this jokester is, and then not vote for him.  At least once he lost the election, he probably started handing out real treats.

7 "Klondike Bars"

“One of my neighbors had forgotten it was Halloween and didn't have anything to give my sister and I. He invited us inside and gave us a couple of his own Klondike bars from his freezer.” Al least this Redditor said receiving a nontraditional Halloween treat made for a nice memory! However, I don’t think parents would go for the “invited us inside” part these days. It may have happened when the world was a more trustworthy place, but this would probably— no, most definitely— freak some people out today. But you gotta hand it to the guy for trying! At least he gave the kids something sweet, and not an onion or outdated cassette tape! Plus, isn’t all about the Halloween memories anyway? This user seems to have fond memory of that Halloween despite getting this strange treat.

6 "There's A Guy In My Friend's Neighborhood Who Gives Out Capri Suns."

My fave 🍍 #caprisun #free #slimmingworld #weightloss

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This user added “It's really nice having a cold drink after walking around for a few hours.” Right on! Yeah, it may seem like a weird idea to give out juice to trick-or-treaters, but it’s such a good idea! Everyone likes Capri Suns, anyway, and all that walking would make a kid get thirsty. Even if they don’t slurp it up right away, it would be amazing to get home and discover a nice cold punch waiting for you. I’m sure the parents get in on the beverage action, too. After all, they’re the ones walking around all night and not receiving candy! As far as strange Halloween snacks, this one isn’t the weirdest, but it is one of the most unexpected. Hopefully this person is still surprising kids with Capri Suns to help rejuvenate them on their mission to find more free candy!

5 "I Gave Out Two Packages Of Ramen Last Year."

“Those kids were actually excited. I think I'll do it again this year. And I also want to give a kid a cantaloupe.” The kids were only pretending to be excited in order to seem polite. What kid really gets excited about receiving something their pantry is already packed with? Plus, eating ramen noodles isn’t as fun as being able to binge on sugar during Halloween. The whole point of trick-or-treating is allowing kids to eat way more candy than normal. I’m sure they’re allowed to eat ramen noodles whenever they want. But wait, this Redditor is getting even more weird for this Halloween by wanting to hand out cantaloupes. Are you kidding me? Cantaloupes weigh as much as a 6-year-old! What kid or parent wants to haul around a melon while walking through the neighborhood?!

4 "Candy Canes"

Here’s a great PSA opportunity: let’s try to focus on one holiday at a time, okay? Yes, candy canes are sugar and technically a treat, but they’re for Christmas time only! It takes away some of the fun to receive holiday-themed candy two months early! Not to mention the candy canes are probably from last year. The fact they have so many left over candy canes that they’re handing them out to trick-or-treaters also shows that nobody really eats the dang things. You may buy a box or two in December, but come summer time, you find yourself with a cupboard full of stale candy canes. So why torture innocent kids with your mistake? You know you can always just toss them out after the holiday instead of saving them to use on Halloween!

3 "Toothbrushes And Toothpaste"

The dentist on this Redditor’s street hands out teeth cleaning tools. How cliche, right? As an adult, I would love to receive freebies like this, but I doubt kids find it as exciting. Another Redditor commented their local dentist hands out “Barbie clothes to girls and Matchbox cars to boys, along with a pamphlet on keeping your teeth clean.” See? That’s not so hard is it? You can still inform youth on the perils of not maintaining dental health and give them something they actually want! I’m sure the kids love getting actual toys that will last far beyond Halloween, too. As for the evil dentist in this story, I wonder why kids even stop by his house still. Maybe it’s his way of getting the youngsters to quit trick-or-treating there? Or maybe he’s just a Scrooge.

2 "I Got A Smore!"

I love the excitement this person has in sharing their weirdest Halloween treat. In fact, their whole story sounds kind of amazing: “They were making smores on an open fire in their front yard, and I asked for one. This was at a camp ground that had a Halloween night on Columbus Day Weekend in Maine.” Well, the fact they asked for one does kind of null it being a Halloween treat, but it’s still fun if not a bit strange to give a kid a smore. As with the Klondike bars, I’m sure this happened some time ago as most parents would not appreciate their little ones going up to strangers seeking unwrapped food items. Then again, it made for an awesome memory this person still fondly looks back on to this day! See, not all “weird” Halloween treats are bad.

1 "Rotten Apples"

“A guy gave my friends and me rotten apples. At first we thought he was one of those health nuts who handed out fruit instead of candy,” this Redditor went quite in-depth when explaining how he and his friends came to be the recipients of rotten apples on Halloween. “But when we touched the apples, they were squishy and smelled bad. I think he was unprepared for trick or treaters and just handed us whatever had been rotting on his counter.” Folks, if you’re going to forget about Halloween, at least turn your porch light off! I don’t know why it seems so hard for some people to do this common courtesy. But back to the rotten apples. Why give the kids anything at all?! Apparently this guy didn’t have bananas or Klondike bars to share instead.

Sources: reddit.com

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