15 Awkward Disney Freeze Frames That Can't Be Unseen

We've all watched our favorite Disney movies more times than we can count. It was never enough to just know every word to every Disney song, we also wanted to be able to completely quote the classics like Beauty & the Beast and The Little Mermaid. However, no matter how many times we've seen the films, there are still plenty of things that we've missed and that can only really be seen if we take the time to spam our remote control's pause button and search for virtually every hidden Easter egg. There are definite dangers to pausing Disney movies, though—doing so could subject viewers to some seriously disturbing and awkward images. These Disney freeze frames can never be unseen, so check them out at your own risk!

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15 You definitely don't want to be part of Prince Eric's world

Via: moviepilot.com

Ariel was only 16 when she abandoned her family, her home and her voice in pursuit of a hot guy she only really saw once. We kind of get it; teenagers develop crushes that they mistake as love all the time...but if you only go off of this freeze frame, you will likely be super confused as to why the little mermaid developed such a huge obsession with Eric. He's hideous! The prince has some serious dark marks under his eyes, his face looks like a giant blob and he has an expression that seems to imply he's forcing out a huge poop. Despite all that, Ariel looks at the disturbing image of Eric with complete adoration. There surely has to be an attractive merman under the sea with a tad fewer physical deformities she could have focused her attention on.

14 Riding the Sultan like he's a magic carpet

Via: tumblr.com

Al and Jasmine are of course supposed to be the OTP of Disney's Aladdin, but you can't deny that the Genie and the Sultan had a pretty special bond in the films. The Sultan was fascinated by all things magic throughout the Aladdin trilogy, and maybe that's why he let the Genie ride him like he was a magic carpet in this incredibly uncomfortable freeze frame. If you look at the Sultan's face, though, he doesn't really seem to be enjoying himself as much as the Genie here. The Sultan wanted to be shown the world the same way Aladdin showed it to his daughter, but all he got was an up-close and personal view of the Genie's groin. Hey, the Genie was trapped in the lamp for ten thousand years, he's got some needs.

13 Maybe Flynn Rider isn't quite as charming as we thought

via: moviepilot.com

Flynn Rider is a total babe, and we all have to admit we developed an embarrassing crush on him the first time we watched Tangled...that hasn't really gone away since. He's got perfect hair, a sexy air of self-confidence and he has mastered the smolder. Well, this picture might help tame your unhealthy love for this animated character. Pausing his first meeting with Rapunzel at exactly the right (or rather, wrong) time yields this derpy, ugly version of everyone's favorite Disney bad boy. He definitely looks like a Eugene here! He also seems to sort of have a slight sexual fetish for getting choked out by Rapunzel's hair, which makes this image even more traumatizing. We don't think we'll ever be able to look at Flynn the same way again.

12 Okay, HOW did Belle fall for Beast again?

Via: ohmy.disney.com

There are plenty of people online who have said that they think the Beast is actually more attractive than his human form, Prince Adam. We've never really seen it. He's got horns, he's covered in fur and, like this awkward freeze frame shows, he's a total slob! He downed this whole bowl of porridge in approximately two seconds, and whatever he didn't stuff his mouth, he spread all over his face and nice clothes. He looks like he's about to vomit, and that's not exactly charming, prince-like behavior. We definitely think there was some serious Stockholm Syndrome going on in that enchanted castle, because Beast is just plain nasty and the fact that Belle found this sort of stuff endearing is definite proof that the "tale as old as time" isn't one that we'll ever relate to.

11 This is a serious misuse of the King's power

Via: pinterest.com

It was the Grand Duke's job in Cinderella to be the King's errand boy and messenger, but this freeze frame shows that his royal highness might be abusing his power a bit behind the scenes. Prince Charming definitely didn't get his polite and respectful personality from his father, because the perverted, monocle-wearing King appears to be having some 50 Shades of Grey-quality sex with his loyal employee. We're not quite sure if the expression on the Grand Duke's face is one of pure pleasure or one of agonizing pain, but either way, we're seriously disturbed by this inappropriate workplace relationship and have to wonder if the kingdom in this beloved film has some sort of Human Relations department we can report it to. Can the Fairy Godmother please grant our wish to unsee this?!

10 'Emperor's New Groove' could have been a horror film

Via: pinterest.com

Thanks to David Spade's comedic voicing of Kuzco and the adorable animation used in the film, we never really put much thought into how terrifying The Emperor's New Groove is. But, like...a guy was turned into talking llama and chased around by a skeletal and power-hungry mad scientist! It basically sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it?! If you aren't with us yet, just check out how freaky the movie suddenly becomes with a slight tweak to llama Kuzco's appearance—someone paused the film while he was mid-transformation, and the emperor is so hideous, he's sure to cause some nightmares! Don't pause Disney films if you ever want to sleep again, kids. No amount of funny dialogue can make you forget a scary mutant llama face like that.

9 We don't blame Sid for being scared AF

Via: tumblr.com

We all made fun of Sid in Toy Story when Woody and his friends totally freaked him out and made him run away like a scared little baby. After all, he was supposed to be this big, tough, slightly gothic bully with a fondness for turning his belongings into terrifying monsters...how could he be scared of a few harmless toys?! Well, this awkward image makes us totally understand how such a seemingly fearless kid got so spooked—Woody is scarier than any of the abominations he created in his freaky bedroom! Just white out Woody's pupils like Disney's animators did here, and everyone's favorite sheriff just might surpass Maleficent and Jafar to become the creepiest character in all of Disney. We're keeping our toys in our closets from now on.

8 Elsa's right, Anna...you two should slow things down a bit

Via: facebook.com

Anna and Prince Hans clicked from the moment they first saw each other, and we have to admit we found their instant attraction pretty endearing. "Love is an Open Door" just might be our all-time favorite Disney duet, and we didn't really think anything was off when Anna accepted Hans' proposal after only knowing him for one day. But Elsa was completely against the engagement, because you're really not supposed to settle down with someone you don't know at all. She was definitely right after all about Anna and Hans moving way too fast—this freeze frame shows the two royals got it on in public the very first time they met! Awkward! Maybe if she wasn't so busy messing around with Hans, Anna could have realized that he was totally evil.

7 Hades is a total babe

Via: ohmy.disney.com

Hercules was absolutely filled with gorgeous and fabulous characters. The titular demi-god Hercules himself was impossibly jacked and had that adorable boyish charm, Meg had all the right curves and the sexiest attitude of pretty much any Disney "princess" ever, the Muses were all #SassGoals and nearly all of the gods in Mount Olympus had perfect abs. Hades was always the jealous type, and this freeze frame proves he's ready for people to start noticing how attractive he is for a change! The God of the Underworld is posing like a real supermodel here, with his pushed-back hair of blue flames and puckered lips. We never really noticed how much of a stud Hades is, but he's definitely got our attention now! Talk about being "hot as Hell!"

6 How did Disney let this happen?!

Via: tumblr.com

The hard workers at Disney's animation studios spend thousands of hours doing quality control for their films to make sure every frame is perfect. Sometimes, however, they let some pretty unforgivable mistakes get by them—someone snuck a penis onto King Triton's castle in The Little Mermaid, wrote "SEX" in the clouds in The Lion King and forced us to watch mice use anal beads on each other in Cinderella! Jaq and Gus Gus, Cinderella's talking mice friends, had a pretty close friendship, but this awkward freeze frame proves that things between the two mice occasionally got a bit inappropriate. It totally looks like Jaq is jamming a sex toy into Gus' butt! He looks pretty excited about this sort of foreplay, but Gus Gus doesn't really share his enthusiasm.

5 There goes our crush on Aladdin

Via: moviepilot.com

If you grew up watching Disney films, your very first crush was probably on the most iconic and studly "street rat" of all time, Aladdin. Prince Ali knew all about how to properly woo a lady (who wouldn't want to go on a magic carpet ride across the whole world?!), he had a great sense of style (vests are totally acceptable if you've got pecs like that), and he was incredibly virtuous and moral for a born criminal. This freeze frame proves that while Aladdin seemed perfect in the film, even he has his off days. It looks like Yzma must have slipped him one of her evil potions, and he's half-way into turning into a donkey or something. Genie, work your magic and turn him back into the tall, dark and handsome wanna-be prince that we love!

4 Ursula's had a really rough night

Via: facebook.com

In this awkward freeze frame, it looks like Ursula just woke up after a crazy night of drinking and partying. She seemingly passed out in her club outfit, with her hair still up and her makeup still on, and now she's feeling super hungover and filled with serious regrets. Oh, Ursula, don't worry...we've all been there. That all sounds like just another Friday night to us, and while you might feel like a poor, unfortunate soul right now, we're sure you'll be back to your sassy and savage self soon! It doesn't matter how much of a hot mess you are, you're still our favorite Disney villain. After all, without you, who would have taught us to never underestimate the importance of body language?!

3 Get it together, you two...

Via: pinterest.com

Ursula might not be the only Disney character to have a tendency to party a bit too hard at night. In this funny AF freeze frame, Hercules and Megara look like they've had way too much too drink, and are about to engage in a super sloppy and disgusting make-out session. We never thought we'd be turned off by two of Disney's hottest characters, but they're just way too wasted to find attractive here. It's okay, you two...we've all overdone it on occasion. Just try to pull yourselves together and sober up; you're both way too sexy to look like such complete messes. And Hercules, don't forget that your parents up in Mount Olympus are watching pretty much everything you do. We're sure they wouldn't consider this "god-like behavior."

2 No one derps like Gaston

Via: buzzfeed.com

According to LeFou in Beauty & the Beast, no one's slick as Gaston, no one's quick as Gaston and no one breaks hearts like Gaston...because he's perfect, a "pure paragon." Well, going off of this hilarious freeze frame, we don't think anyone derps like Gaston, either! The notoriously gorgeous manly man is apparently able to contort his body in some seriously bizarre and disturbing ways, and while his biceps here look as flawless as ever, his face is pretty horrifying. We're never going to say that we find Beast attractive, but we're not sure he ever looked this ridiculous! If this Gaston was Belle's top option in her hometown, we suppose we can understand her decision to hook up with a horned and hairy monster after all.

1 Talk about being excited for a wedding

Via: tumblr.com

If you purchased your copy of The Little Mermaid since it was re-released a few years ago, you couldn't have possibly seen this because Disney made sure to go back and edit this scene. But when the beloved film first came out, someone in the animation department snuck this gem in and totally got away with it for several years! No, your eyes aren't deceiving you...the priest at Eric and Vanessa's wedding totally had an erection building up as he was addressing the couple. We were too freaked out as kids over the idea of Prince Eric marrying the wrong sea creature to really notice this, but as soon as we grew up, we spotted it and we haven't been able to watch the film without laughing ever since.

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