15 Awkward Family Halloween Pictures That Make Us Seriously Uncomfortable

We absolutely love it when families try to stick to a particular theme with their costumes on Halloween. Even though it's getting colder outside this time of year, our hearts warm right up every time we see kids dress up as classic DC or Marvel superheroes and their parents don the costumes of their super-villains or little girls dressed up as Disney princesses while their dads wear the iconic costumes of their respective princes. Unfortunately, some parents try to get a bit too creative with their themes, and the results get really awkward, really quickly. We thought we'd gotten used to seeing creepy and uncomfortable stuff online around Halloween, but these family photos still make our skin crawl! Sorry, but what on earth were they thinking?!

15 They've got a lot of baggage

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Maybe there's a deeper meaning to this really, um, "original" family costume choice than we're realizing. Maybe this is their way of saying that they've got way too much baggage and these costumes are a cry for psychological help. Maybe they're really excited about an upcoming family vacation and wanted to express that. Maybe they're homeless, and they're trying to imply that they basically live out of their suitcases. Or... maybe this family just awkwardly loves suitcases so much that they simply had to dress as a matching set of them. We'll sadly never know what could have possessed these parents to select this group theme, but at least now we know how ridiculous it looks so we never bizarrely get inspired to replicate this idea ourselves.

14 Costumes on a budget

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Not all parents can afford to go to their local Halloween store and buy a bunch of expensive Ninja Turtle or fairy princess costumes for their kids. Some adults have to get creative and just try to make do with whatever they have lying around the house. Families on a budget often opt to use sheets to dress up as ghosts or Greeks at a toga party, but this family tried doing something different. They grabbed some receipts, coupons, paper bags and old snack boxes so they could dress their kids up as... grocery bags. Sadly, the resulting costumes look absolutely horrible and awkward, and while we can't quite see the expressions on the kids' faces, we're sure they're quite miserable inside of their cracker box masks!

13 Really, Dad? On Halloween?

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This dad has two adorable daughters, both of whom wanted to dress up as generic but timeless pink princesses on Halloween. They look great together, and the dad would have completed the theme if he dressed up as a prince, a King or even a wizard... but he decided to dress up as a crazy street preacher instead. He pulled out some poster-board and quoted Romans 6:23 on it, writing "the wages for sin is death," in dramatic and gigantic black and red letters. There's a time and a place to express your love for your faith, but Halloween probably isn't the best time and in-between your cute princess daughters definitely isn't the place. Especially if you're expressing your faith with such a frightening passage!

12 Starting Halloween off with a little torture

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Few things in the entire world are as adorable as a baby in a Halloween costume. We love it when parents see their newborns as little dolls that they can dress up in adorable outfits, but some babies don't exactly love being treated that way. This mom dressed her bundle of joy in a little lobster costume (super cute!), but when she tried to complete the look by placing him in a pot, her baby absolutely lost it. He'd clearly seen what happens to lobsters that get thrown into pots on the stove one too many times, and didn't want to die at such a young age! The guy in the background's laughter proves that the baby's family found this torture to be hilarious, but we feel for this panicked little tot.

11 Frumpy pumpkins

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Pumpkins are probably the most iconic symbol of fall and Halloween. This season, we put pumpkin spice into pretty much everything we eat and drink, from our coffee to our ice cream and pie. We decorate our patios with the little squashes, and carve them into jack-o'-lanterns in October to scare demons away from our homes. This family wanted to prove their undying love for pumpkins apparent to everyone in their neighborhood, so they took their pumpkin obsession to the next level and dressed up as an entire pumpkin patch! Even though we love the taste of pumpkins, this look is hardly flattering—the costumes are frumpy and orange isn't anyone's color. There might have been a way to make this theme work, but the costumes they chose look more like sacks of potatoes than cute and round pumpkins!

10 Addressing the elephants in the room

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It's time to address the scary elephants in the room. Kids these days probably don't know who Babar the Elephant is, but he used to be a beloved children's book and animated TV show character. Now, he's apparently just the source of all of our nightmares! We never would have guessed that a Halloween theme featuring King Babar, Queen Celeste and two of their children would freak us out so much, but these costumes are simply terrifying. The masks are lacking any sort of facial expressions, and the rigid poses this family chose for this picture just amplify the creepiness. We keep imagining this family breaking into our homes wearing those masks and killing us The Purge style! They say an elephant never forgets, but hopefully we'll be able to forget this picture.

9 Gender swap

Via: dailymail.co.uk

Don't get us wrong, we're really proud of this dad for going out of his way to express support and love for his son after he said he wanted to dress up as a fairy princess for Halloween. The dad decided that if his kid was going out as a traditionally female character, he'd go out as a female too to ensure people wouldn't make fun of him. That's awesome! That being said, however, this picture is super awkward. The little boy's unenthusiastic expression sort of makes it seem like he was actually forced to dress up as a girl to match his cross-dressing father, and the dad looks really weird in women's clothes with his mustache and hairy legs. We don't blame the baby in the picture for wanting to look away from this uncomfortable scene.

8 Cute family, ugly costumes

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Some families love puns so much, they base their Halloween themes around them. The Crouch family desperately wanted to play with their name, so the parents dressed up as "Crouch potatoes" (instead of, you know, couch potatoes) and they dressed their kids up as their little tater tots. In theory, it's a cute idea, right? Unfortunately, the finished product wasn't quite as adorable—the potato costumes are basically just giant brown sacks, and the tater tots are essentially yellow blobs. Without the text written on the costumes, we wouldn't have any idea what they were dressed up as. The Crouch daughter had the social awareness to outright refuse to take part in this unattractive family theme, and opted to dress up as a ballerina instead. She seems much happier than her brothers, so we definitely think she made the right decision!

7 Old McDonald had a super creepy farm

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Sometimes buying fabric and making your own costumes for your kids is much cheaper than buying a pre-made costume from a Halloween store, and the finished result can actually look pretty great as long as you have some artistic ability or experience with a sewing machine. This mom did a solid job creating farm animal costumes for her three kids, and we're sure her children are normally really cute... but something about this picture just makes us uncomfortable. Maybe it's the face paint that matches the costumes? Maybe it's the "we're going to murder you for making us wear these homemade outfits" looks on their faces? We don't know what bothers us so much about this awkward picture, but we absolutely refuse to look at it long enough to figure that out.

6 Family of nudists

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

Why?! Why do these costumes exist?! The only thing more surprising than the fact that some costume designer thought it was a good idea to make matching family nudist onesies is the fact that he apparently made some sales! If these costumes were just plain pink, it might have been okay... but they're weirdly hairy and anatomically correct, complete with nipples, chest hair, genitalia and pubic hair. That's bad enough already, but this picture gets even worse when you see that the daughter here is playing with her father's costume penis. We're sure this family caught the attention of virtually everyone in their neighborhood and that those poor kids were ruthlessly made fun of in school for the next decade or so. They brought it on themselves.

5 Father of the Year

Via: metro.co.uk

This dad went viral a few years ago when someone snagged a snapshot of him reluctantly riding the subway in his Frozen costume. All dads deserve serious credit when they wear humiliating princess dresses on Halloween to make their daughters happy, but this guy went way above and beyond by dressing up as Elsa in a busy city and riding a very public subway to make sure his little Olaf could hit up the best trick or treating neighborhoods! He might not be the most attractive Elsa we've ever seen (a boy do we see a lot of Elsas every Halloween), but he's definitely the bravest! And thanks to the popularity of this picture, he's never going to be able to forget this experience.

4 Homemade heroes

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Superhero costumes are expensive. Due to the popularity of characters like Superman, Spider-Man and Wonder Woman, you simply can't find one of their costumes for less than $50. That's why, when this little boy said he wanted his parents and older brothers to dress up as his favorite heroes, they went to a craft store and made the costumes themselves. Unfortunately, they don't appear to have any real knowledge of what those heroes are supposed to look like! The mom's Wonder Woman looks solid enough, but Superman's crest is upside-down and Spider-Man looks absolutely horrible. You can tell by the boy's expression that he's doing his best to pretend he's happy with his family's attempt, but his disappointment is pretty clear. Can you really blame him?

3 Let's hope he strikes out

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We've seen a lot of really bad pregnancy Halloween costumes over the years—ironic nuns, pregnant strippers, etc.—but this one takes the cake for being the absolute worst. This dude painted his girlfriend's pregnant belly to look like a giant baseball, and he walked around carrying a bat. Does he not realize that this couple costume implies that he's going to try to swing at his future child and likely kill it if he attempts to hit a home run?! That's just not funny. They seem way too satisfied with their "cleverness" here, which makes us seriously concerned about that baby's future well-being. Here's hoping the dad realizes he's supposed to play pitch-and-catch with his son someday, not use him as batting practice!

2 One of these things doesn't belong

Via: today.com

This technically isn't a Halloween picture—it's just a picture of a normal family attempting to take a normal family portrait in October. Unfortunately, one of the kids was feeling a little bit too excited for Halloween and absolutely had to wear his terrifying, demonic pilgrim mask! We love how the parents and youngest son here are all smiling and acting like nothing's wrong, but then there's their eldest kid sitting there looking all angry and evil! This awkward picture is going to look equal parts hilarious and frightening hung up on their walls all year long. That's what the parents get for expecting both of their kids to focus on something other than candy and costumes, mere weeks away from Halloween! They're lucky at least one of their kids cooperated.

1 Taste the rainbow

Via: awkwardfamilyphotos.com

This pose absolutely always yields awkward results. No family looks good when they lay in one big pile, so close together that everyone's butts are pressed up against a sibling's or parent's crotch! This family opted for that iconic embarrassing pose to show off their rainbow Halloween costume theme, but even that is super humiliating. Are they going to stand next to each other at all times the entire night so people understand what they're dressed as? If they don't, their costumes aren't going to make any sense. People are going to think the boy in all blue is a Smurf, the girl in all purple is a walking berry, and so on. The parents were probably just trying to come up with a theme that wouldn't cost much money, but there had to be a better idea out there than this!

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