15 Awkward George Michael Bluth Moments From 'Arrested Development' That Will Make You Say, "Same"

If you've never seen Arrested Development, then first of all, it looks like we know what you'll be watching on Netflix after you finish reading this but also, George Michael Bluth is a character played on the show by Michael Cera who grew up a little bit sheltered by his father and as a result of it, is very shy and reserved and he is literally everyone who has ever felt like they were a little awkward.

If you've already seen and loved Arrested Development and say, "that was so George Michael" every time you do or say something awkward, keep scrolling to see if your favorite moments are on here! If you haven't seen it yet - like I said, what are you waiting for? - then get it queued up on Netflix to watch after you finish this so you can see all the moments in context in all their sweet, embarrassing glory.

15 When He Socialized Like Us

This is seriously me every time someone asks if I have plans. "Yeah, I have a lot of big plans with myself so no, I can't go with you, sorry." Really though, who knows you better than you? No one. So there's no one better to spend time with. While Michael Cera's forever-awkward characters are pretty much always me, I feel like George Michael in this part as he sits at his desk and then awkwardly turns around when someone comes in is especially me. The best part of this scene, which is definitely one of my favorites from the entire series, is when he smiles as he answers like he's so proud that he's usually alone.

Seriously never change, George Michael Bluth, never change.

14 When He Flirted Like Us

Let me just say that anyone who doesn't instantly swoon if you roll up to them on a Segway, helmet and all, and drop a sweet line about being related to a magician, then that person doesn't deserve you. Whew, I've been holding that super specific advice in for a long time but unfortunately outside of this scene, it's never been very applicable to my everyday life. Can you believe that? Don't answer that.

George Michael talking to people in his family, which is what a lot of the show consists of since it's centered around the Bluth family, is hilarious and totally me, but he's even more me when he's talking to people outside of his family because it's like his awkward side really shines through in a whole new way with them.

13 The Best Priorities

Yes. He's not wrong though, breakfast really is the most important meal of the day after all. And when you don't have anything else with you and you're all by yourself, you know you'll always have food. I mean family. The best part of this episode is the way they switched from it being family to breakfast to privacy and "the most important thing" was a funny joke that stuck throughout the whole episode and was even the title of this one.

I love ongoing jokes like that, which Arrested Development has a ton of, and this episode never fails to make me laugh each time they bring up the most important thing again and someone references family or breakfast with it and someone else says something else.

12 Not Quite The Advice He Wanted

Doesn't every family have an uncle that's always ready to give you weird advice, no matter how little it actually applies to the situation you're trying to get advice for? Or, sometimes, even without you asking for their advice? You're just sitting at Christmas dinner, minding your own business, and then your one uncle you only see at Christmas strolls over with a huge plate of mashed potatoes and starts giving you all kinds of life advice that you didn't even ask for that doesn't apply to you until your aunt or grandma laughs and tells them to stop.

Family is the most important thing and it just wouldn't be the same without that one weird family member who gives you unsolicited or totally not-helpful advice.

11 When He Was Focused on School

Isn't it always hilarious to remind your parents of some advice they gave you previously at the most inconvenient time and get this kind of an irritated reaction out of them? Just me? Dedication to being melodramatic and annoying people is the kind of thing I can really stick to. For a while, anyway.

People being bad at math, particularly George Michael and Maeby, is a running joke in the show between this and the episode where Maeby gives George Michael six $20 bills and says she'll pay him $200 to do her homework for her. I just hope the homework she kept to do by herself while she paid him to do that didn't involve counting money because obviously it's not her strong suit.

10 The Best Kind of Day

Every day is a great day for being sad, George Michael. The best part of this is the look the doctor gives him when he says it's a great day. Way to be a major buzzkill before George Michael can even finish his thought there, doc. Talk about a pessimist.

The entire scene is even better - and more awkward - because the doctor is talking about volunteering at the hospital and trying to convince George Michael to come in and help them out by doing things like performing weddings for the alzheimers patients and recommends that he brings in a girlfriend or one of his cousins to be the wife at his wedding. After he rambles awkwardly for a second about how he would love to, he just blurts out this little piece of wisdom and everyone stares at his like that doctor did.

9 It Was Totally Fate

Listen, when fate speaks, there's no ignoring it. Even if fate is in that bowl of conversation hearts like ten times and you picked out a whole bunch until you found the one you were looking for. Fate that you mess around with until you get the answer you want is my personal favorite kind of fate because it means you'll never lose. And if there's one thing every awkward George Michael-esque person out there knows, it's that if you're gonna take a chance on something, you should make sure that your chance is gonna be worth it.

If you don't tell anyone that you were cheating and picking candy hearts out of the bowl until you found one that said what you wanted, is it really cheating?

8 Literally All of Us Coming Home

This is literally me when I get home after a long day. Sometimes, you just have one of those days - whether it's because of a breakup, not getting enough sleep, having a rough final, or anything else bad that might have happened to you during the day, sometimes you just need to come home and lay right down on the floor for a while. No judgement here for you or for George Michael when you're having one of those kind of days. Just remember that tomorrow is a new day and peel yourself up off the floor and go do what you need to do afterward.

I love how he sets his backpack down so deliberately before he lays down on his face and puts his arms at his sides in full-on slug mode.

7 When He Comforted Others

When you're awkward, it can be hard to comfort people when they're feeling a little sad because of a breakup or failing a test or being sick. Like, I know what's wrong and I know what I would like someone else to say to me if I felt that way, but I'm just not sure how to say it to them without sounding totally weird and unnatural so I just kind of fumble through it and hope that it helps make them feel better.

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Honestly, George Michael pointing out exactly what went wrong with Maeby's test is a lot better than I do sometimes when people come to me with their problems so I gotta say, I'm a little bit jealous. Teach me your ways, George Michael.

6 His Love of Puns

Seriously, relationship goals. A wedding ringtone. Not only is this romantic, but it's a hilarious pun and I am nothing if not a sucker for a good - or bad - pun. For people who haven't seen the show, I won't spoil anything about these two's relationship but for people who have seen it will find this one even funnier. Whether or not your relationship is, uh, a little less traditional than others, this pun is one to keep in mind for when you get engaged or want to start dropping some hints to your significant other that your finger is feeling a little naked without a ring.

Your results may vary from extreme amusement if you picked a real keeper who has seen Arrested Development and recognizes this classic George Michael Bluth quote or maybe awkward silence if they haven't seen it and don't understand your joke.

5  Everyone's First Thought When The Family Announces a Trip

"What did I do?" This is everyone with a crazy family when one of your family members mentions that they've been planning some sort of a wild vacation for you guys to go on. Is it punishment? Is this because you didn't call nana last week like you were supposed to? I swear I'll call her every day now.

I love how many shows have an episode where one of the characters, usually one of the more uptight ones, sets out in some crazy way to prove that they're not boring and that they know how to let loose and have fun and ever other character is super confused by it and doesn't know how to react and thinks something is wrong with them or something bad is going to happen.

4 No One Knows How Long to Hug

I have a confession to make. I really hate awkwardly hugging people because I never know how long I'm supposed to hug them for. Or when I try to go in for a short hug and they linger and I have to awkwardly pat them on the back, like that's the international symbol for, "this is enough hugging now." And it's even worse when you do the back patting thing and they don't stop for a minute and you have to stand there awkwardly with their arms around you. And it's even worse when you're the awkward long-hugger and the other person is standing there waiting for you to to take a hint.

This is another one that's even funnier if you've seen the show because you know more about George Michael and Maeby, but like I said, no spoilers.

3 Everyone Has an Embarrassing Family Member

I aspire to be the embarrassing aunt with weird nicknames in the future. Like, I know that no one says, "an embarrassing family member to forever torment my younger family members" when they're asked about what they want to be when they grow up, but it's seriously become my ideal future. One day, I'll have the line between being cool but embarrassing and just plain old embarrassing perfected and I will be the pinnacle of the embarrassing but awesome tv family members. I can't wait.

A lot of Arrested Development involves the embarrassing family member trope that so many people have but instead of just having a bunch of normal main characters who have that one funny aunt or weird uncle, the characters are all each other's weird family member in their own way which makes it absolutely hilarious.

2 Taking Orders is Complicated

While George Michael is hilarious on his own, seeing his reactions when he talks to other people like Gob coming up to the banana stand and confusing him with his order is even better. Seeing his awkward antics when he's interacting with someone else in some sort of a situation that intensifies them, like getting confused by something like this and the whole thing getting awkward when they correct him, makes him even funnier. Plus, taking orders from people who have "a regular" or call their order something other than what it is on the menu can be confusing and I totally don't blame George Michael for getting confused by Gob's order.

Also, a Gob sounds delicious and I don't even like bananas that much but I would eat one.

1 Seriously, No One is Cooler

As awkward as he may be, George Michael is still a hilarious character and one of the best parts of the wacky Bluth family and without him, the show just wouldn't be the same. He may be a little cringey and embarrassing sometimes with his awkward antics, but he's one of the best parts of the entire show and it's hard not to see yourself in him if you've ever felt a little awkward or said something to embarrass yourself in front of your friends, your crush, or your family. Or any combination of the two, in George Michael's case.

If you've never seen the show, then you absolutely need to so you can see all of these moments in context and truly appreciate George Michael and the rest of his hilarious family. You're welcome in advance.

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