15 Awkward Moments Only Girls Understand

Men have it so easy. They can roll out of bed and still look good. They also don’t have to worry about covering up, showing too much skin, and they certainly don’t have as many wardrobe malfunctions. They don’t have to worry about their hair and makeup or that special time of the month. They don’t have to worry about their hair being in their face or if they remembered to put tampons in their purse. Woman have to worry about everything all the time. Are my pants see-through? Is my butt showing? Did I shave my legs?

Women require more things, and therefore, there is more room for error. But still, who run the world? Girls! Even with all the awkward things we have to encounter everyday, we are still flawless is our own special way! No boys allowed, right ladies?! Here are 15 awkward moments only girls understand.

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15 When your skirt hikes up and you have no idea

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You got a new skirt and it is super cute. It’s not too short, it’s not too long, it’s just right! Everyone has been staring at you all day, and guys keep smiling when you walk by. You are so happy that you made this impulse buy. It really is a perfect skirt and it was totally worth the splurge. And then you come home and as you are opening your door, you see your reflection in the window and you see that at some point during the day, your skirt got stuck in your messenger bag and rode all the way up, showing all your lovely lady parts. And now you know why your hot neighbor, the mailman, and that guy riding past you in his bike almost crashed into something when you went by. So annoying and so awkward!

14 Windows down + lip gloss

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You love to be the fun girl and you are always down for an adventure. You love to be the kind of girl who lets loose, rolls the windows down, and loves to have your hair fly in the wind. But sometimes, when you roll the windows down and your hair is whipping in the wind, your hair gets stuck in your lip glass and this happens over and over and over again. And not only does your hair then feel ooey and gooey, but when you pull the hair out of the gloss, it gets all over your face. So, while it’s fun to keep the windows down, it leaves you with goopy hair and makeup all over your face and it really stinks! 

13 What is in the leg of my pants?


This one is so uncomfortable. You are in a hurry, so you just quickly throw on a pair of jeans. You are walking to work and you feel something bulging in your pant leg. What is that? What am I feeling? Something is not right. Oh no, there is something in there. Is it dirty underwear? Is it a dryer sheet? Is it a bra that got stuck due to static electricity? What is stuck to my leg?? And these are your skinniest of your skinny jeans, so when it is time to actually get a chance to look, you have to almost take your pants completely off in order to reach in there. Extra awkward bonus points if you have to dig for it in a stall in a public restroom so everyone can see and wonder what the hell you are doing.

12 The love/hate relationship with your hair tie


Don’t you hate when you forget a hair tie when you go to the gym and have to work out with your hair bouncing around and sticking to your neck? It’s a weird thing to ask for, because girls either need the one they have, and it is also a bit unsanitary to just use anyone's hair thing.

But what about when you remember to bring your hair thing to the gym and it is one of those that is too big if you wrap it around twice, but too small to wrap around three times. So you have to just wrap it around twice and it keeps falling out while you are working out and it’s honestly less awkward to just not wear one at all!

11 Forgetting to pack a strapless bra

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It's fine to forget to pack something when you go away on vacation. You can just borrow whatever it was from whoever you are traveling with or just run to the store and buy another if you really need it. But what about when you forget your strapless bra that you bought specifically for that adorable dress that you bought for your cousin's wedding? It took you forever to find one that was comfortable and still looked good with the dress and that won't slip and slide when it is time for that wedding dance party you've been looking forward to. Dammit! And not only did you forget your strapless bra, but you realized it like 45 minutes before you were leaving to go there. So now your dress is a little too big on top, and you are going to spend the rest of the night pulling it up and keeping your hands at your side, because having a nip slip in front of your family sounds like everyone’s worst nightmare. Talk about AWKWARD.

10 Thong through the yoga pants

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You love your yoga pants so much that you basically live in them. They are form fitting, they make your stomach look flat, they make your legs look nice and toned, and they make your butt look amazing. Amazing! But, do you know what is not amazing? When you get a glimpse in the mirror one day while you are out and about running errands in said yoga pants and you see the sun hit them at just the right angle and there it is. YOUR BUTT. Your butt for all to see. Turns out that in the comfort of your own home, your yoga pants are just fine, but as soon as you leave the house and the sun hits them, it is a major butt show and you are the last one to get tickets. Super AWKWARD.

9 When an unexpected hook-up happens and you haven’t shaved

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If you live in a cold place, you know that when it is winter, you will sometimes go forever without shaving your legs. And not just your legs. It's your armpits, your bikini area, your everywhere, and your everything. So of course, it always happens like clockwork. When you are waxed and shaved and perfectly hairless, no dude will go near you or try anything sexy with you. But as soon as you are hairier than you’ve ever been, like She Wolf hairy, that is when the hottest guy ever is going to want to get frisky with you. And it’s the worst! Because you are ready to go, and you hate to turn down what will probably be a great hook-up, but you have to make up some excuse as to why you need to postpone until tomorrow.

8 Wearing a wrap dress on a windy day

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It’s like a math equation. You have a cute and flirty wrap dress and you add the kind of floor you are standing on, plus how many important and/or attractive people are around you, plus the speed of the wind, plus the angle that it blows, plus the cut of the dress... equals how much of that booty of yours that the public is about to see. It always happens when you least expect it, when there are tons of people around, and when you desperately have to do your laundry and you are either wearing your skimpiest and smallest and most see-through underwear or your larger and dumpier grandma underwear and either way, it is not good. AWKWARD.

7 Having to have your mouth wide open when putting on makeup


You are forced to put your makeup on while you are sitting on the train during rush hour because your alarm didn’t go off and you slept in and you didn’t have time to take a shower or get ready. So, you throw your makeup bag in your purse and try to redeem yourself by putting on some makeup during your commute. It is time to put on your mascara, and you are balancing the mirror on one knee and keeping it stable with your purse while trying to apply it without getting it all over you, and you realize that your mouth is open so wide that if there were flies to catch, you would be catching them. Instead, you are just catching a whole lot of stares.

6 Getting a blister from your new shoes and walking with a limp


It’s like, I want to wear my new shoes, but I know that they are going to hurt. Why does it have to hurt to look good? There is something wrong there. So, you take a risk, and you put on those new flats even though you are going to be on your feet all day. Come on, you want to look cute! You know what’s not cute? Walking on the side of your foot and limping all day. Within 20 minutes, you are regretting it because you are blistered and sore, and there is rubbing and chaffing and you spend the rest of your day in pain and hobbling around, scouring for band aids and Vaseline or lotion or chapstick, or anything that will make the pain go away! 

5 Rubbing your eyes while wearing eyeliner

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There are different levels to how much makeup one wears depending on your mood, and what you are up to that day. Some days, you like to keep it light and simple with a little coverage and some blush. Some days, you wanna look cute and take the time to do it and go all out. Some days, you don’t wear any eyeliner and just rely on mascara, and some days, you just want to make your eyes pop. You put on your good amount of eyeliner and then forget all about it and rub your eyes and walk around like a raccoon all day until you get home, look in the mirror, and realize why no one would look you in the eye all day. Awkward. And seriously, where are your friends and why didn’t anyone tell you?

4 When dogs sniff your crotch

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When you go over a guy's house for the first time, and you ring the doorbell and hear a big dog barking, you know you have to brace yourself and pray that this is not one of “those dogs." You know what kind of dog I’m talking about. It’s just so awkward and no one wants to talk about it. And some guys are great about it and will try to control it, but then that can make it even more awkward! Or, what about when they put the dog in another room and shame them and then all you can think about is that it’s you and your stupid crotches fault that the dog now has to be locked up. And you also feel like you need to explain yourself and stand up for your crotch! This is not your crotches fault! Ugh, the whole thing is just horrible and so awkward!

3 Walking in heels on cobblestone streets


Girl, you have lived more than 20 years, so of course you know how to walk in heels. You have learned the hard way and now you’ve got it down. You only buy heels that you know you can manage, because nothing is worse than a hot girl who can’t walk in heels. It’s like watching a baby giraffe try to walk for the first time. Knee knocking at its finest. So, you’ve got on your new kickass heels and you are out having a girl’s night with the ladies and then all of a sudden, in front of a group of hot guys, you are faced with high heel’s greatest enemy: cobblestone streets. And all of you ladies are forced to look like amateurs. AWKWARD.

2 Having the first sleep over

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You have gone on a few dates and it is going well and the two of you are totally into each other. You are going out tonight and you think that this may be your first sleepover night, but you don’t want to assume. He is picking you up and you won’t have your car, so you can’t just store a bag with face wipes, extra undies, some perfume, and some makeup just in case. And if he wasn't planning on you staying over, then he will think you are crazy, high maintenance or both if you bring a bag with all your stuff. You’re at the “playing it cool” phase so you have to do just that. At dinner, he invites you to stay over and you have a panic attack because you don’t have any of your supplies! You’ll have to take your makeup off. But then, if you guys are hanging out the next day, you will want to be able to wear a little makeup. And an extra outfit? You will be forced to have a "breakfast of shame" in last night’s clothes. 

1 Anything with tampons

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Yes, I know that everyone should grow up, but anything to do with tampons is still super awkward. When you use one and it isn’t in there properly and you aren’t in a position to change or even worse, you don’t have an extra one to change it. Awkward! When you are at work and it’s time to change it, carrying it to the bathroom either discreetly in your hand, and rushing it quickly into your pocket, or literally putting it up your sleeve. Awkward. How about when you are searching through your purse on the train and one flies out of your purse and onto the floor. How did it even fly that far? Or, what about when you are buying some super plus tampons and you get to the checkout and the guy standing behind you in so freaking hot, you are dying, and the only thing that you are buying are jumbo tampons and there is nowhere to hide? AWKWARD.

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