15 Baby Names Inspired By Your Favourite Game of Thrones Characters

If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, then you know that many of the characters have some pretty unique names. Sure, there’s Robb and Jon which are more on the normal side of things, but you also have names like Sansa and Arya that not only represent some pretty badass characters, but are also super nice sounding names. Thus it’s no surprise given the insane popularity of the show, that people have increasingly begun naming their babies after their favourite GoT characters. Check out these charts issued by the UK government in 2014 for proof of this trend:

via: ons.gov.uk
via: ons.gov.uk

If you’re currently on the hunt for a baby name and you’re a Game of Thrones fan, be sure to take a look at this list for a little inspiration. Check out 15 baby names inspired by your favorite Game of Thrones characters

15 Catelyn

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Pronounced cat-lin, things may not have gone so well for Lady Stark at the red wedding, but before that she was a seriously badass woman and mother. Aside from Catelyn Stark herself, the name offers a unique take on Caitlin or Katie that you don’t hear very often.

14 Brienne

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Brienne is one of the best characters on Game of Thrones. Not only would you be naming your daughter after a hero and feminist, but you’d be giving her a pretty cool name. I can almost guarantee no one else at your daughter’s school will be named Brienne.

13 Theon

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This character has a complicated history, but there’s no denying his name is awesome. Theon is short and sweet which seems to be the trend with boys and girls names of late.

12 Melisandre

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Ok, so Melisandre may be a tad evil on the show, but she’s clearly a very powerful woman and what girl doesn’t aspire to be that? Plus, it’s a cool take on traditional names like “Melissa” or “Melanie.”

11 Bronn

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Bronn might be an older character on Game of Thrones, but he is also loyal and funny. Once again the name is short and sweet, but also strong. This could be the “John” of the GoT generation.

10 Arya

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By far the most popular character that people have started naming their kids after, Arya is a simply fantastic character and any girl would be lucky to be named after her. Plus, the name is just plain beautiful. If you’re not into the ‘y’ spelling you could change it up by adding an “i” (Aria).

9 Gendry

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Though we haven't seen him in a while, Gendry was a pretty great character in season three. Always by Arya's side, Gendry was determined, cute, and provided some comic relief. Plus, the name Gendry is stoic, masculine, and I can guarantee you, your son will be the only "Gendry" at his school.

8 Khaleesi

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I was honestly a bit shocked to learn that people had started naming their daughters Khaleesi after the release of Game of Thrones, but there’s no denying it’s an insanely unique name. No one is going to be named Khaleesi, AND she would literally be named a queen.

7 Bran

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The name is short and simple, strong and stoic. All in all, Bran is a pretty epic name. And while his storyline can be a bit weird at times, you can’t deny he is one interesting kid.

6 Samwell

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Sam is one of the cutest characters on the show. Kind, loyal, and caring, he is always by Jon Snow’s side and there to protect Gilly. Naming your child Samwell could be a subtle ode to Game of Thrones. You could of course call them “Sam” but going with Samwell instead of Samuel or Samson could be a great alternative for the GoT fan.

5 Ygritte

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This name has certainly not taken off like Arya or Sansa, but it remains to be one of the coolest names on Game of Thrones. Not only is Ygritte a warrior, but she’s a wildling which makes her that much more badass. Just be sure the first words that you teach her are “You know nothing, Jon Snow.”

4 Shireen

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Shireen Baratheon's had a brutal life, there's no denying it. But it's really not a testament to her name which is actually really pretty. Shireen stays curious, intelligent, innocent, and full of life, despite the tough hand she's been given in life.

3 Renly

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Renly Baratheon may not have been one of the best characters on Game of Thrones, but I must admit, I always really liked his name. Old-fashioned and distinct, Renly would be a great name for a newborn boy.

2 Shae

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This one-syllable name is short and pretty, and Shae is one of the kindest characters on Game of Thrones. Her relationship with Tyrion may have been slightly tumultuous, but you can’t deny their love was real.

1 Oberyn

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Spoiler alert: we all know how tragically Oberyn Martell's life ended, but up until that moment he was a superb character. Brave, determined, and let's be honest, pretty darn handsome, Oberyn was single handedly the best part of season four. Not to mention the fact that Oberyn is a nice and super unique name.

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